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2 Tibet Teens Set Selves on Fire

Monk, former monk die later in the hospital

(Newser) - Two Tibetan teenagers died last night after setting themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule, rights group Free Tibet tells the AP . Eighteen-year-old monk Lobsang Kalsang and 17-year-old former monk Damchoek self-immolated outside a monastery in Sichuan province; they died later in a hospital. Free Tibet says their deaths bring... More »

Dalai Lama Donates $1.5M to Charity

Wins Templeton Prize for linking science and 'compassion'

(Newser) - It's a big news day for the Dalai Lama, from the dangerous to the charitable. He will today be awarded $1.5 million for his services to human spirituality, and he's giving away all of the winnings. He'll donate some $1.45 million to India's Save... More »

Dalai Lama: China Training Women to Poison Me

Women with poisoned hair would seek his blessing, he believes

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama fears assassination by the Chinese—and being eaten by a shark after a plane crash. The revelations emerged in wide-ranging interview published yesterday in the Telegraph . Disciples have uncovered information that Chinese agents in Tibet are training Tibetan women to pose as devotees in a plot to... More »

Dalai Lama Has Eye for the Ladies

But 'I never forget I'm a monk,' he adds

(Newser) - Turns out the Dalai Lama isn't on an entirely different astral plane than lots of men. He admits a beautiful woman can turn his head. "Do you ever feel temptation when you see a woman?" Piers Morgan asks his holiness in a CNN interview. "Oh, yes, sometimes... More »

Challenge to China: Another Monk Sets Self on Fire

It's the 12th self-immolation in Tibet since March

(Newser) - The most salient detail in a Washington Post article about the rising number of self-immolations among Tibetan monks and nuns: Chinese troops in the region are now carrying fire extinguishers as part of their regular riot-control gear. It's become necessary because 12 men and women have set themselves on... More »

Apple Now Takes Chinese Currency for Apps

It welcomes the yuan, and a huge new market

(Newser) - iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps can now be paid for with Chinese yuan. Customers of more than 20 Chinese banks are now able to use the yuan to purchase apps for their Apple devices, while previously they were required to use a dual-currency credit card—an obstacle that encouraged many... More »

Tibetan Nun Sets Self on Fire, Marking 11th Incident

She reportedly called for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet

(Newser) - The number of self-immolations to occur among Tibetans in recent months can no longer be counted on two hands: A Tibetan nun died today after setting herself ablaze. It's the 11th such incident to occur in southwest China since March, and the second by a nun ; the AFP reports... More »

Tibetan Nun Sets Self Ablaze

Woman dies after 9th clergy self-immolation since March

(Newser) - A Tibetan nun protesting China's policies has died after setting herself on fire outside a nunnery in Sichuan province, the Free Tibet group says. The 20-year-old woman, who called for religious freedom in Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama, is the ninth Buddhist clergy member—and the... More »

South Africa Blocks Dalai Lama Visit

Desmond Tutu slams ANC after visa denied

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama helped in the fight against apartheid but now South Africa won't even allow him in, a furious Archbishop Desmond Tutu charged yesterday. The Tibetan spiritual leader canceled a planned trip to South Africa this week after it became apparent that he would not receive a visa... More »

Dalai Lama Can't Choose Successor: China

Spiritual leader plans reincarnation decision at 'about 90'

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama says it’s up to him to decide whether he should be reincarnated—and of course China isn't having any of that. Beijing today dismissed any successor picked by the spiritual leader himself as illegal, following the 76-year-old’s statement this weekend that he’ll make... More »

New Tibetan Prime Minister Sworn In

Lobsang Sangay will follow Dalai Lama's policies

(Newser) - A Harvard-trained legal scholar was sworn in today as the new head of the Tibetan government-in-exile, taking over from the Dalai Lama as leader of his people's fight for freedom. Lobsang Sangay, who was elected in April by tens of thousands of Tibetans in exile, was surrounded by hundreds... More »

Obama Meets With Dalai Lama

... over the objections of China

(Newser) - President Obama held a White House meeting today with the Dalai Lama, hours after China called on the US to rescind the invitation. The White House said that during the 45-minute private session, Obama reiterated his support for the protection of Tibetans' human rights in China, as well as the... More »

Nepal Bans Birthday Parties for Dalai Lama

...over fears gatherings would turn anti-Chinese

(Newser) - Nepalese authorities prevented exiled Tibetans from celebrating the Dalai Lama's 76th birthday today over concerns that gatherings would turn anti-Chinese. Hundreds of riot police blocked Tibetans from entering a school on the northern edge of Katmandu where the celebrations were planned. Only students wearing school uniforms were allowed inside... More »

Dalai Lama Back in Washington

Tibetan to lead 10-day Buddhist ritual

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama has arrived in Washington, DC, for his highest-profile engagement since giving up his political role . Serving as a spiritual leader instead of a political one, the Tibetan will lead a complex 10-day Buddhist ritual called the Kalachakra, reports the Washington Post . He plans to hold low-profile meetings... More »

Dalai Lama: China Has No Right to Choose My Heir

75-year-old Tibetan leader denounces China's meddling

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama said today that China's Communist leadership can play no role in deciding who succeeds him as the leader of Tibetan Buddhism upon his death, and called Beijing's meddling in the issue "a disgrace." The Nobel Peace laureate turns 76 next week and has... More »

Dalai Lama Pizza Joke Goes Splat

Punchline met by sound of one hand clapping

(Newser) - A goofy Aussie news anchor did not find eternal satisfaction when his lame pizza joke fell flat with a confused Dalai Lama. "So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop," begins anchor Karl Stevanovic (confused look from Dalai Lama, who turns to his translator for clarification). "... More »

Archbishop Bothered by Osama Killing

Anglican leader says killing 'left an uncomfortable feeling'

(Newser) - The leader of the world's Anglicans and the leader of the world's Tibetan Buddhists have somewhat different takes on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams says the killing has left "a very uncomfortable" feeling, reports the BBC . When faced with a war... More »

As Dalai Lama Pulls Back, Tibetans Elect Political Head

Lama will remain as spiritual leader

(Newser) - Tibetans in exile elected Harvard-educated academic Lobsang Sangay as their new prime minister today, hoisting him into the role of political leader that the Dalai Lama is vacating, the Wall Street Journal reports. Until now, the prime minister, or “Kalon Tripa,” of Tibet’s government in exile has... More »

Dalai Lama Giving Up Political Role

Spiritual leader making way for elected head of exiled government

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama is relinquishing his role as political leader of Tibet's government-in-exile to make way for an elected figure. The 75-year-old leader—speaking in India on the anniversary of a failed 1959 uprising against Chinese rule—stressed that he isn't retiring and will remain as his people's spiritual guide... More »

China Closing Tibet to Tourists

Foreign tours on hold as protest anniversary nears

(Newser) - Tibet has been declared off-limits to foreign tourists as the anniversary of protests against Chinese rule nears. Dozens of people died in March 2008 when Tibetans took to the streets of Lhasa on the anniversary of a 1959 uprising, and many more are believed to have died in the ensuing... More »

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