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Angry Soccer Fans Kill Star Player

Albert Ebosse dies after Algerian fans start throwing things

(Newser) - Algerian soccer fans angry over their team's 2-1 loss started throwing objects—reportedly rocks—at their players, and the defeat quickly turned tragic when 24-year-old JS Kabylie player Albert Ebosse got hit in the head. The star striker later "succumbed to a head injury," according to a...

21 Get Death Sentences Over Egypt Soccer Riot

Verdict leads to yet more violence, with another 27 dead

(Newser) - An Egyptian court sentenced 21 people to death today on charges related to one of the world's deadliest incidents of soccer violence . The verdict touched off an attempted jailbreak and a riot that killed 27 in the Mediterranean port city that is home to most of the defendants. Immediately...

Egypt Soccer Fans Riot Again
 Egypt Soccer Fans Riot Again 

Egypt Soccer Fans Riot Again

1 dead as club fans protest punishment from previous riot

(Newser) - After an Egyptian soccer club was suspended yesterday because its fans rioted in February, the club's supporters responded by rioting again, reports the AP . One person was killed and dozens injured. Soccer team Al-Masry, located in Port Said, got suspended for two seasons and had its stadium closed for...

Soccer Riots Rage Around Egypt Ministry

Three more die as police reportedly fire on protesters in Cairo, Suez

(Newser) - Three people were killed by police fire today in Egypt, in the second day of protests over Wednesday's bloody soccer riot in Port Said . Police reportedly fired tear gas and birdshot into crowds in Cairo, as protesters swarmed around the hated Interior Ministry, the AP reports. One of the...

73 Killed in Egypt Soccer Riot
 73 Killed in Egypt Soccer Riot 

73 Killed in Egypt Soccer Riot

Fans storm the field after unlikely victory

(Newser) - A massive riot broke out after a soccer match in Port Said, Egypt, today, leaving at least 73 people dead and hundreds more injured. The violence erupted after the home team, al-Masry, managed a 3-1 win against the favored al-Ahly, Egypt's top team, Voice of America reports. Al-Masry fans...

Congo Probes Witchcraft Stampede Deaths

13 killed after accusations of sorcery provoke fighting, panic

(Newser) - Accusations of witchcraft led to a deadly stampede at a soccer game in the Congo, the BBC reports. Fighting broke out between rival teams after players from one team accused the rival team's goalkeeper of casting spells. Police intervened but were pelted with rocks by the crowd. They fired tear...

Scottish Soccer Fans Riot After Loss

Man stabbed, cops beaten as Scottish fans—'baying wolves'—riot

(Newser) - Fans of a Scottish soccer team rampaged in Manchester, England, last night, attacking the police and civilians after their team lost in the final of a European championship match played there. One fan of the winning Russian team was stabbed, the Times of London reports; police noted 52 assaults, and...

British Soccer Fans Ready to Invade Russia

Diehards planning trip to Moscow to see all-England final

(Newser) - The May 21 Champions League soccer final in Moscow will feature two English powers—but cost might be the least of the worries for British fans hoping to make the trip. An overwhelmed Russian embassy is already farming out applications for visas, and demand was crashing Web sites even before...

Yellow Card, Red Card, Warning Shots

Malaysian ref finds gunfire effective way to settle soccer players

(Newser) - Faced with an angry mob after he red-carded a soccer player, a Malaysian ref finally found an effective means of crowd control: He whipped out his gun,and fired a few rounds in the air. The part-time ref is also a cop, which might explain why he had a gun...

Police Defeat Fans, 11-0
Police Defeat Fans, 11-0

Police Defeat Fans, 11-0

(Newser) - In Rome, a squad of determined Italian riot police prevailed over 11 Manchester United fans, sending them to the hospital. Over 5,000 Man U supporters crowded the stands at Rome's Stadio Olimpico; their team fell to Roma, 2-1, as they themselves lost by a greater margin to the disciplined...

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