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Top Energy Adviser Leaving White House

Carol Browner departing with goals unmet

(Newser) - Energy czar Carol Browner is on her way out of the Obama administration. White House officials have confirmed that Browner, who is Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, will be leaving within weeks, Politico reports. Her main mission, passage of a comprehensive climate change bill, now appears... More »

Harry Reid Delays Climate Change Bill

Will pursue more modest legislation on energy

(Newser) - Harry Reid has decided to put sweeping climate change legislation on the back burner, and instead bring a more limited package of oil spill response measures to the floor next week, senior Democratic aides tell the Hill . Aides insist that Reid hasn’t given up on passing the legislation this... More »

What the Climate Change Bill Would Do

It aims to curb offshore drilling, promote nuclear power

(Newser) - John Kerry and Joe Lieberman unveiled their climate change legislation today, and the Huffington Post lays out some key provisions:
  • Offshore drilling: In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, states would be allowed to ban drilling up to 75 miles off their coastline. And 37.5% of revenues are
... More »

Graham Bails on Climate Bill

Yanks support over Dems' plan to prioritize immigration

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham has taken his climate-change toys and gone home, reports Politico , withdrawing his support for a bipartisan bill he was to have announced tomorrow with co-sponsors John Kerry and Joe Lieberman. The moderate Republican was reportedly enraged by Harry Reid's plan to put the energy bill on the back... More »

Senate Climate Bill Sidetracked by Reid

Sorry guys, speaker needs immigration reform more

(Newser) - A Senate climate change bill is expected to see the light of day Monday—the work of John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham—but the bipartisan trio has already been told it won't see action on the floor any time soon. Harry Reid says an immigration bill will get... More »

Carbon-Tax Foes Must Think the End Is Nigh

How else to explain them being OK with the exploding population?

(Newser) - Opponents of cap-and-trade legislation must believe that a massive plague will wipe out 2.5 billion people sometime between now and 2050. Otherwise, their stance makes no sense, writes Thomas Friedman of the New York Times . Even if you don’t believe climate change is real—and Friedman does—you... More »

Leaders Punt on Copenhagen Deal

Acknowledge gaps too far to bridge before climate change summit

(Newser) - Just 22 days ahead of Copenhagen, President Obama and other leaders have declared that a meaningful and binding international deal is unlikely to come out of the climate change conference. The move, as the New York Times reports, sets the bar much lower and effectively delays the most treacherous issues... More »

Let's Hope Baucus Doesn't 'Gum Up' Climate Bill

He's already trying to water down

(Newser) - Now that his committee is done with health care reform, Max Baucus has time to turn his attention to the climate bill. As a member of Barbara Boxer's environmental panel, "his ability to gum up the works is significant," writes Kate Sheppard . Essentially, he may do to the... More »

Teabaggers Turn on Graham

GOP senator pilloried for op-ed with John Kerry on dangers of climate change

(Newser) - Sen. Lindsey Graham drew the ire of teabaggers at a town hall yesterday for colluding with John Kerry on climate legislation. Angry protesters called the South Carolina Republican a “traitor” who made a “pact with the devil” by “going to bed” with the Massachusetts Dem in an... More »

Big Business to 'Swarm' DC to Back Climate Bill

Bucking conventional wisdom, eBay, Gap, others push for action

(Newser) - More than 150 business leaders plan to “swarm” Capitol Hill over the next two days in support of climate change legislation. Hailing from such disparate companies as eBay, the Gap, and PG&E, the executives say having a law in place would give them confidence in their long-term planning,... More »

Nike Ditches Chamber Board Over Climate Change

Says chamber hasn't represented 'diversity of views' of its members

(Newser) - Nike is bolting from the US Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors over the business lobby's dogged opposition to climate change legislation, a stance it “fundamentally disagrees” with, and which fails to represent "the diversity of perspective held by the board of directors.” But the swoosh... More »

Clinton Urges Progressives to Solidify Power

But president, Congress need help cementing it

(Newser) - Political winds have shifted in America, says Bill Clinton: The country has “entered a new era of progressive politics which, if we do it right, could last 30 or 40 years,” the former president told liberal Internet activists at a convention in Pittsburgh. But first, he told Netroots... More »

Kerry Plans 'Hard Look at Afghanistan'

Foreign Relations Committee must ensure effort is 'Afghan, not American'

(Newser) - The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will “take a hard look at Afghanistan” in the coming months, John Kerry tells GlobalPost. The committee hasn’t yet publicly scrutinized the administration’s effort in the country, but “we are not going to abrogate our responsibility,” says the senator, who... More »

Climate Bill Doesn't Go Far Enough

(Newser) - The Waxman-Markey climate change bill isn’t as bad for business as its detractors claim, and “that’s the problem,” Bryan Walsh writes in Time. Because of concessions to coal and farm states that depend on the carbon economy, the bill is watered down and seeks to achieve... More »

Long (Not Hopeless) Odds for Climate Bill in Senate: Silver

(Newser) - The climate change bill barely squeaked through the House yesterday, and while that doesn't bode well for its passing the Senate, it's not necessarily doomed there, Nate Silver writes on FiveThirtyEight. One factor is the White House: Having been relatively mum on the House battle, President Obama “has conserved... More »

House Passes Major Climate Change Bill

Dems OK legislation by 7 votes after days of intense talks

(Newser) - In a triumph for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed sweeping legislation today calling for the nation's first-ever limits on pollution linked to global warming. The bill also aims to usher in a new era of cleaner, yet more costly energy. The vote was 219-212, capping months of... More »

Greedy Farmers Battle Climate Bill That Benefits Them

Demand government cash to take action

(Newser) - Farmers are among those facing the highest risk from global warming—storms, droughts and swarms of insect pests are coming their way—yet “true to form,” they’re not interested in backing a bill to fight it without reaping even more government cash, sputters Steven Pearlstein in the... More »

Cap-and-Trade Bill 'Biggest Tax in US History'

(Newser) - The cap-and-trade climate legislation that could come up for a House vote tomorrow makes no economic sense and “is likely to be the biggest tax in American history,” write the editors of the Wall Street Journal. Democrats are defending the bill with an incomplete Congressional Budget Office estimate... More »

US, China Near Secret Climate Deal

(Newser) - Top US officials secretly visited China late last year to negotiate a joint climate change agreement, the Guardian reports. Hosting the talks in a hotel in the Great Wall of China, China sought cooperation on carbon capture and storage, and other green technologies. "There are these two countries that... More »

Companies, to Their Lobbyist: Wait, We Care About Climate

Chamber of Commerce faces enviro dissent

(Newser) - Cracks are appearing in big business’s monolithic opposition to federal moves to prevent climate change. Politico reports that major members of the Chamber of Commerce, including Nike and Johnson & Johnson, are complaining about the Chamber's resistance to measures like the cap-and-trade bill in Congress. A Nike spokeswoman says... More »

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