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Skittles Pic Trump Jr. Used Was Taken by Ex-Refugee


(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet comparing Syrian refugees to Skittles didn't go over well with the public, the candymaker, and now, the UK photographer who took the photo he says Trump stole for his tweet, the BBC reports. David Kittos says he took the pic of the colorful... More »

Photographer Finds Mystery Newlyweds in Epic Yosemite Photo

'That 'Eureka!' moment just unfolded,' and then they were gone

(Newser) - A newlywed couple now has a breathtaking image to add to their wedding album, thanks to a kind and persistent stranger. Amateur photographer Mike Karas says he was snapping photos of the sunset in Yosemite last Thursday when he noticed "a couple in a tuxedo and wedding dress" standing... More »

Photog 'Choke-Slammed' at Donald Trump Rally

Christopher Morris says he stepped outside the press pen

(Newser) - A news photographer was choked and body-slammed to the ground at a Donald Trump rally Monday when he apparently set foot outside a designated press area, Mashable reports. Christopher Morris, working for Time magazine, can be seen in several online videos being attacked by a man at the Virginia event.... More »

The Feds Have a Cool Gig for Ansel Adams Wannabes

The pay for this National Park Service photography job sounds decent, too

(Newser) - "Do you want to be Ansel Adams?" That's how the Connecticut Post dresses up what initially sounds like a boring federal job with the National Park Service. The USA Jobs listing for "Photographer, GS-1060-11/12 (1564575)" at first sounds like just another gig toiling for The Man in... More »

Mass-Media Prof Asks for 'Muscle' to Remove Journo

Mizzou activists mob photographer, cameraman, tell them to leave 'safe space'

(Newser) - A University of Missouri photojournalist on freelance assignment for ESPN found himself in a confrontation with student activists Monday as they tried to ban him from the tent city they'd set up on campus in response to recent racial strife there, the New York Times reports. A tense video... More »

Walmart, Widow in Nasty Suit Over ... Family Photos

Waltons sues photographer's widow for photo negatives

(Newser) - Today in the ugly lawsuit department: Walmart and the Walton family are suing for the rights to photo negatives, some half-a-century old, in what has been classified as "a total David vs. Goliath situation." The story goes like this: Robert Huff—who owned a photography studio in Fayetteville,... More »

Elk Goes Viral, Gets Euthanized

Men behind video 'deeply saddened'

(Newser) - An elk in North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains National Park made a name for himself via a YouTube clip that has garnered nearly 2 million views—and also played a role in his downfall. In the clip, the young bull elk butts heads with a photographer for quite a... More »

What It's Like to Work in the Hottest Place on Earth

AP photographer visits Death Valley during 128-degree heat

(Newser) - Photographer Chris Carlson worked in the hottest place on Earth on Friday: Death Valley in California, where temperatures soared to 128 degrees while he attempted to snap photos. Carlson is no stranger to the area, he writes for the AP , but he still made some rookie mistakes: "I forgot... More »

Oklahoma Devastation, Rescue in Pictures

AP photographer describes scene of hope amid the horror

(Newser) - The massive tornado that hit Moore, Okla., yesterday left scenes of utter devastation but there were also moments of hope as survivors were found in the rubble. AP photographer Sue Ogrocki arrived at the destroyed Plaza Towers Elementary School expecting to find a scene of chaos, but instead found it... More »

Photographer Chained in Afghan Hole Escapes

Pierre Borghi was kidnapped Nov. 28

(Newser) - A French photographer is safe after being held by captors in Afghanistan for four months, Reuters reports. Pierre Borghi, 29, was kidnapped by armed men on Nov. 28 and managed to escape today, having broken out of a trap door-covered hole where he had been chained. The freelancer fled to... More »

How This Drone Photo Came to Be

AP photographer explains her now-familiar image

(Newser) - It's become the go-to image for editors everywhere to illustrate stories about US drone strategy: A Predator drone flies over Kandahar's air field with a full moon in the background. (It shows up on Newser a lot, too.) With the image in wide circulation of late, Josh... More »

Artist Buys Ghost Village in France

American photographer Ahae shells out $660k for abandoned Courbefy

(Newser) - It's been years since anyone lived in the kinda-picturesque French village of Courbefy, but if you're a photographer, kinda-picturesque counts for a lot. Indeed, for American artist Ahae, it was worth around $663,000, the price the South Korean-born photographer agreed to pay for the place at an... More »

Whoops: Photogs Shatter $300K Sculpture

2,600-year-old art piece was being moved for a shot

(Newser) - A treasured Nigerian sculpture survived for 2,600 years—until photographers dropped it during a shoot last year, irreparably shattering it, according to a lawsuit. Plaintiff Corice Amran says photographers visited her in May to photograph her piece of Nok artwork for Art + Auction; they decided to move the... More »

Photogs Mistake 'Blondie,' 66, for Lindsay Lohan

Debbie Harry fools the paparazzi

(Newser) - Photographers clamored around Debbie Harry on Sunday as she left the Mercer Hotel, not because they are huge fans of her band Blondie, but because they believed the 66-year-old was actually Lindsay Lohan, age 25. A picture snapped of a platinum-haired Harry wearing aviator sunglasses does look startlingly similar to... More »

Yosemite Waterfall to Turn to 'Fire' This Week

Horsetail Fall blazes in winter sunset

(Newser) - A confluence of just-the-right weather conditions at the perfect time of day—and year —can turn a Yosemite waterfall into a cascade of fire—at least, that's what it looks like. Sometime in mid-February the setting sun lights up one of the waterfalls of the national park in... More »

Photo Album Worth $4.5M

Historic Henry Peter Bosse images show river in 1880s

(Newser) - Few have heard of Henry Peter Bosse, but his 19th-century photographs have earned a home in a federal vault—and a single album is worth $4.5 million. Sotheby's recently appraised the album, which illustrates the changing Mississippi River in the 1880s, and its value had quadrupled over 20... More »

We Needed Hetherington's 'Terrible, Beautiful Vision'

Sebastian Junger pays homage to his late friend's work—and final movie idea

(Newser) - Author Sebastian Junger pays tribute to his friend and Restrepo co-director Tim Hetherington—one of the photojournalists killed in Libya this week—in a Vanity Fair essay. "You had a very specific vision for your work and for your life, and that vision included your death," Junger writes.... More »

Chris Hondros: A Slain Photog's Final Images

Getty photographer had been assaulted twice while in Libya

(Newser) - Chris Hondros, the Getty photographer killed in fighting in Misrata yesterday, had a love of chess, opera, and martinis, and he "wanted to show the world what was going on," a fellow photographer tells the New York Times. "He was willing to take the personal risk and... More »

2nd Photojournalist Dead After Libya Shelling

Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington were killed in Misrata

(Newser) - The Libya shelling that took the life of Restrepo director and war photographer Tim Hetherington has claimed a second life—Getty photographer Chris Hondros. Both men were killed while covering the fighting in Misrata, though the circumstances are unclear. One of Hetherington's last tweets, courtesy of AP : "In... More »

Restrepo Director Tim Hetherington Killed in Libya

'Restrepo' director is dead after mortar attack in Misrata

(Newser) - Rough news out of Libya today: Acclaimed war photographer and Oscar-nominated director Tim Hetherington was killed today during shelling in Misrata, reports the New York Times . Hetherington is probably best known as co-director of the Afghan war documentary Restrepo. Two other photojournalists were seriously wounded: Getty's Chris Hondros and... More »

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