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Bush Sr. Is First to Reach Presidential Milestone

At 93 and change, he's the longest living US president

(Newser) - George HW Bush set a presidential record Saturday by simply waking up and going about his day. Per ABC News , Bush Sr. turned 93 and 166 days over the weekend, making him the longest living US president in the country’s history. The previous record holder, Gerald Ford, lived to... More »

'Drastic' Ketogenic Diet Helps Mice Live Longer

Scientists are looking for molecular triggers

(Newser) - All fat, easy on the carbs? At least for one particular breed of lab mice, the so-called ketogenic diet could improve various health metrics, including strength and lifespan. Per a news release , researchers report that two independent studies support the same theme: that a diet with very low to zero... More »

Human Life May Have No Limit

New research counters claim human life has maxed out at 115

(Newser) - Good news for those making plans for their 110th birthday: The human lifespan is perhaps far more robust than previously thought. The Guardian reports that new research disputes a high-profile claim last year that the human lifespan has maxed out at 114.9 years. In an extraordinary scientific feud, five... More »

The Super-Tall Tend to Die Young—but Why?

Phenomenon may be linked to how excess growth hormone affects the heart

(Newser) - Andre the Giant may be the most well-known; Neil Fingleton, who played Mag the Mighty on Game of Thrones, is the most recent . Both actors were seriously tall men who died young (Andre was 46, Fingleton 36), and Gizmodo wants to know why. The site looks into the common fate... More »

Pokemon Go Could Help You Live Longer

All those additional steps could boost longevity, scientists say

(Newser) - More people than ever are squeezing in some light cardio on the streets of America thanks to Pokemon Go, and that game play may also have a side benefit that could increase users' life spans—to the tune of 2.83 million combined years for the estimated 25 million US... More »

Is First Person to Live to Be 150 Already Alive?

Scientists are now betting on it, literally

(Newser) - As we get better at treating age-related diseases such as cancer and dementia, humans might add 20 to 30 years to both the average person's lifespan and the longevity of the world's oldest people. So say researchers who are investigating new and existing drugs that may help slow... More »

Sun's Activity During Birth Could Affect Your Death

Those born when sun is active may have shorter lifespans: study

(Newser) - If the sun was calm when you were born, you might look forward to a longer life than someone born in a period of high solar activity. The sun's cycles last about 11 years, typically including three years of "solar maximum"—when activity like solar flares, sunspots,... More »

Scientists Look to Dogs in Quest to Extend Human Life

Canine subjects could suggest how drug would work on humans

(Newser) - Testing potentially life-extending drugs on humans is neither a quick nor cheap undertaking, and researchers now want to turn to man's best friend for help. In the past, such drugs have been successful on worms and mice, but they've failed when it comes to humans, Nature reports. Dogs,... More »

I Don't Want to Live Past 75

Ezekiel Emanuel thinks the 'American immortal' is profoundly misguided

(Newser) - Ezekiel Emanuel is a healthy 57-year-old in all respects, as his recent hike up Mount Kilimanjaro would suggest. Which is why it might be disconcerting to read his essay in the Atlantic laying out the reasons why he hopes to be dead in 18 years. To Emanuel, 75 is the... More »

Too Much Running Could Actually Kill You Sooner

New study finds a 'moderate' regimen is best

(Newser) - Training to run a marathon has got to be one of the healthiest things you can do, right? Maybe not: A new study found that "moderate" runners lived longer than people who don't exercise at all—and people who run lots of miles, HealthDay reports. The study, led... More »

Holocaust Survivors Live Longer—Among Men

Study looked at 55K emigrants from Poland to Israel

(Newser) - Think Holocaust victims suffer from survivor's guilt? Maybe, but according to a new study, Holocaust survivors live an average of 6 months longer than those who avoided the Nazi menace, Pacific Standard reports. Among 55,220 emigrants from Poland to modern-day Israel, men who lived in Europe between 1939... More »

A Secret to Women's Longer Life Revealed

New study finds that women's immune systems decline more slowly

(Newser) - Why do women typically walk the Earth longer than men? According to a new Japanese study, the immune system is to thank—or blame, depending on your gender. It found that men's immune systems weaken more quickly than women's, leaving males more susceptible to disease, the BBC reports.... More »

Performers Live Shorter Lives Than Other Celebs

They can expect to live to 77: study

(Newser) - If you crave a long life in the spotlight, become a ... CEO. Researchers perused 1,000 New York Times obituaries from between 2009 and 2011 in a bid to glean some conclusions about the life expectancy of celebs, the BBC reports. What they found, in terms of average life expectancy:... More »

Rich? You'll Probably Live Longer, Too

Studies show link between life expectancy, income gap

(Newser) - Research shows a disturbing trend in the US: As life expectancy goes up, the life expectancy gap between rich and poor is widening. While US life expectancy hit 78.5 years in 2009, most gains went to those whose income is the highest. To illustrate the trend, the Washington Post... More »

Life Expectancy Declining for Many US Women

It's just the latest study to find disturbing trend

(Newser) - A new study offers more compelling evidence that life expectancy for some US women is actually falling, a disturbing trend that experts can't explain. The latest research found that women age 75 and younger are dying at higher rates than previous years in nearly half of the nation's... More »

Keys to Longer Life: Puppy, Spouse

Finding love later in life still counts

(Newser) - The ticket to a longer life: happiness, reports the Daily Mail . In 1940, Harvard researchers reviewed 200 young, white, healthy men; they checked back in on that group every two years. They found that happiness (stemming from factors like marriage, puppies, and friendships) had more of an impact than social... More »

Genes From Mom Give Females Edge on Long Life

Mutations that hurt males still get passed along

(Newser) - Natural selection usually eliminates the most dangerous mutations in our DNA—but one "loophole" ends up being a raw deal for males, LiveScience notes. It involves mitochondrial DNA, which typically comes entirely from the mother. Over time, moms weed out harmful mutations instead of passing them along to offspring.... More »

Scientists Zero In on Red Wine's Health Secrets

Resveratrol boosts cell power, says study

(Newser) - Scientists have unlocked the mystery of a special ingredient in red wine that could increase lifespan and promote health in humans. The organic compound resveratrol aids the body by jump-starting the activity of mitochondria—the power suppliers of cells, reports the Daily Mail . Resveratrol, which occurs naturally in red wine,... More »

How Long Will You Live? $700 Blood Test Has Answer

Telomeres test will soon be offered over the counter in Europe

(Newser) - Want to know when you're going to die? A blood test soon to be offered over the counter in Europe can give you a good estimate. The Life Length test, which will cost around $700, measures the length of a person's telomeres, structures on the tips of chromosomes... More »

Why Women Live Longer Than 'Disposable' Men

Females built to last for reproductive success: scientist

(Newser) - Women have their hardworking cells to thank for the fact that they tend to live longer than men, argues a scientist. Experts believe aging is caused by tiny problems in the body, and we die when our bodies stop repairing these issues, the Daily Mail reports. Women, suggests the UK... More »

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