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Notre Dame Sues Over Obama Birth Control Mandate

Nation's most prominent Roman Catholic school says it violates constitution

(Newser) - More trouble for the Obama administration's mandate requiring most employers to cover birth control: Now the University of Notre Dame is suing, the AP reports, claiming that the mandate violates religious freedom. Observers had been waiting to see what step Notre Dame would take as the US' most prominent... More »

Texas A&M Women Win NCAA Title

Aggies beat Notre Dame 76-70 for first title

(Newser) - Danielle Adams scored 22 of her 30 points in a dominating second half and Texas A&M beat Notre Dame 76-70 on Tuesday night to win its first national championship. Texas A&M built an early 13-point lead with its aggressive defense, fell behind by seven in the second half,... More »

Notre Dame Star Faces Expulsion for Drunk Driving

Michael Floyd's season on the line after second alcohol-related offense

(Newser) - Notre Dame’s top receiver chose to forgo the NFL and stick around for his senior season this fall; now, that season’s in jeopardy. Michael Floyd was arrested yesterday on an operating while intoxicated charge, police tell the Chicago Tribune . With a 2010 underage drinking citation already on Floyd’... More »

Football Players Barred From Mexico During Sun Bowl

Too dangerous to cross the border in El Paso, officials warn

(Newser) - Notre Dame and Miami Hurricanes football players have been barred from crossing into Mexico while staying in El Paso for the Sun Bowl. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly even confiscated his team's passports before the Fighting Irish flew to Texas as a precaution, reports AP . Both teams met with police... More »

Prosecutors Won't Try Notre Dame Rape Case

Because Lizzy Seeberg's suicide makes report inadmissible

(Newser) - A county prosecutor has decided not to bring charges in response to allegations that a University of Notre Dame football player sexually assaulted freshman Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg—in part because Seeberg killed herself, making her statements to campus police inadmissible in court. Neither the player accused of the assault... More »

Tower Collapse Kills Notre Dame Student

His tweets reveal panic about safety in heavy winds atop structure

(Newser) - A Notre Dame student filming football practice was killed when the video tower he was on collapsed yesterday. Declan Sullivan, 20, was shooting the practice for the university's Department of Athletics when the hydraulic scissor lift, which stretched higher than the goal posts, toppled over, reports the South Bend Tribune... More »

The Real Quasimodo Discovered

Historical hunchback was stonemason, not bell-ringer

(Newser) - There really was a hunchback of Notre Dame, the newly discovered memoirs of a 19th-century sculptor have revealed. References to a hunchback stonemason in the diaries of Henry Sibson, a British sculptor who went to Paris to work on the restoration of Notre Dame around the time Victor Hugo penned... More »

Joe Montana's Son Among 8 ND Football Players Arrested

Campus party got a wee bit out of control

(Newser) - Must have been some party: Cops in South Bend, Indiana, sent more than 40 people to the county jail last night after breaking up a college bash. Most are charged with underage drinking, and notable arrestees include Nate Montana, son of Joe Montana, who will be battling for the school's... More »

Colleges That Pay Off

These schools offer a good return on investment

(Newser) - Which colleges pay off? PayScale crunched the numbers to compute the best returns on investment—by comparing the cost of a degree against what its students earn upon graduation—and Huffington Post rounds up the best of the bunch:
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: annual ROI: 12.6%; 30-year ROI: $1.
... More »

Notre Dame Names First Black Valedictorian

Katie Washington and her 4.0 GPA are bound for medical school

(Newser) - Notre Dame will honor its first African-American valedictorian at Sunday's graduation ceremony, Dawn Turner Trice writes for the Chicago Tribune : 21-year-old Katie Washington. The biological sciences major beat out two other candidates with her stellar CV, which includes a 4.0 GPA and co-authorship of a major research paper. "... More »

Star Football Recruit Killed in Spring Break Balcony Fall

Cops: 17-year-old was 'drunk and belligerent'

(Newser) - One of the nation's top high school football prospects is dead after falling off a third-floor hotel balcony while on spring break in Florida. Police say he was "drunk and belligerent" before the accident. Matt James, 17, had been Notre Dame's top recruit and was on USA Today's first... More »

World's Most Photographed Landmarks

Guess what comes in ahead of the Statue of Liberty?

(Newser) - Quick, what would you rather take a picture of on a trip to New York: the Statue of Liberty or the Apple store? Turns out most people would choose the Apple store—at least if we’re talking about the one on Fifth Avenue with a nifty-looking cube atop it.... More »

Notre Dame Finally Fires Charlie Weis

Revolving door more like wheel of fortune: school owes coach $10M

(Newser) - After months of speculation, Notre Dame pulled the trigger on Charlie Weis today, firing its head football coach with 6 years and at least $10 million left on his contract. Saturday's loss to Stanford, which left the Fighting Irish with a 6-6 record in Weis' fifth year at the helm,... More »

Fan Punches Notre Dame QB

Jimmy Clausen mixes it up outside a bar after UConn loss

(Newser) - An angry fan sucker-punched Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen outside a South Bend bar after the team’s loss to UConn, reportedly giving him at least one black eye. Though police say they haven’t had any reports relating to Clausen, sources tell the Chicago Tribune that he got into... More »

A Win for Obama, Moderate Catholics

President's Notre Dame speech was radical and conservative: Dionne

(Newser) - Abortion opponents protested and pro-life students skipped, but Barack Obama's Notre Dame commencement address was at once "the most radical and the most conservative speech of his presidency," writes Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne. The president refused to indulge the protesters' desire to "reignite the culture wars,... More »

Obama Calls for 'Open Minds, Fair-Minded Words'

(Newser) - Speaking amid the swirl of controversy as his pro-choice views and the pro-life values of a Catholic university collided, President Obama today called for "open minds" and "fair-minded words" in Notre Dame's debate surrounding abortion, reports the AP. Amid heckles and students booing hecklers, Obama faced the treacherous... More »

Anti-Abortion 'Extremists' Got Nothing on Prez

Zealous Notre Dame protests will further hurt their cause

(Newser) - Randall Terry and other “Catholic extremists” will lead protests against President Obama’s speech at Notre Dame today—but their anti-abortion zealotry will only continue to hurt their cause, writes Frances Kissling in Salon. “The idea that anything goes in fighting abortion died” in the ‘90s when... More »

Obama Speaks at Notre Dame Today Amid Protests, Vigils

(Newser) - Students at Notre Dame upset that President Obama will deliver today's commencement address began an all-night prayer vigil Saturday night, reports AP. Earlier, campus police arrested 19 anti-abortion protesters—none of them students—and charged them with trespassing, notes CNN. The invitation to pro-choice Obama has raised a ruckus at... More »

Bishops Scorn Obama, but Pope Is a Fan

The Vatican takes softer stance on Notre Dame debate

(Newser) - While conservative Catholics rage over President Obama's upcoming commencement speech at Notre Dame, one man has remained silent: the Holy Father. Indeed, American Catholic leaders and the Pope have staked out dramatically different positions from the Obama administration's, Amy Sullivan observes in Time. Yet the Vatican’s response to the... More »

Notre Dame Splits on Obama Speech, Protests

Students excited about visit, not pleased with activists' tactics

(Newser) - As President Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame approaches, pro-life activists have converged on the campus with banners, planes, and plans for civil disobedience. But students, who expressed pride that the president chose their school, aren't too happy with the protests. "It cheapens the argument. As someone who is... More »

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