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Nurse Who Doled Out Fatal Meds Avoids Jail Time

RaDonda Vaught gets 3 years of supervised probation for death of Charlene Murphey

(Newser) - RaDonda Vaught, the Tennessee nurse behind a fatal medicine mix-up that killed a 75-year-old woman in 2017, won't be going to prison. WTVF reports that the 38-year-old former nurse at Nashville's Vanderbilt University Medical Center was sentenced Friday to three years of supervised probation, following emotional testimony from...

Advocates: Conviction of Nurse Sets Progress Back

Verdict could encourage hospitals to cover up mistakes

(Newser) - The moment nurse RaDonda Vaught realized she had given a patient the wrong medication, she rushed to the doctors working to revive 75-year-old Charlene Murphey and told them what she had done. Within hours, she made a full report of her mistake to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Murphey died...

Nurse on Trial for Homicide After Mistake in Hospital
Nurse in Fatal Drug
Mix-Up Hears Her Fate

Nurse in Fatal Drug Mix-Up Hears Her Fate

RaDonda Vaught found guilty of negligent homicide, gross neglect in death of 75-year-old patient

(Newser) - Update: RaDonda Vaught has been found guilty in the death of an elderly patient after a fatal drug mistake. The Tennessean and NPR report that a jury in Nashville, Tenn., on Friday convicted the former nurse of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult, tied to the...

Mom Sues Hospital for $8.6M After Suffocating Her Newborn

Monica Thompson was heavily medicated when staff left him to nurse

(Newser) - Monica Thompson tried for 12 years to get pregnant, so when she had her first child, Jacob, she called him her "miracle baby." Tragically, he didn't live past day 10. Now the mother of a toddler girl, Thompson is suing Portland Adventist Medical Center in Oregon for...

Link Between Breastfeeding, Lower Risk of This Disease

How long a woman nurses appears to impact her risk in developing multiple sclerosis

(Newser) - Women are most likely to develop multiple sclerosis during their childbearing years—after they hit puberty and before menopause. And recent studies show that oral contraceptive use and levels of sex hormones impact a woman's risk, while women who already have the chronic autoimmune disease are less likely to...

This Is the Longest-Nursing of Any Primate
This Is the
of Any Primate
study says

This Is the Longest-Nursing of Any Primate

Orangutans set a record, researchers find

(Newser) - Orangutans nurse their young for up to eight years or longer, a new study finds—a record for primates. As National Geographic notes, it's difficult to study orangutans in the wild since they're so often out of sight in trees, but it's important for conservationists to know...

Nursing Mom of Triplets Lauds Delta's First-Class Act

Flight attendants gave mom privacy and space to pump

(Newser) - Jenna Mde had to travel from Atlanta to Dallas on Friday, leaving her triplet babies behind. But because she breastfeeds, Mde still needed to pump during her flight—and that's where a Delta crew came through for her with flying colors, Today reports. Two flight attendants brought her into...

Breastfeeding Lowers Breast Cancer Deaths
 Breastfeeding Lowers 
 Breast Cancer Deaths 
new study

Breastfeeding Lowers Breast Cancer Deaths

Study finds that both breast cancer recurrence and mortality rates drop

(Newser) - It appears that women who breastfeed are imparting health benefits not just to their children but to themselves as well. So suggests a new study out this week in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute involving 1,636 women with breast cancer; those who breastfed their babies were 30%...

Male Nurses Paid More Than Female Nurses
 Male Nurses 
 Paid More Than 
 Female Nurses 

Male Nurses Paid More Than Female Nurses

In a traditionally woman-dominated field, the guys still make more

(Newser) - Even in the female-dominated field of nursing, men are still the higher earners. A new study published in JAMA used two surveys of RNs and found the unadjusted pay gap ranged from $10,243 to $11,306 in one, and from $9,163 to $9,961 in the second, even...

Teen Mom Pumps Breast Milk for Baby She Gave Up

One shipment Kaleena Pysher sent topped out at 80 pounds

(Newser) - When Alaska teen Kaleena Pysher learned she was pregnant at 18, she knew firsthand what it would take to have a baby so young—her sister had a child at 14—and decided adoption was best. The now-19-year-old wanted to give her child good parents and a good education, something...

Delta Apologizes After Breast-Pump Kerfuffle

The airline made a mother check her breast pump

(Newser) - When nursing mother Lauren Modeen tried to board a Delta flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis on a business trip last week, she was told she'd first have to consolidate her luggage—a purse, a cooler to carry breast milk, and a standard carry-on that included her pump. Modeen protested...

Nursing Student Dies After Tweets About Feeling Ill

'This is what dying must feel like,' she wrote; meningitis suspected

(Newser) - A nursing student at Georgetown has died of suspected meningitis, and the final tweets of Andrea Jaime suggest she knew something was horribly wrong. "This is what dying must feel like," the sophomore tweeted on Friday, three days before her death, reports the Daily Dot . And in a...

Breastfeeding Mom Refuses to Stop Smoking Pot
Breastfeeding Mom Refuses to Stop Smoking Pot

Breastfeeding Mom Refuses to Stop Smoking Pot

She says doctors made her sign a waiver acknowledging the risks

(Newser) - Breastfeeding rates are higher in Oregon than any other state in the US, with the Portland area leading the pack at more than 90%, reports the USDA . But it was in Portland that a woman recently had to sign a waiver before being allowed to breastfeed her newborn—because she...

Grandma, 71, Graduates— as Valedictorian

Jerry Duncan, 71, proves age is just a number

(Newser) - "Just because you got a little age on you, don't let it stop you." Those words come from Jerry Duncan, a 71-year-old grandma and now the valedictorian of the 2014 certified nursing assistant program graduating class at Texas' Kilgore College-Longview. Duncan, who worked as an unlicensed nursing...

Nurses' Aide Stole Wedding Bands From Vets

Virginia woman gets 5 years for thefts at nursing home

(Newser) - A nurses' assistant at a state nursing home for veterans in Virginia has been sentenced to five years in prison for selling rings that were stripped from the fingers of patients under her care. Ashley Michelle Sweeney, 24, was sentenced in Roanoke to 24 years in prison, although all but...

Time's Nursing Mom: I Expected the Uproar

Jamie Lynne Grumet says it's 'not the way we breastfeed at home'

(Newser) - The brouhaha over Time magazine's breastfeeding-mom cover came as no surprise to the cover-mom herself: I "knew what we were getting into," Jamie Lynne Grumet tells the Today show. Grumet says she understands Time's decision to run the image, which doesn't represent "the way...

Nursing Mom Accused of Indecent Exposure at Court

In fact, DC human rights law protects babies' right to breastfeed

(Newser) - A shocked mom was told by security guards outside a DC courtroom that nursing her baby son was "indecent exposure." This is "a government building, and you can't breastfeed in a public corridor of a government building," said one of the guards, the woman recounted...

Doctor Who? MDs Fend Off Rising PhDs

A doctorate does not a doctor make, say many MDs

(Newser) - As more and more nurses, pharmacists, and physical therapists are earning PhD degrees, a battle is raging over which health care professionals can use the prestigious title "doctor," reports the New York Times . Nurses especially are pursuing doctorates, eager to increase their pay and promotional opportunities—last year,...

Controversial Breastfeeding Doll Hitting Toy Stores

Is it natural or disgusting?

(Newser) - A new baby doll that little girls "breast feed" is giving parents heart palpitations. The doll, created in Spain, is now heading to US toy stores. Creators of the " Breast Milk Baby " insist the $90 toy triggers a perfectly natural pretend-play process that teaches girls the very...

NYC Breast-Feeding Shop Sued by Condo
NYC Breastfeeding Shop
Sued by Condo

NYC Breastfeeding Shop Sued by Condo

Upper Breast Side owner doesn't know what condo boobs are up to

(Newser) - A Manhattan shop that specializes in bras and supplies for breastfeeding is being sued by the condo where it's located. The condo board boobs say they're just trying to stop a commercial use that isn't allowed. "I'm past the point of trying to understand this...

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