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They Had the Same DNA. Then One Spent a Year in Space

A fascinating look at the case of identical twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly

(Newser) - NASA is pointing to the "stresses of space travel" as the factor behind a fascinating phenomenon involving the only pair of identical twin astronauts in history. Per Live Science , even though Scott and Mark Kelly once boasted the same DNA makeup, Scott's nearly yearlong trip on the International... More »

Astronaut Scott Kelly Grew 2 Inches in Space

But the effect is temporary

(Newser) - NASA will be studying how Scott Kelly's body reacted to almost a year in space, using his twin brother Mark Kelly, who stayed on Earth, as a control. One big difference to note right away: The brothers will no longer be the same height, as they were before Scott... More »

Watch Scott Kelly Return to Earth

'The air feels great out here,' he says after triumphant landing

(Newser) - Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth on Wednesday after an unprecedented year in space for NASA, landing in frozen Kazakhstan with a Russian cosmonaut who shared his whole space-station journey. Their Soyuz capsule parachuted onto the central Asian steppes and ended a science-rich mission at the International Space Station that... More »

What Astronaut Scott Kelly Will Do as Soon as He Lands

His record-breaking trip was amazing

(Newser) - Scott Kelly has been hurtling through the cosmos on the International Space Station for nearly a year (340 days to be exact—a record), but on Tuesday, the NASA astronaut and his partner, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, will finally head home. ScienceAlert has the emotional video of Kelly handing the... More »

Astronaut: Parts of the Earth 'Look Pretty Sick'

Scott Kelly is nearing end of historic mission

(Newser) - Scott Kelly has had longer to look at the Earth from space than any other American astronaut and some of what he sees worries him. In a CNN interview, the astronaut, who is 322 days into a 342-day mission, says parts of the planet seem unwell. "There are definitely... More »

Hurricane Patricia Looks Massive From Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly is tweeting words of caution for Mexico

(Newser) - Record-setting US astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted words of warning to Mexico—as well as two truly scary photos of Hurricane Patricia—from aboard the International Space Station Friday, WTVR reports. "Hurricane Patricia approaches Mexico," he writes in one tweet . "It's massive. Be careful!" "... More »

Scott Kelly Sets US Record for Most Days in Space

Friday was his 383rd day outside of Earth's atmosphere

(Newser) - In what should probably be long enough to apply for permanent residence status, astronaut Scott Kelly set a US record for most days spent in space Friday, his 383rd day of living outside the Earth's atmosphere, USA Today reports. By the time he returns from his current mission, he'... More »

How Much Urine This Astronaut Will Drink in a Year

It's only 730 liters. Oh, and there's some sweat in there, too

(Newser) - A trip to space means watching spectacular sunsets and your poop burn up in the atmosphere like shooting stars, according to NASA, which breaks down what Scott Kelly is up to halfway through his year-long stay in space . "Your feces will not be shooting stars," an infographic notes—... More »

ISS Astronauts Flee Flying Russian Space Debris

It was too late to do 'evasive maneuver' by the time they got word from NASA

(Newser) - American astronaut Scott Kelly and two Russian cosmonauts shacked up at the International Space Station had to scurry out of the way of flying space debris after a chunk of a Russian weather satellite sped by earlier today, AFP reports. The men hurried into the Soyuz spacecraft, which ferries them... More »

Astronaut Scott Kelly Begins Historic Mission

He will spend a year in space, longest ever for US

(Newser) - Scott Kelly blasted off on a space mission today that won't end until around this time next year. Kelly will spend 342 days aboard the International Space Station, the longest mission by far ever undertaken by a US astronaut, reports CNN . Kelly was riding up in a Russian rocket... More »

NASA Taps Astronaut for Longest US Space Mission

Scott Kelly to spend a year in space

(Newser) - His twin brother may be the bigger household name , but that could change come 2015. Capt. Scott Kelly, who claims Mark Kelly and wife Gabby Giffords among his family members, is scheduled to blast off on a one-year mission to the International Space Station in the spring of that year.... More »

Endeavour Heads Home, Dodging Dean

Hurricane threat to Mission Control lessens, but shuttle leaves early

(Newser) - To a chorus of ringing bells, space shuttle Endeavour undocked today from the international space station, skipping out a day early because of fears Hurricane Dean could disrupt its landing operations. Even though revised predictions show the storm poses almost no threat to Houston and Mission Control, the AP reports,... More »

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