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America's 10 Least Popular Governors

Sorry, Christie

(Newser) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley just resigned after violating state campaign finance law, but he's still not as unpopular as Chris Christie, according to a Morning Consult poll. The poll out Tuesday lists the US governors with the highest disapproval rates from January to March, per the Hill . The losers... More »

America's 10 Least Popular Governors

Chris Christie makes the list but doesn't top it

(Newser) - Morning Consult has released its rankings of the country's most and least popular governors, and a certain one-time presidential hopeful from New Jersey is near the top of the disapproval column. Politico reports Chris Christie is the third most unpopular governor in the country with a 68% disapproval... More »

Now Kansas Looks to Ditch Its Income Tax

Tax cuts would be offset by sales tax, ending mortgage deduction

(Newser) - Two weeks after Bobby Jindal proposed putting an end to state income taxes in Louisiana , Kansas appears to be headed in the same direction, albeit a little more slowly. Gov. Sam Brownback's plan, introduced yesterday, would reduce and eventually eliminate state income taxes, reports the Wichita Eagle . As of... More »

Teen Tweeter Is No Hero

It's up to parents to insist on civil disagreement: Ruth Marcus

(Newser) - There's something wrong with a world in which Emma Sullivan , the 18-year-old high school student who refused to apologize to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback after tweeting that he "sucked," is turned into a "heroine of the liberal blogosphere," writes Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post... More »

Kansas Governor Apologizes to Teen Tweeter

Not good enough, says Emma Sullivan

(Newser) - The mighty Kansas tweeter teen has turned the tables on a miffed governor, who is now apologizing to her. Self-described liberal Emma Sullivan, 18, tweeted a diss against Governor Sam Brownback while he was giving a speech at a Kansas youth event last week. His aides, who monitor the Twitterverse,... More »

Teen Tweeter Won't Apologize to Dissed Kan. Governor

'I raised my kids to be free thinkers,' says mom of Emma Sullivan

(Newser) - A Kansas teen who blasted her conservative governor in a tweet is refusing to apologize—even though she has been ordered to do so by her school. "Just made mean comments at Gov. Brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot," Emma Sullivan, 18, tweeted to pals... More »

Kansas Bans Late-Term Abortions

Brownback signs controversial abortion bills

(Newser) - A bill effectively banning late-term abortions in Kansas has been signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback. The bill bans abortions after 22 weeks gestation except where necessary to save the mother from death or serious injury, based on the controversial belief that fetuses can feel pain, Politico reports. Similar... More »

Pastors: Lawmakers' House 'Masquerading as Church'

C Street Center illegally giving lawmakers too-low rent, they say

(Newser) - Lawmakers such as Bart Stupak and John Ensign are getting a big and possibly illegal financial break by renting rooms at a DC boarding house "masquerading as a church," say a group of Ohio pastors. In two complaints filed with the IRS, the pastors charge that the C... More »

Right-Wingers to God: Stop Health Care Bill

Republican congressmen join 'prayercast' opposing reform

(Newser) - Some Republican members of Congress joined Family Research Council members in Washington last night for a “prayercast” asking God to stop the health care bill. The hour-long event was streamed live on the web, and the hosts said people in churches and homes everywhere were praying along. “The... More »

Kerry Leaps to Defense of Hill as Iraq Ambassador

Republican objections only slow down important work

(Newser) - Anticipating GOP resistance, John Kerry goes to bat for Iraq ambassador nominee Chris Hill,  arguing in a Politico piece that he should be confirmed immediately.  Kerry's committee is considering the veteran diplomat's nomination today. Despite Hill’s lack of Middle East experience, he’s cut out for peacemaking... More »

Catholic Group Savages Dems Using Senator's Signature

Staffer, not Brownback, approved the letter

(Newser) - A letter suggesting that top Democratic lawmakers aren’t “real Catholics” is attributed to Sen. Sam Brownback, the Huffington Post reports, but in fact came from a conservative Catholic group, Politico confirms.  “Real Catholics need a new voice—not the likes of Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi... More »

GOP Faces Uphill Battle for Senate in 2010

Wave of retirees in competitive states leaves party open

(Newser) - The 2010 election isn’t looking any better than the past two for Senate Republicans, CNN reports. When two-term Ohio Sen. George Voinovich threw in the towel yesterday, he became the fourth Republican incumbent to step down and leave a potentially competitive race. Democrats have lost only Hillary Clinton and... More »

GOP Stalwart Bond Will Leave Senate After 2010

Open Missouri seat sure to invite a contest

(Newser) - The GOP just can’t catch a break. Kit Bond, another senior Republican senator from a swing state, announced his retirement today, Politico reports. Bond joins Florida’s Mel Martinez, Kansas’ Sam Brownback, and, likely, Texas’ Kay Bailey Hutchison in a clutch of GOP Senate retirements. His decision not to... More »

Robertson Backs Rudy; Brownback, McCain

Mitt's the loser as religious right lines up

(Newser) - Two Christian leaders took sides in the GOP primary today: Pat Robertson chose Rudy Giuliani and Sam Brownback went for John McCain. The far-right electorate has been generally despondent about its primary choices, and the endorsements are seen as major coups for socially liberal Giuliani and down-but-not-out McCain, Politico reports. More »

Dubious Bush Benefactor Embedded in Clinton Camp

Alan Quasha makes a strange Dem bedfellow

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has another backer as mysterious as the now-discredited Norman Hsu—this one a businessman who goes way back with George W. Bush. The Nation examines Clinton's ties to Alan Quasha, the Harken Energy magnate who bailed out the younger Bush’s oil company in 1986. Quasha now has... More »

Christian Right Isn't Singing the Praises of GOP Candidates

Evangelicals meet today to seek agreement

(Newser) - Crowded as the GOP field may be, the religious right can't  seem to find a congenial candidate. The Washington Post reports that evangelicals—today beginning a 2-day summit—remain unmoved no matter how sweetly Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain come calling. And the idea of a Rudy Guiliani... More »

Brownback to Quit GOP Race

(Newser) - Sam Brownback will withdraw from the GOP primaries as early as tomorrow, sources tell the AP. The conservative senator’s fundraising abilities apparently didn't keep pace with his presidential ambitions; his campaign reported raising only $800,000 in the third quarter. “I know Senator Brownback enjoyed campaigning and meeting... More »

Christian Right Seeks Rudy Alternative

If the faithful can't find a candidate soon, he'll be the winner

(Newser) - The religious right’s failure to coalesce around anyone in the GOP’s top presidential tier could throw the party’s nomination to socially liberal Rudy Giuliani, the Los Angeles Times reports. By favoring unrealistic candidates such as Brownback and Huckabee, and doubting the conservative zeal of Romney and Thompson,... More »

Iraqis Irate Over Senate Partition Vote

Resolution pushing autonomous regions prompts backlash

(Newser) - The Iraqi government is reacting angrily to a Senate resolution passed Thursday that the US push to divide the country into three autonomous regions—Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish—to reduce ethnic bloodshed. "No Iraqi is for dividing their country or for splitting it into three weak states, unable to... More »

From Whispers, GOP Hopefuls Aim for a Roar

Backchannel back-stabbing on rise ahead of Iowa poll

(Newser) - With second-tier candidates sensing that Saturday's straw poll may be their last, best chance to stay in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Iowa is abuzz with whispering campaigns, Slate's John Dickerson says. The homegrown negative ads are a major tool for cash-poor politicians with names like Tancredo, Brownback... More »

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