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Apple Maps: Less of a Disaster Than You Think

Has taken 23 million users from Google, despite problems

(Newser) - Remember when Apple launched its own maps app on the iPhone and iPad, a program so error-ridden the CEO apologized , the project leader was fired , it became the butt of jokes for months, and everyone celebrated when Google finally relaunched its much-loved maps app? Turns out, it hasn't been...

Villagers Mistake Google Driver for Government Spy

They let him go after he swears before Buddha statue

(Newser) - The hazards of driving around in one of those Google mapping cars: When residents of a remote village in Thailand saw the weird-looking vehicle with a camera on top tooling around, they blocked its path and hauled out the driver for questioning, reports the Bangkok Post . Was he a sneaky...

Meet Google&#39;s Next $1B Buy
 Meet Google's Next $1B Buy 

Meet Google's Next $1B Buy

Waze buy thwarts rivals, might raise anti-trust concerns

(Newser) - Google is close to finalizing one of the biggest acquisitions in its history, with a more than $1 billion deal for the maps and traffic app Waze, the Wall Street Journal reports. Here's what makes the move interesting:
  • Google already has a maps app. You might have heard of

Coming to Google Street View: Galapagos Islands

Google captures panoramic views of remote and inaccessible areas

(Newser) - If you've ever wished you could visit the Galapagos Islands, you'll soon get the chance to see the remote volcanic islands from the comfort of your own home. Google sent hikers to the area complete with Street View gear to capture panoramic views of even the most inaccessible...

Google Maps Reunites Boy With Family, 23 Years Later

Chinese man was abducted at age 5

(Newser) - A Chinese man who was abducted as a 5-year-old boy finally found his way home, 23 years later, thanks in part to Google Maps. After he was snatched on his way to kindergarten in a small town in Sichuan province, Luo Gang was raised by adoptive parents (no word on...

Tax Dodgers Nabbed Using ... Google Street View

Some 100 Lithuanian homeowners, 30 construction companies identified

(Newser) - As soon as Google Maps Street View was rolled out in Lithuania earlier this year, tax authorities were ready. Sitting in the comfort of their own offices, inspectors used the free Internet program for a virtual cruise around the streets of some of the Baltic country's big cities, uncovering...

Google's April Fool: YouTube Closing Down

Also new on April 1: Google Nose, Treasure Maps

(Newser) - Google has gotten into the April Fool's Day spirit once again: After eight years of accepting entries, YouTube is going to shut down to "select a winner." A spoof announcement on the site claims that "YouTube has been nothing but a contest to find the best...

Roam Abandoned Fukushima Town, Courtesy Google

Street View comes to Namie, Japan

(Newser) - If you like occasionally roaming the streets of the world on Google Maps, there's a bleak new destination you should check out: Namie, Japan , a town in Fukushima Prefecture that's been abandoned ever since the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. Google has just added street view images...

New on Google Maps: North Korea

Google rolls out update made without help from Pyongyang

(Newser) - Google Maps users can now get a much more detailed look at the land of gulags, secret nuclear sites, and, according to some reports, cannibalism . North Korea once appeared as almost a total blank on Google, but a new map being rolled out today shows details including streets, landmarks, and...

Google: No, We Didn't Kill a Donkey

Google on defensive after Street View image circulates

(Newser) - No, Google is not a donkey killer. The Internet giant went on the defensive after a Google Street View image that looked as if the Street View car had run over a donkey in Botswana began making the rounds on Twitter. But appearances can be deceiving: Google released additional images...

Google Maps Returns to iPhone

And yes, new app includes turn-by-turn

(Newser) - The wait is over, iPhone users. Google has at last released a stand-alone Maps app for iOS, available as a free App Store download. In a blog post announcing the release, Google boasts that it has redesigned the app "from the ground up … It's a sharper looking,...

Solved: Case of the Missing Island
 Case of the 
 Missing Island 
in case you missed it

Solved: Case of the Missing Island

'Sandy Island' error blamed on 19th-century chart

(Newser) - There was some consternation last month when researchers sailed out to a Pacific island only to find that it wasn't there . Now, a New Zealand researcher says he can explain how the nonexistent Sandy Island got onto many maps. It all comes down to a whaling ship that passed...

Apple Fires Maps Chief
 Apple Axes Maps Chief 

Apple Axes Maps Chief

Google readying maps app for Apple devices

(Newser) - The manager who oversaw Apple's mistake-ridden maps software has been told to clean out his desk and attempt to find his way out of the building. Mapping team chief Richard Williamson was fired as part of a management shake-up last month , sources tell Bloomberg, and his replacement is scrambling...

Whoops: Much-Mapped Island Doesn&#39;t Actually Exist
 Island Doesn't 
 Actually Exist 
in case you missed it

Whoops: Much-Mapped Island Doesn't Actually Exist

Scientists head to Sandy Island, find nothing

(Newser) - Planning an island vacation? A word to the wise: Don't visit Sandy Island, supposedly off Australia's northeast coast. It's simply not there. Scientists at the University of Sydney journeyed to the spot where the island is supposed to be according to many maps (including Google's). Between...

Google Maps Poised to Return to the iPhone

2 months after getting boot, Google nearly ready with app

(Newser) - You can't keep a good app down. In September, Apple dumped Google's famed maps from its latest mobile operating system, iOS 6—earning more than a few jeers in the process. But Google is bouncing back and is putting the finishing touches on a new map app it...

Reason Apple Exec Got Fired: No Maps Apology

Scott Forstall wouldn't sign company letter

(Newser) - Now we know why Apple canned iOS guru Scott Forstall : He refused to sign a letter apologizing for iOS 6's much-maligned map app, sources tell the Wall Street Journal —a letter that CEO Tim Cook wound up signing himself . Forstall was close with Steve Jobs, and indeed was...

Tim Cook Apologizes for Crappy Apple Maps

Meanwhile, iOS 6 users complain of WiFi problems

(Newser) - How bad is the firestorm over iOS 6's reportedly terrible new Maps app ? So bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook felt compelled to publicly apologize today. "At Apple, we strive to make world-class products," he wrote on the company's site . "With the launch of...

Google Maps Goes Scuba Diving

'Street View' heads underwater with panoramic images

(Newser) - Want to go underwater at the Great Barrier Reef, but not into scuba diving? Thanks to Google Maps, now you can—virtually. Google added its first underwater panoramas to Google Maps yesterday, meaning "Street View"—at least in certain places—shows turtles and manta rays instead of, you...

Maps 'Blunder' Dogs Apple as New iPhone Launches

But version 5 might sell a record 10M this weekend

(Newser) - The iPhone 5 is on sale today, as evidenced by the usual jam-packed stores in Asia and Europe, reports AP . The same will follow in the US—in fact, some analysts think Apple might sell a record 10 million phones this weekend, notes Bloomberg . Apple, however, also is dealing with...

Google Might Create Map App for iPhones

Apple ditched Google Maps, and critics aren't happy

(Newser) - If you're one of the people wailing and gnashing your teeth because Apple removed Google Maps from iOS 6, take hope: Google's making it pretty clear it wants to make a standalone map app available. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Google UK's marketing director said iPhone...

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