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Holding a Gun Makes You Look Bigger

Appearance of physical power increases when holding a weapon: Study

(Newser) - A person wielding a gun appears bigger and brawnier than a person without a gun, according to a new UCLA study. Researchers showed photographs of hands clutching guns, power drills, handsaws, and other tools to test subjects and then asked them to guess the size and muscularity of the person...

UCLA Congratulates 900 Applicants ... by Mistake

Then apologizes

(Newser) - Several hundred applicants were thrilled to read in a much-anticipated email from UCLA that they had been accepted by the prestigious university. Except they hadn't. It was all a mistake for 894 high school seniors who got the wrong notice. In fact, they're only wait-listed, they learned in...

14-Year-Old Ready to Graduate UCLA

Moshe Kai Cavalin: All it takes is hard work

(Newser) - Moshe Kai Cavalin is about to graduate from UCLA … at the age of 14. But it's not his first experience with higher education. At the age of 8, he enrolled at East Los Angeles Community College, earning the first of two degrees the following year with a 4....

UCLA Student Vacations With Libya Rebels

Math major thought a rebel holiday would be 'sick'

(Newser) - It's a vacation package you can't find on Travelocity: Sun, sand—and firing heavy weapons in a revolution. But that's the summer trip that UCLA math major Chris Jeon , 21, is enjoying, reports the Christian Science Monitor . “At spring break I told my friends a '...

Chinese Takeout Spot Cashes In on Racist Rant

Asian food operation makes fun of student's YouTube dig at Chinese

(Newser) - One woman's racist rant has become another operator's business opportunity. A food takeout biz is adopting the "ching-chong" dig at Chinese students posted on YouTube that ended up driving political science junior Alexandra Wallace out of UCLA . The new Asian-run food delivery biz is named Ching-Chong-Ling-Long Takeout...

UCLA Students Came Close in 2009 Osama Prediction

Professor, class had the wrong city but the right idea

(Newser) - A UCLA geography professor and his class who tried to predict Osama bin Laden's whereabouts in 2009 don't get an A-plus, but easily a solid B. Professor Thomas Gillespie and crew determined that bin Laden would be within about 180 miles of Tora Bora and living in a...

UCLA Student Who Posted Asian Rant Leaving School

Alexandra Wallace apologizes, says she's gotten death threats

(Newser) - A UCLA student fears for her safety and has decided to leave school after posting the now infamous "Asians in the Library" video, the Los Angeles Times reports. ( Click to see the video, which quickly went viral.) Alexandra Wallace's inflammatory remarks about Asian students—at one point...

Another Boy Falls From Stands
 Another Boy Falls From Stands 

Another Boy Falls From Stands

He's not seriously hurt

(Newser) - Another boy has fallen from a stadium in a month plagued by sports complex tragedies. This time, the child tumbled some 10 feet from the stands onto the field beyond the end zone during a football game last week between UCLA and Arizona State University. Arizona stadium officials attended to...

UCLA Animal Prof Sent 'AIDS Tainted' Razor Blades

Animal rights group attacks neuroscientist studying addiction

(Newser) - An animal rights group has claimed responsibility for sending "bloody AIDS-tainted" razor blades to the home of a UCLA neuroscientist whom activists claim injects rodents and primates with addictive drugs. "How would David Jentsch like the same thing done to him?" asks a statement by a group called...

John Wooden Dead at 99
 John Wooden Dead at 99 

John Wooden Dead at 99

UCLA coach created a dynasty in college basketball

(Newser) - John Wooden, college basketball's gentlemanly Wizard of Westwood who built one of the greatest dynasties in all of sports at UCLA and became one of the most revered coaches ever, has died. He was 99. With his signature rolled-up game program in hand, Wooden led the Bruins to 10 NCAA...

Roughly 1 in 4 Californians Are Uninsured

Recession hammers state's already ugly numbers

(Newser) - Almost 1 in 4 Californians under age 65 didn’t have health insurance in 2009, as many lost their jobs and the employer-sponsored health care that came with them, says a new UCLA study. Among those over 18, the figure jumped to almost 1 in 3. California has one of...

University Opens for Lost Fans

 University Opens for Lost Fans 

University Opens for Lost Fans

Yes, the show is so complicated you need a degree to follow it

(Newser) - How complicated and geeky is Lost? It’s so complicated that the show has hired UCLA and USC professors to teach courses at the new “Lost University,” and so geeky that people are expected to enroll. At the newly launched lostuniversity.org , anyone who owns the just-released fifth...

University of California Imposes 32% Tuition Hike

Students demonstrate as regents vote at UCLA

(Newser) - Student protesters chanted “Shame on you! Shame on you!” on the UCLA campus today as the University of California board of regents approved a whopping 32% tuition hike. A year at a UC school—not including room and board—will now cost $10,300, three times the price...

UC Students Protest Ahead of 32% Fee Hike

College moving out of reach, students charge

(Newser) - Angry students took to the streets yesterday to blast a proposed 32% fee hike for University of California schools. The Board of Regents is expected to finalize the increase today during a meeting at UCLA. It will hike tuition bills some $2,500. UC students will soon be paying $10,...

UCLA Reeling After Lab Student's Throat Slashed

Male student attacks female chem partner

(Newser) - UCLA students were shaken yesterday after a 20-year-old man slashed the throat of a classmate in a chemistry lab in front of others. The pair, believed to have been lab partners, had a verbal altercation before the man attacked the woman and walked calmly away as a teaching assistant rushed...

Happy 40th, Internet (Maybe)
 Happy 40th, Internet (Maybe) 

Happy 40th, Internet (Maybe)

(Newser) - Forty years ago, two UCLA scientists exchanged data via computers, arguably making today the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Internet. "It would be more accurate to say some important seeds of the Internet sprouted with that data transfer," writes Stephen Shankland on CNET, but no matter....

Cadaver Fence Gets 10 Years
 Cadaver Fence Gets 10 Years 

Cadaver Fence Gets 10 Years

(Newser) - A man convicted of fencing cadavers stolen from UCLA's willed body program has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, NBC reports. The lawyer for Ernest Nelson, 51, argued that his client’s sales to big-name customers such as Johnson & Johnson were all above board, and that the only...

UCLA Body Parts Peddler Found Guilty

Businessman carved up donated cadavers to sell parts for profit

(Newser) - A businessman who carved up bodies donated to UCLA's medical school and sold them off to research companies has been found guilty of grand theft, the Los Angeles Times reports. Ernest Nelson raked in over $1.5 million from the scheme, which he conspired to carry out with the director...

UCLA Fined for Fatal Lab Explosion
UCLA Fined
for Fatal Lab

UCLA Fined for Fatal Lab Explosion

Untrained young aide also lacked protective gear, OSHA finds

(Newser) - UCLA has been fined $31,000 for serious safety violations linked to a fire that killed a lab assistant early this year, reports the Los Angeles Times. Sheri Sangji, 23, had not been properly trained and was not wearing protective clothing when an experiment exploded, seriously burning more than 43%...

Colleges Admit More Students Just in Case

(Newser) - Private colleges across the nation are boosting the number of students they're accepting and the length of their waiting lists in case applicants can't write the tuition check when the time comes, reports the Washington Post. Applications are at a record high 3 million, but universities fear students planning on...

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