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Netflix Unable to Get Inventing Anna Suit Axed

Lawyer says Netflix defamed Rachael Williams after she sold her story to rival HBO

(Newser) - Netflix has failed to deflect a defamation lawsuit alleging it falsely portrayed one of the subjects of the Inventing Anna miniseries as a heartless, greedy mooch. Rachel DeLoache Williams, a former Vanity Fair staffer who penned a book about her friendship with con artist Anna Sorokin , filed the lawsuit in...

From House Arrest, Infamous 'Fake Heiress' Starts Podcast

Anna Sorokin is trying to once again redefine herself

(Newser) - It’s a weekday morning and Anna Sorokin is on house arrest in a New York apartment building that has been condemned as imminently perilous to life. So she’s attempting to capture outside attention and relieving her boredom in the most quotidian way: starting a podcast. “So many...

Con Woman Who Faked Being Rich Heiress in ICE Custody
Anna Sorokin
Is Out of Jail

Anna Sorokin Is Out of Jail

Con woman who'd faked being rich heiress 'Anna Delvey' had been in ICE custody since March 2021

(Newser) - Update: Anna Sorokin, the German national who faked being a rich heiress and inspired Netflix's Inventing Anna, is out of jail. The Guardian reports that Sorokin's attorney confirmed her release Friday from Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention, where she'd been held since March 2021. "She will...

Netflix Sued Over 2 Series for Very Opposite Reasons

One because show is allegedly false, the other because it's allegedly true

(Newser) - Netflix is being sued by two different people over two of its shows, though for very different reasons:
  • 'Inventing Anna': Rachel Williams is the real-life ex-friend of con artist socialite Anna Sorokin , and she says the Inventing Anna series about the case uses her real name and background but

Con Artist Anna Sorokin Sues Over COVID Case

Faux socialite says federal authorities denied her request for a booster

(Newser) - The US has logged more than 79 million cases of COVID since the pandemic began. Convicted con artist Anna Sorokin is making the case that hers stands out in a lawsuit against federal authorities. The 31-year-old Sorokin—who pretended to be a rich German heiress in New York City and...

Fake Heiress Says Prison Is 'Pointless'

Anna Sorokin is writing a book about her experience

(Newser) - Convicted fraudster Anna Sorokin is out of prison —and she does not have many positive things to say about the experience. The German woman, who served 19 months at Rikers Island and 21 months at the Albion Correctional Facility in upstate New York, tells Insider that prison wasn't...

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