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Hate Crimes Up Just 2%, But Gay-Bashing Soars: FBI

Religiously motivated crimes also surge

(Newser) - The incidence of reported hate crimes in the US rose 2% in 2008, with huge surges in religion- and sexual orientation-based offenses. The FBI compiled the stats but cautions that an increase in reporting—not in crime itself—could be responsible. The AP looks at some numbers:
  • Of 7,783
... More »

House Bill Adds Hate-Crime Coverage for Gays

Dems secure victory by attaching measure to defense funding measure

(Newser) - The House voted today to make it a federal crime to assault people because of their sexual orientation, significantly expanding the hate-crimes law enacted in the days after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination in 1968. With expected passage by the Senate, and President Obama promising to sign the legislation,... More »

Therapy to 'Cure' Gays Is Bogus: Shrinks

(Newser) - Claims that sexual orientation can be changed through therapy have no scientific credibility, finds a new report by the American Psychological Association. The group reviewed 83 journal articles published over several decades and found that many studies purporting to show successful changed sexuality "contain serious design flaws." The... More »

Oh, No! A Single Woman May Replace Souter

Lack of a ring turns top female Supreme Court candidates into targets

(Newser) - David Souter is a lifelong bachelor, but the possibility of a bachelorette replacement has started an uproar. Why? Because those potential Supreme Court justices are women, and when a powerful woman is unmarried it "seems to make everyone think: lonely, misfit, or lesbian," write Dahlia Lithwick and Hanna... More »

Judge Nixes Fla. Ban on Gay Adoption

State plans to appeal ruling against 30-year-old measure

(Newser) - A Miami circuit judge sparked a constitutional showdown by ruling today against Florida’s 30-year-old ban on gay adoption, rebutting claims that homosexuals suffer more from mental illness and substance abuse. The attorney general’s office plans to appeal the decision, which allows a Miami man to adopt two foster... More »

EHarmony to Start Gay Dating Site

Settles NJ discrimination lawsuit

(Newser) - Online matchmaker eHarmony has agreed to launch a gay dating service as part of a settlement of a discrimination lawsuit with the state of New Jersey. The service, to be called Compatible Partners, will be launched next spring and will be available through the main eHarmony website, reports the Philadelphia ... More »

Flies Gay, Straight, Gay Again

Researchers find genes, drugs can flip insects' sexuality

(Newser) - Fruit flies were gay one hour and straight the next in a recent study in which researchers used drugs to flip the switch of sexuality, reports LiveScience. When scientists disabled a gene called genderblind, male flies courted other males; they reverted to pursuing females only hours later when given a... More »

Science Makes Great Strides in Gaydar

Just walking can reveal sexual orientation, new study shows

(Newser) - The way people walk apparently broadcasts their sexual orientation, researchers have discovered.  Participants in a new study were able to correctly identify gay men based only on their gait, a sign that “gaydar” might be real. “We can pick these signals up; we can tell who’s... More »

Gay Brothers Studied for Clues to Sexual Preference

DNA from 1,000 pairs analyzed for linkages

(Newser) - A team of Chicago-based scientists is conducting a large-scale study of gay brothers to learn more about the genetic factors involved in sexual orientation. Similar studies have been too small to be conclusive; this time, scientists recruited 1,000 pairs—10 times the size of previous studies— to contribute DNA... More »

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