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GoFundMe Campaign Surges for Boy Orphaned by Shooting

Online fundraiser for William Cho, 6, has raised more than $1.3M in Allen, Texas

(Newser) - One of the young survivors of the mall shooting in Allen, Texas, has evidently struck a nerve among Americans. A GoFundMe page for 6-year-old William Cho had raised more than $1.3 million as of Tuesday morning. William was orphaned in the shooting—his Korean-American parents, Kyu Cho, 37, and...

People Around the World Ask to Adopt Baby Born in Rubble

Syrian hospital says custody of Aya, who's recovering, will go to a great-uncle

(Newser) - Offers are pouring in by the thousands from around the world to adopt the baby born in the rubble of a Syrian apartment building after Monday's earthquake. She's being treated in a hospital in Afrin after her parents and all four of her siblings were killed, USA Today...

Researchers Reveal 'Devastating' COVID Consequence for Kids

It's estimated that 10.5M children lost parent, caregiver to disease during pandemic

(Newser) - Last year, numbers emerged showing an estimated 5.2 million children had lost a parent or caregiver to COVID through October. Now, a "heartbreaking" update on that toll, per a new global study that finds almost 8 million kids 18 and under were left grieving one or both parents...

Study of Orphaned Elephants Surprises Researchers
Study of Orphaned Elephants
Surprises Researchers
new study

Study of Orphaned Elephants Surprises Researchers

If they stay with a pack, they don't seem to be stressed out more than non-orphaned peers

(Newser) - Researchers who set out to measure the stress levels of orphaned elephants expected to see sky-high levels because of the particularly strong bond evident between mother elephants and their offspring. "Until age 8 or 9, elephants are rarely more than 10 meters from their mother," Jenna Parker of...

Two Deputies' Suicides Leave Infant an Orphan

Florida deaths raise concerns about well-being of first responders

(Newser) - It's hard to fathom: Two young deputies in Florida committed suicide within days of each other, leaving their month-old infant an orphan, reports CBS News . Clayton Osteen, 24, and Victoria Pacheco, 23, worked for the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office. Osteen attempted suicide on New Year's Eve,...

North Korea: Orphaned Kids 'Volunteer' for Dangerous Jobs

Reports come as Kim Jong Un cracks down on youth

(Newser) - North Korea’s state-run—and only—news agency, KCNA, says patriotic orphaned children have volunteered to work in coal mines and farms. Pictures included with the article show kids who look to be young teens. The kids, apparently raised by the state, are said to be doing difficult and...

Abandoned Girl Looking for Parents via Street Stall

She was left on a neighbor's doorstep as a sick infant

(Newser) - For all of her short life, a 9-year-old girl in China has been missing her parents, and for half of her life, she's been trying to find them with a handmade sign at a street stall where she also sells vegetables, reports the Times . "I am quite healthy...

11 Children Orphaned After Plane Crash Kills 3 Couples

4 of the 6 passengers who died Sunday were dentists

(Newser) - Three married couples killed in the crash of a small airplane in Alabama all lived in the university town of Oxford, Mississippi, where city flags were lowered Monday as residents grappled with the loss of so many lives at one time. "I don't even know what to say,...

Franzen: I Wanted to Adopt Iraqi Orphan to Figure Out Youth

Opinionated author says more stuff about women authors, too, in interview

(Newser) - To really get a handle on today's young people, would you a) hook up with your local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter, b) volunteer at a school, or c) adopt an Iraqi orphan so you can pick his brain for why he's not idealistic or angry enough? If...

Woman Learns She Married Her Brother
 Woman Learns She 
 Married Her Brother 

Woman Learns She Married Her Brother

Brazilian woman hears shocking news on radio show

(Newser) - A Brazilian woman got quite the surprise when she went on a radio show this week to reconnect with her long-lost mother, Gawker reports. Adriana, 39, who gave no last name, went on Radio Globo's The Time Is Now (which helps people find lost family members) and talked to...

10K Want Orphan Who Pleaded for Family

Davion Only could have a home for the holidays

(Newser) - The boy who pleaded for a new family at a Florida church may get his wish by Christmas. More than 10,000 families are interested in adopting 15-year-old Davion Only , the Tampa Bay Times reports. Since his story went viral, Davion has been interviewed on The View and the agency...

Calls Pour in for Orphaned Boy Who Wants Family

Church 'flooded' with people who want to take in Davion Only

(Newser) - The Florida church where 15-year-old orphan Davion Only pleaded for a new family has been "flooded" with calls from people interested in giving the teen a home, a church secretary tells Fox News . "It has been just an awesome outpour," says Cynthia Coney, who says she asked...

Newly-Orphaned Boy Seeks New Parents at Church

Davion Only takes action after learning of mother's death

(Newser) - Davion Navar Henry Only was born 15 years ago to a mother imprisoned for petty theft and drugs; he's spent his life in foster care, struggling with anger. In June, he looked up his mother online—and learned she'd died just weeks earlier. Now knowing she'd never...

US Citizen Held Prisoner in North Korea: Report

Activist says Kenneth Bae detained while leading tour into the country

(Newser) - North Korea has been holding a 44-year-old American citizen prisoner for about a month, a human rights activist in South Korea alleged today. Kenneth Bae was reportedly detained while leading a tour group into the People's Republic, something he'd done several times before without a problem, activist Do...

Chinese Orphans Won't Be Named 'State' or 'Party'

Orphanages told to give kids better surnames

(Newser) - No longer will "state" or "party" be the last name of children in Chinese orphanages, Jezebel reports via MSNBC . Until now, orphanages commonly gave kids those generic surnames—which enabled people to peg them as orphans for life and leave them feeling marginalized. So China issued the rule...

Angelina Jolie Has Secret Family
 Angelina Jolie 
 Has Secret Family 

Angelina Jolie Has Secret Family

She either has secret kids, or is helping orphans, depending on your take

(Newser) - If Angelina Jolie does in fact adopt another kid with Brad Pitt, it won't exactly be her seventh—she already has seven “children” in Jordan she's kept secret since 2003. The “secret family,” as the National Enquirer oh-so-sensationally dubs it, is actually a group of orphans living...

Elton Aims to Adopt 'Heart-Stealing' Ukraine Orphan

Singer changes his mind about starting a family

(Newser) - Pop king Elton John has fallen in love with a 14-month-old orphan and wants to adopt the little Ukrainian boy, reports BBC.The music man's partner, David Furnish, has long wanted a family, but John, 62, feared his age and their rock-'n-roll lifestyle would be unfair to a child. But...

Aussies Sorry for 10K Kids Shipped for 'Slave Labor'

British children were abused, kept hungry in program lasting until 1960s

(Newser) - The Australian prime minister will apologize to generations of British migrants shipped to Australia as children and subjected to abuse, hunger, and slave labor. Between the 1920s and 1960s the UK sent about 10,000 children to provide Australia with "good white stock," but when they arrived they...

Madonna's New Daughter Leaves Malawi

Private jet ferries Mercy to London

(Newser) - Madonna’s newly adopted daughter left Malawi for London yesterday on a plane owned by the pop singer, Access Hollywood reports. Chifundo “Mercy” James was accompanied on the flight by a nanny and child nurse, airport sources said, and should meet her new brothers and sisters—including David, also...

Madonna's Adoption Only Hurts Malawi
 Madonna's Adoption 
 Only Hurts Malawi 

Madonna's Adoption Only Hurts Malawi

'Misguided' Material Mom should use international adoption as a 'last resort'

(Newser) - By adopting Mercy James, Madonna has actually endangered other Malawian orphans, writes Anna Feuchtwang in the Daily Mail. “Corrupt adoption agencies and child traffickers, newly alerted to the ease with which Malawian laws can be circumvented, are even now planning to target the country,” writes Feuchtwang, chief executive...

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