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MTV Show May Have Put DJ AM Over the Edge

Ex-addict got into close contact with drugs

(Newser) - Now that MTV is running the DJ AM reality show Gone Too Far—in which the recovering addict helped other addicts get clean—the question is tough to avoid: Did the show bring him too close to his demons and contribute to his death? It "could certainly have been... More »

MTV Will Show DJ AM's Drug-Intervention Show

Gone Too Far features Goldstein as mentor to drug addicts

(Newser) - MTV intends to air a drug-intervention reality show starring the late Adam Goldstein, better known as DJ AM. In Gone Too Far, Goldstein plays sober mentor to addicts. Given Goldstein’s recent death from a drug overdose, MTV was concerned the show could be seen as hypocritical or exploitative, but... More »

Lindsay, Nicole Among DJ AM Mourners

Service held at Hollywood Palladium

(Newser) - Celeb pals including Lindsay Lohan (with Sam Ronson), Nicole Richie, and Robert Downey Jr. showed up last night to say goodbye to Adam Goldstein—better known as DJ AM. The private service at the Hollywood Palladium was open to "friends both from his life in recovery as well as... More »

DJ AM Left $1M, No Will

Late DJ's mother asks to be named as sole heir

(Newser) - DJ AM died without leaving a will or any instructions on what should be done with his fortune, E! Online reports. The late DJ's mother has asked a court to name her as his sole heir, since he had no spouse or children. The 36-year-old DJ died with assets... More »

DJ AM Buried in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Friends and celebrity mourners including Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker attended a funeral for DJ AM today in Los Angeles, Us Weekly reports. The disc jockey, also known as Adam Goldstein, died last week at age 36, of an apparent drug overdose. The ceremony at Hillside Memorial Park, the area’s... More »

DJ AM Gobbled 9 OxyContin Before Death: Source

Law enforcement source says Valentine's card from Hayley Wood found on table

(Newser) - DJ AM was found dead with eight OxyContin pills in his stomach and another in his mouth, supporting the theory that he committed suicide, a law enforcement source tells People. He wanted to die," the source said. "He was going unconscious when he took the last one. He... More »

DJ AM Spent Last Day on Crack, Pills

Adam Goldstein's apartment littered with drugs; he promised to start rehab

(Newser) - DJ AM lit up a crack pipe in front of his recovery sponsor the day before his death, the New York Post reports in an ongoing effort to piece together his final moments. Friends told investigators Adam Goldstein’s manager and sponsor flew from the West Coast to NYC Thursday... More »

Details of DJ AM's Final Day Emerge

Adam Goldstein text messaged friends before death; Mandy Moore 'heartbroken'

(Newser) - Details of DJ AM’s final hours are beginning to come together, and police sources tell People he sent out his last text message at 1am the day he died. Two friends received the message, about his gig in Las Vegas that night—and 16 hours later, a friend called... More »

DJ AM's Death Not Suicide: TMZ

Plane crash likely triggered descent into drugs; breakup not blamed

(Newser) - DJ AM’s death was not a suicide, and it had “absolutely nothing to do with his recent breakup,” law enforcement sources tell TMZ. They say Adam Goldstein developed a dependency on anxiety drugs following last year’s plane crash, which triggered a “recent” relapse into addiction.... More »

DJ AM Talked of Sobriety, Crack Fears

He hoped MTV reality program would help other addicts

(Newser) - DJ AM boasted of his 11 years of "sobriety"—freed from crack cocaine, his "drug of choice"—on an interview aired on MTV shortly before he was found dead last week of an apparent overdose. But Adam Goldstein also discussed nearly falling off the wagon as... More »

DJ AM 'Devastated' Over Recent Breakup

Celebs tweet farewells after OD death

(Newser) - DJ AM was "completely devastated" after girlfriend Hayley Wood broke up with him this week, TMZ reports. The celebrity disc jockey found dead of an apparent drug overdose yesterday had been sober for 9 years, but had struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder since surviving a plane crash last September.... More »

NYC Cops: DJ AM Death Looks Like Drug Overdose

Crack pipe, prescription bottles found in apartment

(Newser) - A drug overdose looks to be the cause of death for DJ AM, the celebrity disc jockey found today in a SoHo apartment, New York police tell the Post. A crack pipe and prescription drugs lay near the bed where Adam Goldstein, 36, died sometime in the past few days;... More »

DJ AM Found Dead at 36

Friends call NYC cops after not seeing Adam Goldstein for several days

(Newser) - DJ AM, who less than a year ago survived a plane crash, was found dead this afternoon in a New York apartment, TMZ reports; his real name was Adam Goldstein, and he was 36. Police, called by a friend who hadn’t seen Goldstein in several days, found drug paraphernalia... More »

DJ AM Swears Off Flying After Cheating Death—Again

Had booked ticket on doomed Buffalo flight

(Newser) - Adam Goldstein, better known as DJ AM, is finished with planes, TMZ reports. Not only was he badly burned in a plane crash last year, but the DJ had a ticket for the Continental commuter flight that crashed near Buffalo last month, killing everyone on board. Goldstein didn’t board... More »

DJ AM Spins Suit Against Pilots

All other passengers already filed suits

(Newser) - DJ AM filed a lawsuit blaming the pilots and faulty equipment for the September plane crash in which he was severely burned, making him the final passenger on the plane to seek restitution, People reports. His suit names the estates of the pilots, who died in the crash, the charter... More »

Blink-182 Makes Up After Travis' Close Call

No onstage reunion yet, but they don't rule it out

(Newser) - The Blink-182 boys are hanging out again, ending a nearly 4-year hiatus after drummer Travis Barker dodged death in a fiery plane crash, E! reports. The trio met up for what vocalist Mark Hoppus calls “positive conversations,” deciding recent events trump the past. As for a reunion, “... More »

'It Wasn't Their Time': Rockers' Escape Still Amazes

Barker, Goldstein were on fire when they emerged from the plane

(Newser) - Witnesses remain amazed that musician Travis Barker and DJ AM escaped with relatively light injuries from their burning Learjet. After sliding down the wing of the plane, Barker and Adam Goldstein (DJ's real name) had to jump on each other to put out the flames, the S.C. State reports.... More »

Doc: Rockers Will Recover From Crash

(Newser) - Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM are expected to fully recover from burns they suffered in a fiery South Carolina jet crash that killed the other four people aboard, their doctor said today. The two suffered second- and third-degree burns but had no other injuries... More »

Rock Star Jet Crash Kills 4, Injures 2

Blink-182 ex-drummer and DJ AM are in critical condition

(Newser) - Two music stars were the only survivors of a Learjet crash late last night, NBC reports. The small jet crashed while taking off from a South Carolina airport. Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, are in critical condition at a Georgia burn... More »

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