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NY Prof Urges UFO Degree
 NY Prof Urges UFO Degree 

NY Prof Urges UFO Degree

'Millions' of sightings require serious research

(Newser) - An American professor believes it's high time universities seriously study UFO sightings. "Millions" of sightings are reported each year, noted anthropology professor Philip Hasely. "It’s about time we looked into this as a worthy area of study," he tells the Buffalo News . "It's important that...

New Brit UFO Files: Strange Lights, Triangles

Reports on hovering Toblerone, 'silky white substance'

(Newser) - The British government's biggest-ever release of UFO files today let the public in on more than 6,000 pages from the 1990s documenting sightings of hovering triangles and strange lights. In one 1997 sighting, a man found dogs barking at a blue triangular craft hovering over his backyard; when it...

Weird Stuff for Sale on Amazon
 Weird Stuff for Sale on Amazon 

Weird Stuff for Sale on Amazon

Buy the world's largest book, or a life-size grim reaper statue

(Newser) - Amazon.com long ago expanded beyond books and now offers appliances, musical instruments, and as Random Good Stuff points out, some decidedly odd items:
  • The world’s largest book. At 5 by 7 feet, the photographic book Bhutan includes lifesize portraits of its subjects. It's a steal at $30,000.

UFO Video Raises a Fuss in Turkey

Objects spotted near Istanbul during 4-month stretch 'serious challenge to science'

(Newser) - Video taken of strange objects in the night sky over Turkey has been deemed authentic—well, at least by UFO researchers. A night watchman shot the video over multiple nights earlier this year, and it shows hovering craft and strange constellations of lights, the Sun reports. A self-described expert who...

NASA Forced to Open Up on UFO Incident

Court orders agency to release data related to 1965 UFO sightings

(Newser) - A court has ordered NASA to release info relating to a UFO sighting 42 years ago in Kecksburg, Pa. Several witnesses say they saw the crash of a large object, which soldiers then carted off. The Chicago Tribune probes the case, in which a freelance journalist sued NASA under the...

Alert the Aliens: Weekly World News Dead at 28

Not even Elvis can save iconic tabloid from lagging print industry

(Newser) - For 28 years, it was the “world’s most reliable newspaper,” replete with stories of Elvis sightings, alien babies, and dwarf-eating dieters. But the Weekly World News is no more. The black-and-white publication, known for its loose headlines and even looser facts, will publish its final print edition...

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