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Top GOP Fundraiser Mosbacher Dead at 82

Bush 41's commerce secretary helped grease the skids for NAFTA

(Newser) - Robert Mosbacher, a legendary GOP fundraiser who served as George HW Bush's commerce secretary, died of cancer today in Houston. The multimillionaire oilman was 82. Mosbacher, an influential NAFTA proponent, was "the shrewdest dealmaker I ever knew," Bush, a friend of half a century, said in a statement.... More »

Canada to US: Are We Still Friends?

American protectionism worries our northern neighbor

(Newser) - Canada’s biggest problem now also happens to be its best friend: America. PM Stephen Harper once worried that Canada’s “special relationship” with the US had been lost under George W. Bush—and it hasn’t improved a bit under Obama, writes Luiza Ch. Savage in Macleans. Not... More »

'Three Amigos' Summit May Not Be So Amicable

Canada, Mexico both angry about Obama protectionism

(Newser) - President Obama is headed to Guadalajara today for his first "Three Amigos" summit with the leaders of Canada and Mexico, but the meeting may be less than completely friendly. Trade and drug trafficking will dominate the agenda, and the leaders have some grievances they plan to press, reports Reuters.... More »

US Trading Partners See Huge GDP Falls

Mexico contracts 21.5% as American demand dries up

(Newser) - Yesterday Mexico became the latest country to disclose a sharp economic contraction as a result of the slowdown in US consumption of imported goods. Mexican GDP fell at an annualized rate of 21.5% in the first quarter, following Germany, down 14.4%, and Japan, 15.2%—its worst performance... More »

Next 100 Days Promise Real Test

(Newser) - President Obama’s efforts to reach out domestically and internationally in his administration’s infancy “have paid off remarkably,” Howard Fineman writes in Newsweek, but there are tough times ahead. “To make good on the promise of days 1-100,” Fineman writes, “Obama will have to... More »

Mexico Slaps US With Tariff

(Newser) - Mexico said yesterday it will increase tariffs on about 90 US products in retaliation for last week's decision to end a pilot program that allowed some Mexican trucks to transport goods in the United States. The measure will affect about $2.4 billion in trade involving goods from 40 states.... More »

Crisis Cripples Obama Vows on Taxes, Trade

Businesses gird for battle; hike on wealthy may have to wait

(Newser) - Some of President Obama’s best campaign applause lines will likely be silenced by economic reality, the Wall Street Journal reports. With the recession raging, Obama probably won't roll back the Bush tax cuts as promised, and his pledge to eliminate tax loopholes for corporations that shift jobs overseas is... More »

Obama, Harper Launch 'Clean Energy Dialogue'

(Newser) - President Obama and PM Stephen Harper today announced an environmental partnership between the US and Canada, the Globe and Mail reports. Harper spoke of a “clean energy dialogue” between top officials to “collaborate on the development of clean energy science and technology.” Said Obama, who was making... More »

Obama Heads to Canada Amid Trade Concerns

NAFTA issues likely to loom large over visit

(Newser) - Barack Obama makes his first foreign trip as president today to Canada, and his talks there are likely to touch on some thorny trade issues, the New York Times reports. Obama spoke forcefully in favor of reopening NAFTA while a candidate, but intends to focus on strengthening the US-Canada trade... More »

Ex-Dallas Mayor Kirk Will Be Obama's Trade Rep

Free-trade Democrat among few Southerners tabbed for cabinet

(Newser) - Barack Obama will announce former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk as his nominee for trade representative tomorrow, the Dallas Morning News reports. Kirk, who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2002, is pro-trade and a staunch supporter of NAFTA. Kirk campaigned extensively for Obama, and is one of the few Southern faces... More »

Obama Advisers Please the Right, But Not Much

Two 'pro-free-trade' centrists guide him, up to a point

(Newser) - If Barack Obama takes office, conservatives can take a small measure of comfort knowing that  two of his top economic advisers have generated angst on the left for being "centrist, pro-free-traders," writes Cesar Conda in the Weekly Standard. Austan Goolsbee and Jason Furman—the latter a Wal-Mart defender—... More »

Obama Will Plunge US Into Recession

Dem's plans would spell disaster, says wonk for first Bush

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s campaign promises on the economy—particularly on taxes and trade—would be a disaster for Americans at all income levels, an adviser to the first President Bush writes in the Wall Street Journal. On “tax, spending, energy, regulatory, and trade policy, if the proposals espoused by... More »

McCain Wins the Week as Obama Misfires

Mark Halperin sizes up the latest skirmishes

(Newser) - Score this week for John McCain, writes Mark Halperin in Time. "McCain's week wasn't particularly good, but Obama's was dreadful by comparison." Here’s how it adds up:
  • Image: McCain’s goal is to make Obama look “like an ordinary politician.” Barack helped with one of
... More »

Linchpin in 'NAFTA-Gate' to Step Down

Canadian PM's chief of staff linked to leaks about Obama talks

(Newser) - Ian Brodie, chief of staff to Canada's prime minister and the key figure in the "NAFTA-gate" scandal, will step down by summer, the Globe and Mail reports. Brodie, the architect of the Conservative Party's victory in 2006 elections, is under investigation in leaks that clouded the Democratic primary in... More »

Obama, Clinton Spar on Iran, Gas

Dems hit competing morning talk shows

(Newser) - Obama likened Hillary's stance on Iran to George Bush's "cowboy diplomacy" on Meet the Press today, while Clinton took to ABC to defend the gas tax and told voters mired in the Jeremiah Wright controversy "We should move on." Tim Russert ignored her advice, however, and devoted... More »

Bush Boosts Battered NAFTA at Summit

Trading partners meet in New Orleans

(Newser) - President Bush yesterday opened a two-day economic summit in New Orleans with Mexico and Canada amid growing hostility to the North American Free Trade Agreement, which is widely blamed for US job losses. Bush is using the meeting with the trillion-dollar trading partners to highlight support for NAFTA as the... More »

Canada's US Envoy Urged to Resign Over NAFTA-Gate

Ambassador admits speaking to reporter

(Newser) - The scope of the Barack Obama NAFTA memo scandal widened again yesterday, with Canadian opposition legislators calling for the resignation of Canada's ambassador to the US after he was implicated, the Globe and Mail reports. Michael Wilson admitted speaking to the reporter who broke the story that the candidate was... More »

Canadian PM Widens Probe of NAFTA Leak

Harper's chief of staff accused of releasing Obama memo

(Newser) - Amid cross-party outcry, the prime minister of Canada says he'll expand an investigation into the NAFTA leak that may have contributed to Barack Obama's loss in Ohio, reports the Globe and Mail. The opposition is calling for the head of Ian Brodie, PM Stephen Harper's chief of staff, who is... More »

Canada Leak 'Regrettable,' Envoy Says

Ambassador says disclosure of Obama memo not 'interference' in US politics

(Newser) - A memo leaked by Canadian diplomats was "regrettable," the US ambassador to Ottawa said today, but not, as he hinted earlier, "interference" in America's electoral process, Reuters reports. The document detailed a meeting between Canadian officials and a member of Barack Obama's campaign, who said Obama wasn't... More »

Obama, Media Spar Over Coverage

Reporters turn tables on candidate, say Clinton got raw deal

(Newser) - One day after a grueling press conference, Barack Obama told reporters they were buying into flimsy grievances about media bias, the New York Times reports. “I am a little surprised that all the complaining about the refs has worked,” he said of the Clinton camp's gripes. Indeed, journalists... More »

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