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Bailout Tab Plummets; Companies Quick to Repay

Expected costs down from $250B to $89B in past year

(Newser) - The financial bailout is looking a lot less expensive these days: At a projected $250 billion just a year ago, the expected federal bailout tab is now down to $89 billion—less than the government paid for the savings-and-loan crisis 20 years ago. The falling bailout costs come thanks to...

Dow Up 3; Financials Climb
 Dow Up 3; Financials Climb 

Dow Up 3; Financials Climb

Investors predict payroll gains for March

(Newser) - Gains in financial stocks kept the markets afloat today. Both AIG and Citigroup closed up, in part because of a successful offering of $2 billion in trust preferred securities, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The Dow gained 2.95 points to close at 10,567.33.
  • The Nasdaq added 18.

Dow Climbs 79 on AIG Deal
 Dow Climbs 79 on AIG Deal 

Dow Climbs 79 on AIG Deal

Manufacturing employment rises

(Newser) - News of Prudential's agreement to buy AIG's Asia division sowed confidence on Wall Street today. Stocks rose, boosted as well by a jump in manufacturing employment, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The Dow rose 78.53 points to close at 10,403.79.
  • The Nasdaq added 35.31, closing at

AIG Close to $35B Sale—and $16B Bailout Payback

Asian unit to be bought by British Prudential

(Newser) - A British company is about to buy the Asian unit of insurance giant AIG in a $35 billion deal that would enable AIG to make the biggest repayment yet toward its $180 billion bailout debt to the US government. British Prudential's purchase of Hong Kong-based AIG unit AIA would yield...

AIG Slashes Bonuses, Will Still Pay Out $100M Tomorrow

News not sitting well with lawmakers

(Newser) - Good news, if you’re not keen on bailed-out firms handing out bonuses: AIG has trimmed by $20 million those due to current and former employees in March. The bad news: The insurance giant that was the largest recipient of US bailout funds is still going to pay out $100...

House Grills Geithner on AIG
 House Grills Geithner on AIG 

House Grills Geithner on AIG

Treasury Secretary defends big bailout as necessary

(Newser) - Timothy Geithner defended the AIG bailout he helped engineer today, in testimony before a House Oversight Committee that was out for blood. “In effect, the taxpayers were propping up the hollow shell of AIG,” declared chairman Edolphus Towns, “and the rest of Wall Street came by and...

Fed Duo Sounded Alarm Over AIG 'Gifts' to Banks

Geithner, Paulson face grilling over 'backdoor bailouts' for AIG clients

(Newser) - Two Federal Reserve governors expressed their unease about the Fed's rejection of a plan to force big banks to return $30 billion in cash they received from AIG before its bailout in late 2008. The officials warned that the decision to let the banks, including Goldman Sachs, keep the collateral...

Dow Up 24; Traders Stay Cautious
 Dow Up 24; 
 Traders Stay Cautious 

Dow Up 24; Traders Stay Cautious

Markets recover after last week's bloodbath

(Newser) - Stocks posted gains today as some investors bought up bargains in the wake of last week's big losses—but volume was light as most remained cautious ahead of the State of the Union address, a hearing on AIG's bailout, and a Fed interest-rate decision, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The

Fed Demanded Security Laws Shield AIG

Giving Money Away to Wall Street Almost Became Top Secret

(Newser) - Federal Reserve officials called on the SEC to invoke national security laws to keep details about the controversial AIG bailout hidden from the public. The Fed demanded an assurance of "special security procedures" by the SEC concerning an AIG document related to the bailout, according to emails uncovered by...

Geithner Will Testify on Secretive Bailout Deals

House committee wants answers on his role on AIG contracts

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will testify Jan. 27 before a House probe into his role in deals that sent billions of bailout dollars to Goldman Sachs and other big banks. The committee wants to know why the Federal Reserve Bank of New York—which Geithner headed at the time—paid...

Big Banks on Obama's TARP Fee: Nuh-Uh

Industry 'burden' will decrease lending ability, they threaten

(Newser) - Wall Street wants its bailout, and its bonuses, too, and this sure-to-be-popular fee on banks Barack Obama is considering isn't sitting well at all. “Current law doesn’t trigger this tax proposal for another four years,” objected the top lobbyist at the Financial Services Roundtable, referring to a...

Wall Street Bonuses Ripe for Tea Party Rage

Big finance could face populist pitchforks

(Newser) - Bailed-out Wall Street execs handing themselves hefty bonuses this month should prepare for outrage not only from Dems inside the Beltway but from tea partiers, who hold their first convention in Nashville next month. The rage that has been focused on big government and health care reform could easily swing...

NY Fed Told AIG to Hide Payouts

Details of 'backdoor bailout' hushed up

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve Bank of New York pressured AIG not to release details of massive payments it made to banks after it was bailed out, email exchanges released yesterday reveal. The insurer paid banks, including Goldman Sachs, in full for securities linked to subprime mortages, a move critics say amounted...

AIG Attorney Makes Millions by Quitting Over Pay

Company to award Kelly mammoth severance package

(Newser) - Quitting in a snit over government-imposed pay limits has ensured a bumper payday for AIG's top in-house lawyer, insiders say. The bailed out insurance company is preparing to pay Anastasia Kelly several million dollars in a severance package under company terms that allow some execs to quit and collect severance...

AIG Execs Ignore Vow to Return Bonuses

Only $19M of promised $45M has been repaid

(Newser) - Execs at the AIG division responsible for the company's downfall have decided they deserve those hefty bonuses after all. Top earners at the bailed-out company promised to return $45 million in bonuses by the end of this year amid public outrage at the payments, but only some $19 million has...

Spitzer to AIG: Show Us the Email

Ex-gov wants answers before feds ditch their stake

(Newser) - The Treasury Department's shopping its 80% stake in AIG, but before it sells, all Eliot Spizter wants for Christmas is for the financial behemoth to finally disclose exactly how it triggered the financial crisis. "Who knew what, and when? Who benefited, and by exactly how much?," questions the...

Crooked Giants Dodge SEC Penalties

Agency routinely grants waivers for harshest punishments

(Newser) - Financial giants accused of swindling investors have been successfully dodging the SEC's harshest penalties by arguing that the law shouldn't apply to them. Firms including Citigroup, Bank of America, and AIG have recently sought and received waivers from regulations requiring lawbreakers to close their mutual fund businesses. Waivers have been...

US Will Let AIG Execs Skirt Pay Cap

Pay czar Feinberg will make exceptions after 5 threaten to quit

(Newser) - Treasury pay czar Kenneth Feinberg will exempt some AIG executives from a $500,000 salary cap, after at least five threatened to quit, sources tell Bloomberg . Feinberg is preparing to make a ruling on pay limits for 75 of the company’s top executives. Five threatened to resign last week...

AIG Settles With Ex-CEO: Will Pay Fees, Return Rug

Company agrees to shell out up to $150 million

(Newser) - AIG is done fighting with former CEO Hank Greenberg and will give him his Persian rug back. The taxpayer-owned insurance giant agreed to settle all legal disputes with Greenberg and former CFO Howard I. Smith. The company agreed to pay up to $150 million in legal fees to the two...

AIG Bailout Squandered Our Money, Trust
 AIG Bailout Squandered Our Money, Trust
Paul Krugman

AIG Bailout Squandered Our Money, Trust

Geithner & Co. were afraid to ask Wall Street for concessions

(Newser) - Financial officials, “most notably Timothy Geithner,” deservedly lost the public's trust with their no-strings-attached bailout of AIG, Paul Krugman rails in the New York Times . As a damning report from the TARP inspector general points out, the government made no serious attempt to extract concessions from the banks...

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