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New Frog Species Looks Oddly Familiar
 New Frog 
 Species Looks 
 Oddly Familiar 
in case you missed it

New Frog Species Looks Oddly Familiar

Is that you, Kermit?

(Newser) - If a new frog species discovered in Costa Rica looks familiar to you, you're not alone. The Hyalinobatrachium dianae is causing quite a stir because of its resemblance to a certain Muppet, Mashable reports. Yes, Kermit has found a twin in this frog with bright green skin and bulging...

No Eggs Needed: 'Fanged' Frogs Give Birth

Newly discovered species is only one with the ability: researchers

(Newser) - Your typical frogs lay eggs, while a few species give birth to froglets. But frogs giving birth to tadpoles is new to science—and researchers have managed to witness it, the BBC reports. A scientist at Berkeley was holding what he thought was a male frog when it gave birth...

Our Salamanders May Be in Trouble

Scientists cite Asian fungus, lack of biosecurity

(Newser) - When a fungus that has coexisted with amphibians in Asia for 30 million years recently found its way to the Netherlands, only 10 fire salamanders managed to escape death there. The fungus eats the skin, and that tends to prove fatal because amphibians perform much of their respiration through their...

New Frog Species Has Croak Unlike Any Other

Atlantic Coast leopard frog discovered in NY, NJ is a 'cryptic' species, scientists say

(Newser) - A few years ago, researcher Jeremy Feinberg was looking into why the New York City area's southern leopard frog had disappeared when he stumbled onto a strange call between a bunch of frogs on Staten Island. The chuck, chuck, chuck sound his team heard was definitely different from the...

Anti-Wildfire Project Tabled Over Rare Frogs

Forest Service project may hurt endangered species

(Newser) - US officials are balancing forest-fire risk against the need to preserve an endangered species near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Daily Tribune reports. Per a stipulation signed by a judge last week, the US Forest Service will delay its tree-thinning project there until it consults with the...

The World Has a New Toad
 The World Has a New Toad 

The World Has a New Toad

Rhinella yunga lives in Peru, sans eardrums

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered a new species of toad, but there's a good reason it took so long to find—from above, this one looks for all the world like a dead leaf. Rhinella yunga lives in the Peruvian Andes, specifically in the region known as the Yungas, reports the...

Frog Named for Darwin Goes Extinct

And more dour animal news

(Newser) - Charles Darwin discovered them in 1834, during a stop in Chile by way of the HMS Beagle, a species unique in that "the males care for their young by incubating them in their vocal sacs for at least part of their development." Now, one of the two species...

Yep, That's a Frog in NASA Rocket Photo

Image from LADEE launch is a little strange

(Newser) - NASA can explain how its Voyager spacecraft managed the incredible feat of leaving the solar system , but this frog is a little more perplexing. A NASA still photo from the recent launch of the LADEE spacecraft has the bizarre sight of an airborne frog in the frame. Universe Today speculates...

Meet the Frog That Listens With Its Mouth

Gardiner's frog has no middle ear or eardrum

(Newser) - They've got no middle ears or eardrums, yet one of the world's smallest frog species still responds to sound—and now, scientists have figured out how. The Gardiner's frog, found in the Republic of Seychelles, picks up noises through its mouth; from there, the sounds head to...

Female Frogs Favor Mates Who Multitask

Scientists conclude so after listening to mating calls

(Newser) - Researchers listening to the mating calls of frogs over and over think they've stumbled across a lesson that can be applied to humans: Females prefer multitasking males. The University of Minnesota study reached that conclusion by breaking down the calls of a species of gray treefrog, reports Nature World ...

Frogs Disappearing Faster Than Thought

Federal survey shows scary decline in amphibians

(Newser) - Scientists have been worried about the decline in amphibians for years now, and the most comprehensive federal survey of its kind has some bad news: Things are worse than they thought. Researchers from the US Geological Survey found that frogs, salamanders, and amphibians of all kinds are disappearing at an...

'Pregnancy Test' Frogs: Bearers of Killer Fungus

African clawed frogs wreak havoc on ecosystems

(Newser) - A species of frog that was once spread around the world as an early pregnancy test turns out to carry a horrifically deadly pathogen that can decimate local ecosystems. Mid-20th-century doctors used African clawed frogs as a weird-but-reliable pregnancy test—the frogs tend to ovulate when injected with a pregnant...

Frog-Phobic Man Wins $1.6M Lawsuit

Developer turned his land into frog paradise

(Newser) - An upstate New York man terrified of frogs has won a seven-year legal battle with a developer who flooded his 40-acre property, attracting vast numbers of the amphibians. Paul Marinaccio—who says his fear of frogs began when he was a child in Italy and he was chased by a...

Rare Frog's Cool Weapon: Spiked Thumbs

Japanese Otton frog uses them for combat and mating

(Newser) - Meet the most badass frog in the pond: The Japanese Otton frog has what amounts to spiked thumbs, reports LiveScience . The scientist who made the discovery says the extra bony digit is used to help the male hang on during mating but also for fighting other males. It's apparently...

Horse Racing&#39;s New Scandal: &#39;Frog Juice&#39;

 Horse Racing's New 
 Scandal: 'Frog Juice' 
in case you missed it

Horse Racing's New Scandal: 'Frog Juice'

New testing discovers use of illegal painkiller

(Newser) - Horse racing fans can expect to hear a lot soon about a small South American critter commonly known as a waxy monkey tree frog. It seems the frog's skin produces a powerful substance called dermorphin that masks pain and helps horses run faster, explains the New York Times . In...

New Frog Species Found —in New York City

Distinct type of leopard frog has been long overlooked

(Newser) - Scientists have found a new species of frog especially notable for one odd fact: If you mapped its territory, the center would fall somewhere around Yankee Stadium, reports the New York Times . It's a type of leopard frog, and it's gone undiscovered all this time probably because it...

Paedophryne amauensis, World's Smallest Frog, Found in Papua New Guinea
 World's Smallest Frog Found 

World's Smallest Frog Found

Tiny amphibian discovered in Papua New Guinea

(Newser) - A species of frog so tiny that several of them could fit on a fingernail with room to spare has been found hopping around the forests of Papua New Guinea. At 0.27 inches long, Paedophryne amauensis is the smallest frog ever discovered and, by some measures, is the world'...

12 New Frog Species Found
 12 New Frog Species Found 

12 New Frog Species Found

One sounds like a cat, say scientists in India

(Newser) - Years of combing tropical mountain forests have paid off for a team of Indian scientists that has discovered 12 new frog species, plus three others thought to have been extinct. The new species include the meowing night frog, whose croak sounds more like a cat's call; the jog night...

Our Appetite for Frog Legs May Be Wiping Out Frogs

Deadly chytrid fungus killing native amphibian species

(Newser) - Things you may not know: America, like Europe, has a pretty massive appetite for frog legs ... and that hunger may very well be causing frog extinctions around the globe. Scientific American reports on a new study released this week that weighs the demand: 2,280 metric tons of frog legs,...

Calif. School First to Ban Dissections in Software Deal

Students to use free anatomy software instead of frogs

(Newser) - A California high school has put down its scalpels and become the first school in the nation to accept a software offer from an animal rights group. Rancho Verde High School will drop frog dissections in exchange for free "Digital Frog" anatomy software provided by the Animal Welfare Institute...

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