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Senate Digs In Over Potatoes in School Lunches

Thwarts Obama's attempts to limit them for childrens' health

(Newser) - The Senate yesterday subtly thwarted an Obama administration proposal to limit the amount of potatoes and other starchy vegetables school children scarf down, inserting an amendment into an Agriculture Department spending bill prohibiting the Department from setting “any maximum limits on the serving of vegetables in school meal programs....

Michigan to Track Kids' Weight in State Registry

Doctors will have to report BMI stats of young patients

(Newser) - Michigan is getting aggressive on childhood obesity: Under a new initiative, doctors will be required to report kids' body weight and BMI stats to a state registry, the AP reports. The children's identity would remain anonymous, but the move could still trigger concerns about privacy or the government overstepping...

McDonald's Happy Meals to Get Healthier
 Happy Meals Get Healthier 

Happy Meals Get Healthier

McDonald's will add fruit, remove some of the fries

(Newser) - Are Happy Meals soon to become Healthy Meals? Well, at least healthier: McDonald's, under pressure from nutrition advocates, will add a serving of fruit or vegetables to all of the children's meals, the LA Times reports. But the French fries will still be included, albeit in a smaller...

Report: Start Watching Toddlers' Portion Sizes

Kids don't need a diet, just an example for proper eating habits

(Newser) - With 1 in 5 US youngsters already overweight or obese by the time they start school, a new report urges that it’s never too early to prevent babies, toddlers, and preschoolers from getting too pudgy too soon. Today’s recommendations from the Institute of Medicine are not about putting...

LA Schools Ditch Chicken Nuggets, Add Sushi

Chicken nuggets out, spinach tortellini in as menu overhauled

(Newser) - Chocolate and strawberry milk are off the menu in the nation's second-largest school district. The Los Angeles Unified School District, which serves some 650,000 meals a day, has cut out flavored milk as part of a menu overhaul aimed at reducing child obesity in a region where nearly...

McDonald's: We're Not Ditching Ronald

CEO defends marketing, says clown is 'ambassador for good'

(Newser) - McDonald’s isn’t going to stop marketing to kids anytime soon if CEO Jim Skinner has anything to say about it. At the company’s annual meeting today, Skinner defended the practice and said parents should be able to decide for themselves whether McDonald’s is healthy enough. “...

Study to Give Fetuses Anti-Obesity Drugs

A hundred obese, pregnant women sign up for trial

(Newser) - Is in utero too soon to start taking anti-obesity drugs? A group of scientists are putting that question to the test; they’re giving a hundred obese pregnant women the diabetes drug Metformin. It won't help the moms lose weight, but it should limit the amount of sugar they...

Mark Bittman: FTC Junk Food Rules Not Tough Enough
 We Need Junk Food Laws, Not Suggestions

We Need Junk Food Laws, Not Suggestions

We need laws, not suggestions, argues Mark Bittman

(Newser) - The FTC’s new guidelines against marketing junk food to kids don’t go nearly far enough for Mark Bittman. “Instead of announcing, ‘We have guidelines you must follow,” the New York Times writer complains, “the FTC said, in effect, ‘We have voluntary guidelines we...

Regulators Want to Put Ronald Out to Pasture

FTC trying to end marketing of junk food to kids

(Newser) - The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a new set of food advertising guidelines that could leave Ronald McDonald hanging out with Joe Camel in the unemployment line. The new guidelines aim to stop companies from marketing products that are high in sugar, fat, or salt to children, forbidding everything from...

Malaysia to Grade Students on Their Weight

Move is designed to curb obesity

(Newser) - Soon, if you want to be an "A" student in Malaysia, you'll have to study and exercise hard. Schools across the country will add students' body mass index alongside their usual grades in a bid to curb childhood obesity, the country's health minister says. The move is...

In Schools, a Fierce Debate Over... Chocolate Milk

It's not necessarily good for you, but it gets kids to drink milk

(Newser) - The latest debate raging in school cafeterias: Should kids be allowed to drink chocolate milk, which often has more calories per ounce than Coke? Fairfax County and Washington, DC, schools banned it outright last year, and, shockingly, not everyone was happy. Parents, nutritionists, and, of course, special interest groups lobbied...

Boy, 3, Tips Scales at 132 Pounds

Docs worried about obese toddler

(Newser) - Super spoiled or the victim of a hormonal abnormality? Doctors are worried about a 3-year-old Chinese boy who weighs in at a massive 132 pounds, more than four times heavier than most kids his age, notes the Sun . His doting parents say the boy throws temper tantrums if he's denied...

Virginia Gov. Vetoes School PE Bill

'Unfunded mandate' would have required 150 minutes of PE a week

(Newser) - Virginia’s governor has vetoed a bill that would have required 150 minutes of physical activity per week at elementary and middle schools, handing a victory to school officials who complained that the measure would cost millions to staff, lengthen the school day, and take away from arts education. “...

Bachmann: First Lady Wants a 'Nanny State'

Minnesota rep slams breastfeeding campaign

(Newser) - Just a few days after Andrew Breitbart ran a cartoon basically calling her fat , Michelle Obama and her anti-obesity campaign came under attack again, this time from Michele Bachmann. The Minnesota congresswoman and Tea Party favorite ripped Obama's push to advocate breastfeeding as part of the fight against childhood obesity,...

32% of 9-Month-Olds Obese or Overweight

And more likely to stay that way as toddlers, a new study finds

(Newser) - Chubby babies are adorable, sure, but a new study shows that overweight or "obese" babies (researchers shy away from attaching the label to kids so young) are likely to stay that way—and a huge number of infants fall into those categories. Almost 32% of babies are obese or...

Obama Signs Nutrition Bill Into Law
Obama Signs
Nutrition Bill Into Law

Obama Signs Nutrition Bill Into Law

Law imposes nutritional requirements, expands school lunches

(Newser) - Thousands more children would eat at school and all school food would become more nutritious under a bill President Obama signed into law today, part of an administration-wide effort to combat childhood obesity. "At a very basic level, this act is about doing what's right for our children,"...

What the Right (and Left) Get Wrong in the Obesity War

Choice is great—but we're making the wrong ones, writes Cathy Young

(Newser) - As Michelle Obama and Congress champion efforts to fight childhood obesity, the right, led by Sarah Palin and Fox News, is angrily firing back. While some of their concerns are fair—that healthy-eating messaging can escalate into “propaganda,” for example—others suggest “a reality check is in...

GOP Blocks Child Nutrition Bill

Michelle Obama-backed bill stalls in House

(Newser) - House Republicans have blocked a bill to give school meals to more needy children and to make those meals healthier. The $4.5 billion child nutrition bill—which Michelle Obama has lobbied for as part of her campaign against childhood obesity—was stalled by a procedural move that Democrats said...

Palin Swings Back at Barbara Bush

And she says to Michelle: Get off fat kids' backs

(Newser) - Sarah Palin managed to slight not one, but two First Ladies in an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. Asked if Barbara Bush's recent comment that she hopes Palin stays in Alaska shows that the GOP elite wants to "kneecap" her, Palin replied, "I don't think the...

NYC Seeks to Bar Soda for Food Stamp Users

Mayor to city's poor: Drop weight

(Newser) - Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to add sodas to the list of items New York City's 1.7 million food stamp users can't buy with the stamps. The mayor, as part of an aggressive anti-obesity campaign, has asked federal authorities for permission to ban food-stamp purchases of sugared drinks, the New ...

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