Silda Wall Spitzer

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Merry, Er, Christmas: Spitzers Split

Their 'marital relationship' has come to an unshocking end

(Newser) - Almost five years after everyone expected Silda Wall Spitzer to dump Eliot, she finally got around to it: A day after the NY Post's gleeful report that the erstwhile Client No. 9 had a girlfriend , the couple announced their split in a Christmas Eve statement sure to warm the... More »

Spitzer Comeback Falls Short

He loses NYC comptroller primary to Scott Stringer

(Newser) - It's not a night for political comebacks in New York City: Eliot Spitzer has lost his bid to become city comptroller. The former governor lost the Democratic primary to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, whose campaign repeatedly brought up the prostitution scandal that brought down Spitzer in 2008. But... More »

Why Spitzer's Wife Has Been Noticeably Absent

Silda Wall Spitzer isn't thrilled with his return to politics

(Newser) - Democratic voters may have forgiven Eliot Spitzer, but it looks like his wife may not have. A regular presence by his side on previous election campaigns, Silda Wall Spitzer has been nowhere to be seen on this one, the New York Times reports. Though the couple has not separated, she... More »

10 Careers for Eliot Spitzer

You know, just in case CNN gig falls through

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer is rumored to be a possible replacement for Campbell Brown on CNN , and in case he doesn’t get that job, Olivia Allin of The Frisky suggests 10 alternatives:
  • Britney Spears’ assistant: “The logic here would be that since he’s apparently attracted to sexual young women,
... More »

Spitzer Flick Premieres at Tribeca

Hooker not interviewed over editorial control spat

(Newser) - A much-anticipated "mostly finished" documentary about former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last night, though Spitzer himself was absent. Director Alex Gibney, whose Taxi to the Dark Side won the 2007 documentary Oscar, interviewed Spitzer four times over the two years he spent... More »

3 Hookers in 1 Day for Spitzer: Tell-All

Oh no, you're certainly not done hearing about his sex scandal

(Newser) - Just in time for Eliot Spitzer to attempt a comeback, all sorts of creepy allegations are coming out of a new tell-all. The latest: The luv guv once had three visits with three different prostitutes, all in the same day, the New York Post reports. “You must be Superman!... More »

Eliot Spitzer Talks Love, Sex—and Those Socks

In cringe-inducing interview, Spitzer also gives advice to Tiger Woods

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer gave his thoughts on everything from the market meltdown to the Madoff scandal in a wide-ranging interview with Big Think —but who cares about any of that stuff, when Client No. 9 also talked looooove—and Tiger Woods? When asked what advice he would give Tiger, he... More »

Finally, Women Who Leave

Elin Nordegren and Jenny Sanford are a breath of fresh air

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren and Jenny Sanford are setting a depressingly rare example by actually leaving the powerful philanderers they married. “We're living in a culture saturated with mistresses and interns, sexting and sex addiction, and a parade of stony-faced wives somehow putting up with it all,” complains Sheelah Kolhatkar... More »

Spitzers Go Out, Holding Hands, No Less

First public appearance together since scandal lasts whole 30 minutes

(Newser) - Hooker? What hooker? Disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer and wife Silda gave no indication they were ever involved in a prostitution scandal last night, the New York Daily News reports. The Spitzers went to an Education Through Music gala together—their first public outing since the ex-gov’s resignation. They... More »

Spitzer: 'What I Did Was Egregious'

Former guv has tried to address his 'gremlins'

(Newser) - Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer opened up about his “egregious” call-girl dalliance and subsequent resignation on NBC's Today this morning. Spitzer, who also discussed his re-emergence as a Slate columnist, claimed that he didn’t hire prostitutes frequently—“not long in the grand context of my life”... More »

Silda Joins Hedge Fund, Eliot Mulls Book

Silda joins hedge fund; Eliot may write book

(Newser) - Silda Wall Spitzer, liberated from the constraints of being a politician's wife, has gone to work for a Manhattan hedge fund, New York magazine reports. A former corporate attorney, Silda will be recruiting investors for Metropolitan Capital Advisors, run by the wife of a long-time Spitzer friend and supporter. Meanwhile,... More »

Ashley to Silda: 'Sorry for Your Pain'

Former call girl ready to move on with life

(Newser) - Former call girl Ashley Dupre is haunted by the pain she caused Eliot Spitzer’s wife, but insists her tryst with the former governor of New York was “strictly business,” the New York Post reports. Dupre tells People in a forthcoming interview that she didn’t realize who... More »

Welcome to the Annual Sexism Awards!

Limbaugh, Silda Spitzer, others take home booby prizes

(Newser) - Celebrating the Aug. 26 anniversary of the passage of women's suffrage, Ellen Goodman, in the Boston Globe, doles out the "Equal Rites Awards" to those fine individuals setting back the cause of the female sex. The envelopes, please:
  • The Blind Justice Award: To the Russian judge who threw out
... More »

Downer Spitzers Cold as Ice

Tense dinner underscores marital strife, Post reports

(Newser) - The “awkward” and icy marital status of shamed former governor Eliot Spitzer and wife Silda was on display last week in the Big Apple as they “made only two seconds of eye contact during dinner” with another couple, a spy told the New York Post. More »

Silda Steps Out of Hiding

Spitzer wife schmoozes in first appearance since hubby's sex scandal erupted in March.

(Newser) - While the fictionalized "Law & Order" version of her husband's infamous sex scandal was airing on NBC last night, Silda Wall Spitzer emerged from 2 months of self-imposed exile to attend the Manhattan benefit for Children for Children, the Daily News reports. The wife of prostitute-patronizing former New York... More »

Spitzer-Like Sex Saga Tapped for TV

Familiar-sounding tale to feature in Law & Order episode

(Newser) - An Elliot Spitzer-like sex saga is headed to the small screen, reports the New York Daily News. TV's Law & Order has begun casting for an episode that will feature a politician nabbed in a prostitution ring. Meanwhile, life is getting harder for Silda Spitzer, wife of the disgraced former... More »

Silda Knew of Hooker Habit

Silda Wall Spitzer knew of Eliot's high-priced affairs

(Newser) - For years Silda Wall Spitzer knew her disgraced husband patronized prostitutes—and she looked the other way, the New York Post reports. While his reps deny the rumors, a source tells the Post that former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is telling friends that the mother of his three daughters... More »

I Used Cocaine: NY Governor

Spitzer's successor under fire again

(Newser) - One week after revealing he had extramarital affairs, New York Gov. David Paterson has also admitted using marijuana and cocaine. Patterson used drugs in the 70s when he was 23, he said in an interview on TV news channel New York 1. Paterson, the state's first black and first blind... More »

'It Could Never Happen to Me': NY Wives

Many women in denial about husband's adultery, author says

(Newser) - He may have strayed, but prostitutes? No way, say Manhattan wives who reflected on the Eliot Spitzer scandal this week with the New York Times. But "there is a trememdous tendency toward denial" among unsuspecting women, said Leslie Bennetts, author of The Feminine Mistake. “I’ve heard thousands... More »

She Shouldn't Stand by Him

Spitzer takes backlash for taking wife along; reactions run along gender lines

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer is going up in flames, but Americans are wondering why his wife has to go with him:
  • The Los Angeles Times talks to angry people on the street, including one divorcee who insists, “She should’ve said, ‘This is your fight. ... You stand there and get
... More »

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