UFO sightings

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Whistleblower Testifies on Alleged Retrieval of UFOs

David Grusch claims government holds alien spacecraft and potentially alien bodies

(Newser) - Lawmakers will hear Wednesday from witnesses who say the government has been concealing evidence of alien life, including possible alien bodies. The House Oversight Committee's subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs will hear from three individuals with experience in the US military, including former Navy Cmdr....

NASA Holds Public Meeting on UFO Investigation

Scientists are becoming online targets as well, official says

(Newser) - In its first public meeting to gather information about UFOs, a NASA panel of experts said the search for answers is hampered by the stigma connected with reporting a sighting, which contributes to the lack of high-quality data available. The sightings are underreported, the experts suggested, despite high public interest...

Government Deflection May Have Added to UFO Fever

Pentagon sometimes hid secret programs behind public reports of sightings

(Newser) - At the height of the Cold War, the Pentagon and CIA were more than happy to let the public think unusual sights in the sky were caused by natural phenomena, not by secret aircraft they were developing. The possibility of aliens landing in the desert West also worked, the New ...

Declassified Pentagon UFO Report Is Due Next Month
Pentagon Is Preparing
Declassified UFO Report

Pentagon Is Preparing Declassified UFO Report

COVID relief bill contained June deadline

(Newser) - UFOs are definitely real, according to numerous military pilots who have seen flying objects they couldn't identify—and as a strange side effect of the COVID crisis, we may soon learn more about how much the military knows. The Trump administration's $2.3 trillion COVID relief bill in...

Reported UFO Sightings Jump During Pandemic

Anticipation of government revelations could be a reason

(Newser) - "With the COVID thing, more people are looking up," said Chris DePerno, a retired police detective. And what they're seeing more often are UFOs. Reported sightings rose nationally last year to more than 7,200, up 1,000 from 2019. In New York state, where DePerno works...

3 Senators Just Got Briefed on UFOs
3 Senators Just
Got Briefed on UFOs

3 Senators Just Got Briefed on UFOs

The classified Pentagon briefing happened Wednesday

(Newser) - The list of lawmakers who have received briefings on Navy encounters with UFOs has gotten a bit longer. The vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, was among three senators to receive a classified Pentagon briefing on the issue Wednesday, reports Politico , which cites "a growing number...

Pilots Spot UFOs Over Ireland: 'It Was Moving So Fast'

Irish Aviation Authority investigating bright lights seen Friday

(Newser) - The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating after multiple pilots spotted UFOs traveling faster than the speed of sound over Ireland on Friday. Shortly before 7am local time, a British Airways pilot contacted air traffic controllers at Shannon Airport on Ireland's west coast to ask about possible military exercises, per...

Billy Corgan Says He Saw a Human Shift Shape

And 8 more celebs who say they've seen something otherworldly

(Newser) - It's only Wednesday, and yet it's already been a good week for the paranormal. First came coverage of Miami GOP congressional candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, who once said she's remained in telepathic contact with aliens ever since she was abducted at age 7 by "three blond,...

Canada Is Seeing Lots of UFOs These Days

Quebec resident reported seeing tiny 'humanoids'

(Newser) - Perhaps aliens have taken a liking to the Great White North. The annual Canadian UFO Survey by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research shows "the second highest level of sightings that we've recorded since we started doing the survey back in the 1980s," with 1,267 across Canada in 2015,...

Montana Man: I Have Proof UFOs Are Real

He claims his camera caught one above Montana last month

(Newser) - Richard O'Connor's two motion detection cameras are positioned 30 feet off the ground around his Clancy, Montana, home, and are trained skyward: Over the course of nearly two years, they've snapped some 280,000 photos. Most show birds, squirrels, or branches. But five of the bunch, taken...

Aliens Have a Soft Spot for Florida, Apparently

State has second-most UFO sightings in the country: group

(Newser) - Quick, name a UFO hot spot around the US. If northwest Florida didn't come to mind, maybe it should have. As the Tallahassee Democrat reports, the Big Bend region in the state has had all kinds of sightings dating back to the 1970s. In recent years, 50 sightings in...

Texans Keep Reporting UFOs That Resemble Something Else

Lenticular clouds do have funny shapes, however

(Newser) - A rash of UFO sightings in Texas is likely caused by certain cloud formations, unless you believe that UFOs disguise themselves as clouds. Several sightings last month garnered media attention, but scientists and meteorologists identified the airborne objects as disc-shaped "lenticular clouds" caused by warm air rising in cooler...

CIA: All Those 1950s UFO Sightings? 'It Was Us'
CIA: All Those 1950s UFO Sightings? 'It Was Us'
in case you missed it

CIA: All Those 1950s UFO Sightings? 'It Was Us'

Agency tweets its 10 most-read articles

(Newser) - As far as "best of 2014" lists go, the CIA has a pretty irresistible one: On Dec. 22 it started tweeting links to the 10 most popular articles of the year that it shared on Twitter, and the agency arrived at No. 1 earlier this week, tweeting : "Reports...

Peru Reopening Its UFO Office

Calls on citizens to report sightings

(Newser) - Peru is experiencing "increased sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena," and it's ready to investigate. The country's air force is reopening the Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, an office established in 2001 to probe such sightings. It had been closed for five years, the Guardian...

UFO Buffs: Maybe We Were Wrong

British UFO group to address the decline in sightings

(Newser) - Maybe the truth isn't out there after all? A British UFO organization has planned a meeting to discuss whether the issue has faded with the lack of proven sightings, the Telegraph reports. "It is certainly a possibility that in ten years time, it will be a dead subject,...

UFOs Over London? 2 Videos Say Yes

Multiple cameras record strange object in the sky

(Newser) - One UFO video might easily be a hoax, but are two proof of an alien invasion? A pair of clips from London show very similar white disc-like objects apparently floating in the sky, one above a BBC building and another over the Tower Bridge. The videos were taken last week,...

Australia Can't Find UFO Records

Spokesman says files were likely thrown out in routine housekeeping

(Newser) - Cue the conspiracy theories in the land down under: Australian officials say they’ve been unable to locate decades' worth of UFO records. After Great Britain released thousands of its own ‘X-files’ last year , the Sydney Morning Herald filed a Freedom of Information request for Australia’s version of...

Secret FBI Memo: We Found Flying Saucers

Agent Guy Hottel talks of aliens in New Mexico

(Newser) - Did the government really find aliens in flying saucers in New Mexico? That’s what some newly released FBI files seem to indicate. In one 1950 memo spotted by the Telegraph , special agent Guy Hottel writes that “An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers...

NYC UFOs Were ... Balloons?
 NYC UFOs Were ... Balloons? 

NYC UFOs Were ... Balloons?

They escaped from teacher's party, says 4th graders

(Newser) - The unidentified flying objects that puzzled New Yorkers and even the FAA have been identified as party balloons by a class of 4th-graders. The kids and school officials say a parent was carrying a bunch of pearl-colored balloons inside the school for a teacher's engagement party when about a dozen...

FAA Can't Identify NYC's 'UFO' Lights

Silver Mylar balloons, says one spoilsport

(Newser) - Those weird lights that caused a sensation in the sky over New York City yesterday remain an official mystery today, reports ABC News . "We are not able to make an identification of what the objects were," says an FAA spokeswoman. "We know they weren't aircraft or helicopters....

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