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Who's 'Charlie'? OJ Speaks of Friend on Night of Attack
Panel Thinks OJ's Friend
'Charlie' Isn't Real
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Panel Thinks OJ's Friend 'Charlie' Isn't Real

In hypothetical description of killings, Simpson says a friend handed him the knife

(Newser) - Fox aired its controversial OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession special Sunday night, featuring clips from an interview he gave back in 2006 to Judith Regan about how the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman might have happened. The interview never aired back then, in part because of public...

In Old Interview, OJ Talks of Hypothetical Accomplice

Fox to air controversial 'if I did it' piece that was shelved 12 years ago

(Newser) - A controversial interview in which OJ Simpson talks hypothetically about how he might have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman will finally air. Fox will run OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession? in a two-hour special at 8pm March 11, reports the San Jose Mercury News . Simpson actually gave the...

Roger Ailes Indictment? Obstruction of Justice Charges Could Come This Week: Sources
 Roger Ailes to 
 Be Indicted? 

Roger Ailes to Be Indicted?

Unsubstantiated report says it could come this week

(Newser) - Fox News boss Roger Ailes could be indicted "this week, maybe even Monday," an anonymous source told TV economist Barry Ritholtz yesterday, presumably on obstruction of justice charges stemming from allegations that Ailes told Judith Regan to lie to federal investigators in order to protect Rudy Giuliani. The...

Fox News Head Advised Lying to Feds: Court Docs

Roger Ailes apparently sought to protect Giuliani White House bid

(Newser) - Five years ago, fired HarperCollins boss Judith Regan claimed an executive at Harper’s parent, News Corp, had pushed her to lie to federal investigators—but until now, that executive’s identity remained hidden. Now court affidavits show that it was Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, the New ...

Regan Attacks Newser Founder
Regan Attacks
Newser Founder

Regan Attacks Newser Founder

(Newser) - Judith Regan is ready to take her rage to court, Rush & Molloy write in the New York Daily News. The former Harper Collins publisher says Newser founder Michael Wolff crossed the line by calling her "reviled" and "unemployable" in his book, The Man Who Owns ...

Lawyers to OJ Publisher: See You in Court

Attorneys sue If I Did It mastermind for cut of News Corp. settlement

(Newser) - Foiled If I Did It publisher Judith Regan's lawyers say she didn't do it—cough up their agreed-upon payment, that is. And they want their money, Reuters reports. The lawyers represented Regan in her case against News Corp., which canned her in the uproar surrounding the OJ Simpson confessional. She...

News Corp., Regan Reach Settlement
News Corp., Regan Reach Settlement

News Corp., Regan Reach Settlement

Axed publisher 'not anti-Semitic,' company says after ugly spat

(Newser) - Judith Regan's acrimonious $100-million wrongful-termination suit against News Corp. came to a close today, with the ex-publisher and media giant reaching an undisclosed settlement. If Gawker's estimates of $20 to $25 million are meaningful, Regan may indeed have outfoxed Fox, which initially offered her $6 million to go quietly. The...

Does Judith Regan Have a Smoking Gun?

If the Rudy and Rupert antagonist is bluffing, she's bluffing big

(Newser) - Axed publisher Judith Regan sees herself as “the prom queen who got tripped up by the vicious meanies at News Corp,” the New York Observer posits, but nobody who knows her underestimates Regan's skills as a fighter. Either she really does have damaging secrets about Rudy Giuliani behind...

Regan's Claim Reveals the Real Fox
Regan's Claim Reveals the
Real Fox

Regan's Claim Reveals the Real Fox

Suit could end Fox masquerade of neutrality: Tomasky

(Newser) - After 11 years of “the rabbit hole fiction” that Fox News is unbiased, the  jig may be up, claims the Guardian’s American editor, Michael Tomasky. An admitted liberal journalist himself, Tomasky thinks it's time Fox stopped pretending not to be a conservative voice, as its audience clearly understands...

Axed OJ Book Publisher Sues News Corp. for $100M

Says she was fired for dirt linked to Rudy

(Newser) - Axed publisher Judith Regan has filed a $100 million lawsuit against News Corp., charging the company made her the target of a smear campaign and fired her because she had information damaging to Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign. "The smear campaign was necessary to advance News Corp.'s political agenda,...

If He Did It, They Won't Push It
If He Did It, They Won't
Push It

If He Did It, They Won't Push It

O.J. book won't be on shelves, but Barnes & Noble will sell it online

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble won't put the new edition of O.J. Simpson's controversial near-confessional If I Did It on bookstore shelves, but it will make the book available by special order and online. Rival Borders will stock the book but won't promote it. The divergent decisions reflect the publishing industry's...

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