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Pair Busted at Mexico Border May Be Tied to Target Hack

Mexican couple had 90-some bogus credit cards

(Newser) - When two people with some 90 fake credit cards were arrested trying to enter the US, authorities reported a link to the hack of Target stores —but the story has gotten more muddled. A South Texas police chief said the two Mexicans, Daniel Dominguez Guardiola and Mary Carmen Vaquera...

Fake Bank Scamming Victims Out of Hundreds

People deposit up to $900 for semi-secured credit cards they never receive

(Newser) - A new scam is bilking people looking to rebuild their credit rating out of hundreds of dollars by offering semi-secured credit cards then pocketing their deposits, TheStreet reports. The Treasury has sent a letter to US bank executives and federal and state regulators warning them of the scam, run by...

Man Tweaks Credit Card Offer; Bank Doesn't Notice

Russian customer amended a mail-in credit offer, sues bank for ducking terms

(Newser) - Why not amend a credit card offer and send back your version? That's what one man did in Russia, and it kinda worked out for him, the Telegraph reports. Dmitry Argarkov, 42, scanned an offer from Tinkoff Credit Systems and changed the terms to his liking: no credit limit...

Our Credit Card Debt Just Got Worse

Q3 wasn't such a stellar one for plastic-happy Americans

(Newser) - Americans cranked up their use of credit cards in the third quarter, racking up more debt than a year ago, while also being less diligent about making payments on time, an analysis of consumer-credit data shows. The average credit card debt per borrower in the US grew 4.9% in...

Patron Tries to Buy Beer With Bartender&#39;s Stolen Card
Patron Tries to
Buy Beer With
Stolen Card 
in case you missed it

Patron Tries to Buy Beer With Bartender's Stolen Card

Surprised barkeep calls cops, gets arrest

(Newser) - A guy strolls into a bar and buys a beer with a credit card. He is then swiftly arrested. The guy, a 53-year-old homeless man in Miami Beach, purchased his brew from the exact wrong bartender ... because he happened to be using the bartender's stolen credit card, reports the...

Credit Cards Hit Clients With 'Robo-Signed' Lawsuits

Courts flooded with cases based on slim or falsified evidence

(Newser) - Looks like mortgage foreclosures aren't the only things banks "robo-signed." A glut of credit card lawsuits is revealing that card issuers have the same tendency to use shoddy, incomplete, or erroneous documents against clients, the New York Times reports. Companies like American Express, Citigroup, and Discover have...

Florida Man Denies Spending $50K at Strip Club

Lokesh James claims charges were fraudulent

(Newser) - Fifty thousand bucks—on strippers? No way, says an outraged Florida man. Lokesh James insists he spent only $600 on Michelob Ultras and a little fun in the Champagne Room at the local strip club. The rest of his staggering $50,000 credit-card bill? All fraudulent charges and forged signatures,...

FBI Snags 24 Suspected Credit Card Hackers

Feds lured them onto fake website in sting

(Newser) - Federal agents have been watching websites where hackers illegally distribute credit card data—and their work has paid off. Today, they arrested 11 people in the US and 13 overseas, reports Reuters . Under the two-year sting, agents set up a fake online forum of their own where people could trade...

Visa Dumps Processor After 1.5M Numbers Breached

Customer names, Social Security numbers reportedly safe

(Newser) - Visa has made credit card processor Global Payments persona non grata after some 1.5 million numbers were breached in a massive hack announced Friday , and the New York Times notes that the figure could be as high as 3 million. Global Payments has been removed from Visa's list...

'Massive' Data Breach May Have Hit MasterCard, Visa

10M cards may be affected

(Newser) - MasterCard is investigating a feared security breach linked to a credit-card processor in the US, it says; Visa has reportedly launched a similar investigation. While the companies are mum about the extent of the problem, financial insiders tell Krebs on Security it's "massive," potentially involving 10 million...

To Get New Credit Card: Pay Off Expired Debt?

Feds have fined debt collector for deceptive practices

(Newser) - Americans burdened with old debt and low credit ratings are getting an unlikely offer in the mail: a new credit card. But the fine print explains that accepting the card means reviving debts that had expired by law, the Wall Street Journal reports. For one New York deli owner, the...

Feds Test Simplified Credit Card Agreement

Short form in plain English could become industry standard

(Newser) - The government's consumer finance watchdog has created a credit card agreement that's five times shorter than usual and written in plain English. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for the public's feedback on the prototype, which can be viewed here . The agreement is just over 1,...

Julian Assange Says WikiLeaks to Stop Leaking Secrets Thanks to Credit Card Fight
 WikiLeaks to Stop Leaking 

WikiLeaks to Stop Leaking

Because it's strapped for cash, Julian Assange says

(Newser) - WikiLeaks won’t be releasing any more secrets in the near future, Julian Assange announced today; the credit card companies have brought it down. In a statement, WikiLeaks said it was making the move in response to the “blockade” against donations established by banks and credit card companies . “...

Citi Goes Wild With Credit Card Offers

Have they sent you one yet?

(Newser) - Citigroup is moving aggressively to expand its credit card business, hoping to capitalize on rivals who are toning down their efforts in the area. The bank sent out a whopping 346 million card offers to North American customers in the third quarter alone—which, the Wall Street Journal observes, is...

Google Launches AdWords Credit Card
 Google Launches Credit Card 

Google Launches Credit Card

But it's only being offered to ad clients ... who can only use it to buy advertising

(Newser) - Google is launching a credit card ... but don't go making space in your wallet just yet. The card will only be issued to its advertising customers, a move Google hopes will help it keep its edge as the online ad market heats up, Reuters reports. The AdWords Business card...

One Trend Among GOP Freshmen: Debt

Not the national kind, the personal kind

(Newser) - Republican freshmen in Congress say they're serious about tackling the US debt—but when it comes to their own personal debt, many have what the Washington Post amusingly calls “a more nuanced view.” At least 30 out of 87 had debts of $50,000 or more last...

Big Citi Hack Reveals Ugly Truth About Banks

Firms not investing enough on protecting customers, analysts say

(Newser) - The massive data breach at Citigroup has alarmed customers, angered lawmakers, and sparked debate on whether big banks are spending enough money on protecting their customers' information, the New York Times finds. Credit card companies have devoted their resources to preventing fraud from occurring when data is stolen and not...

Big Banks Try to Steal PayPal's Thunder

Google meanwhile to let you pay with swipe of the phone

(Newser) - Big changes could be afoot in the way Americans pay for stuff. Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo are introducing a new service that will let customers easily transfer money from their checking account to someone else’s, the Wall Street Journal reports. The banks are hoping the...

Finally! Study Discovers Way to Kill Spam

3 financial companies control most spam-prompted card payments

(Newser) - Researchers in California think they’ve found spammers’ weak point—and say it could be used to help kill off the industry. To make their discovery, the researchers spent months trying to attract all the spam they could before buying thousands of dollars worth of products advertised in those emails....

Look Out, PayPal, Visa Wants Your Customers

Credit card giant working on person-to-person transactions

(Newser) - Visa will soon allow customers to use their credit and debit cards to send money to other individuals, reports AP . It's the same type of service offered by the likes of PayPal, but Visa will come into the market with the advantage of 1.85 billion cards in circulation. One...

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