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He Hit a Home Run, Then 'Not the Smartest Move'

Minnesota Twins' Josh Donaldson is ejected after words with umpire Dan Bellino and a lot of dust

(Newser) - With a four-game playoff series hanging in the balance between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox on Thursday, Josh Donaldson's home run should've given the Twins a big boost. And it did, until what happened as he crossed home plate. Per MLB , words were exchanged between Donaldson...

MLB Umpire Apologizes for Assault Rifle Tweet

Rob Drake threatened 'CIVAL WAR'

(Newser) - If President Trump is impeached, the umpire apparently will not strike back. Major League Baseball umpire Rob Drake has apologized for a tweet in which he said he was ready to pick up an assault rifle "because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL...

MLB Ump Warns of 'CIVAL WAR' in Pro-Trump Tweet

League looking into deleted post by Rob Drake

(Newser) - Rob Drake's 20 years as an MLB umpire may now be in jeopardy after a tweet about the possible impeachment of President Trump. As in, he's clearly upset by the impeachment inquiry, evidenced by a post seen by ESPN that he put up late Tuesday (and has since...

Serena Was Right: Ump Was 'a Thief'
Serena Was Right:
Ump Was 'a Thief'

Serena Was Right: Ump Was 'a Thief'

Carlos Ramos 'couldn’t take a woman speaking sharply to him'

(Newser) - Carlos Ramos, the man tasked with umpiring the women's final of the US Open between Serena Williams and Naiomi Osaka, instead "marred Osaka’s first Grand Slam title and one of Williams’s last bids for all-time greatness," and he did it "all because he couldn’...

Hall of Fame Umpire Nicknamed 'God' Dies
Hall of Fame
'God' Dies

Hall of Fame Umpire Nicknamed 'God' Dies

'A generation of umpires learned as a result of Doug's example'

(Newser) - Doug Harvey was so sure of his calls on the diamond, he ended every game the same way. Following the last out, the umpire took his wad of chewing tobacco and flung it on home plate. "I never did have any doubt in my mind," he once said....

Latest Protesters: MLB Umpires
Latest Protesters:
MLB Umpires 

Latest Protesters: MLB Umpires

Umps start wearing white wristbands to protest 'abusive' treatment

(Newser) - Major League Baseball umpires wore white wristbands during games Saturday, protesting "abusive player behavior" after Detroit second baseman Ian Kinsler was fined but not suspended for his recent verbal tirade against ump Angel Hernandez, in which he called him a bad umpire who "just needs to go away....

MLB Umpire Saves Suicidal Woman
MLB Umpire Saves
Suicidal Woman

MLB Umpire Saves Suicidal Woman

He says she was preparing to jump from bridge

(Newser) - John Tumpane can't explain why he approached the woman as she hopped over the railing of the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon. The woman told Tumpane she just wanted to get a better view of the Allegheny River below. The look on her face and the...

Ump Stops Game to Eject ... a Fan

Bob Davidson says fan was yelling obscene taunts

(Newser) - It's not unusual for an umpire to toss somebody out of a baseball game, but it's typically a hot-headed manager or a player. In Philadelphia on Tuesday night, it was a foul-mouthed fan. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, home-plate ump Bob Davidson stopped the Phillies-Giants game in the...

Baseball's Latest Drug Casualty Is ... an Ump

Brian Runge sacked after flunking drug test, sources say

(Newser) - You know your sport has a drug problem when even your officials flunk drug tests. Major League Baseball umpire Brian Runge has been canned and sources tell the AP that drugs are to blame. The 43-year-old failed at least one random drug test and was fired after failing to comply...

Little League Coach Charged With Assaulting Teen Ump

Witnesses say 43-year-old hit 17-year-old over a call

(Newser) - Next up in the sportsmanship fail category: A Little League coach in New Jersey has been charged with assault after police say he smacked a teenage ump in the head, reports the Asbury Park Press . The 43-year-old got an extra-special assault charge because the alleged incident happened in front of...

Murder Case Dropped Against Tennis Umpire

Lois Goodman, 70, says her 80-year-old husband fell

(Newser) - The strange case of a US Open umpire charged with murdering her 80-year-old husband has been dismissed, reports the Los Angeles Times . Prosecutors informed the judge that they were "unable to proceed" with the case against Lois Goodman, 70, but did not elaborate. The LAT says it might be...

Just Reverse the Call, Bud!
 Just Reverse the Call, Bud! 

Just Reverse the Call, Bud!

Shouldn't Bud Selig just set matters right?

(Newser) - The baseball world is up in arms over the blown call that cost Armando Galarraga his perfect game. So here's a radical idea: Why can't Bud Selig just reverse the dang call? “Only a grinch would protest such a thing,” writes Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post . And...

Ump Blows Perfect Game
 Ump Blows Perfect Game 

Ump Blows Perfect Game

Bad call snatches record from Tigers' Galarraga

(Newser) - If umpire Jim Joyce hadn't screwed up, Armando Galarraga would have entered the record books as the first Detroit Tiger in history to pitch a perfect game. But the ump—with 8 and two-thirds innings gone—incorrectly ruled that the Cleveland Indians' Jason Donald was safe, sparking a chorus of...

For Female Umps, No Field of Dreams
 For Female Umps, 
 No Field of Dreams 

For Female Umps, No Field of Dreams

Female umpire speaks out against baseball's 'stained-grass ceiling'

(Newser) - Forget blown calls. The real problem with umpires in the MLB, says Perry Barber: A complete lack of females. Barber, who has been in the business since 1981, works high school, college, spring training, and Independent League games—and tells DoubleX , “ We’re just going to have to storm...

Reversed HR Call for A-Rod Lifts Yankees
 Reversed HR Call for  
 A-Rod Lifts Yankees  
world series

Reversed HR Call for A-Rod Lifts Yankees

New York takes Game 3 over Philly, 8-5

(Newser) - The first instant replay call in World Series history did more than turn a double into a home run. It changed the whole game for Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees. Rodriguez's disputed shot started a big comeback and those powerful Yankees bats finally broke loose, backing Andy Pettitte...

Umps Under Fire After Rash of Botched Calls

 Umps Under Fire 
 After Rash of 
 Botched Calls 

mlb playoffs

Umps Under Fire After Rash of Botched Calls

Postseason miscues have MLB considering drastic changes

(Newser) - This year’s postseason has featured the usual thrills—pitchers' duels, come-from-behind victories—and an outbreak of something unusual: botched calls by umpires. The threat of more gaffes in next week’s World Series has the tradition-bound sport considering expanding the use of instant replay beyond the verification of home...

Time to Ditch Umps? (Or at Least Some of Them)

Machines might be able to do this job better

(Newser) - Joe Mauer smashed a ball to left field in the 11th inning Friday, and it landed fair, a foot inside the line. But it won’t show up on any box score, because umpire Phil Cuzzi, standing just 10 feet away, ruled it foul. It’s just one of several...

10 Most Ejected Skippers
 10 Most Ejected Skippers 

10 Most Ejected Skippers

These managers are an ump's worst nightmare

(Newser) - Among baseball managers, 10 have perfected the theatrics of fighting umps. Forbes looks at the skippers ejected most since 2004:
  1. Bobby Cox, Atlanta Braves: Also the all-time ejection king, Cox (34 ejections since '04) was once booted over stadium lights.
  2. Ron Gardenhire, Minnesota Twins: Fiery former player has 32 ejections.

Iowa Ump Tosses Crowd From Ballgame
Iowa Ump Tosses Crowd From Ballgame

Iowa Ump Tosses Crowd From Ballgame

Police called to HS game after fans turn unruly

(Newser) - A rowdy bunch of Iowa baseball fans weren't just taken out to the ball game, they were ejected from it, the Burlington Hawk Eye says. After a controversial play at a high school game in West Burlington, coaches from both teams argued with umpire Don Briggs, who gave the crowd...

America Could Use More Umpires: Will

(Newser) - Umpiring is often a thankless job. In Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, they’re typically beheaded as soon as they make a controversial call, and modern fans routinely abuse them and question their eyesight. “But their integrity is unquestioned,” writes George Will...

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