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Estonia Warns of Russian Border Buildup

Country's intelligence service says Kremlin expects clash with NATO within 10 years

(Newser) - "Russia has chosen a path which is a long-term confrontation," the head of Estonia's Foreign Intelligence Service warned Tuesday. Kaupo Rosin said Russia plans to double the number of troops it has stationed near its borders with NATO members in northern Europe, and the "Kremlin is...

Country Takes Down Soviet Monuments
Country Takes Down
Soviet Monuments

Country Takes Down Soviet Monuments

Estonia says Russia was using them to stir up tensions

(Newser) - Soviet-era war monuments will be pulled from public places in Estonia, the country recently decided, accusing Russia of using the memorials to stir up tensions. Estonia's government explained the move by saying it wanted to prevent Russia "from mobilizing more hostility in society and tearing open old wounds....

Former Soviet Republics Back Ukraine

US endorses shipment of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles

(Newser) - The Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania plan to send US-made anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, a move that the US fully endorsed Saturday. As tensions over Russia's intent at the Ukraine border escalate, the defense ministers of the three Baltic states said in a joint statement...

Divers to Return to Site of Ferry That 852 People Died On

The M/S Estonia went down in 1994

(Newser) - A privately-funded expedition, commissioned by relatives of the victims of the M/S Estonia ferry that sank in the Baltic Sea nearly 27 years ago, will dive into the vessel’s wreckage this month. It's the latest attempt to gain more insight into one of Europe’s worst peacetime maritime...

2 Die of Blood Clots After Vaccine Dose

Both doses came from batch ABV5300 of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

(Newser) - Denmark is suspending use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for 14 days from Thursday following reports of "severe cases of blood clots." Health Minister Magnus Heunicke stresses the move is a "precautionary measure" as the fatal or life-threatening blood clots reported in a handful of vaccine recipients have...

Cops: 13-Year-Old Wanted to Attack Vegas Synagogue, News Network

Estonian boy was allegedly 'Commander' of international neo-Nazi group Feuerkrieg Division

(Newser) - He called himself "Commander” online. He was said to be the leader of an international neo-Nazi group linked to plots to attack a Las Vegas synagogue and detonate a car bomb at a major US news network. He was also just 13 years old. The boy who led Feuerkrieg...

Finland PM Gets Dismissed as a 'Sales Girl'

Estonia apologizes after interior minister's comment

(Newser) - At 34, Sanna Marin is the world's youngest prime minister , and the Finnish leader started her term on the receiving end of a dig. Estonia's interior minister, Mart Helme, was appearing on a radio talk-show produced by his populist far-right party Ekre when he cast doubt upon her...

They Pulled a Dog From Icy River. It Wasn't a Dog

Construction workers said the wolf was 'calm. Slept on my legs'

(Newser) - Estonian construction workers got the shock of their lives when they found out the animal they saved from an icy river was not a dog but a wolf. Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamae, and Erki Vali told the Postimees newspaper they were working at the Sindi dam on the frozen Parnu...

On Way to Helsinki, Putin Violated NATO Airspace

Estonian military rep cites a 'long pattern' of such Russian violations

(Newser) - Two Russian military planes, including one carrying President Vladimir Putin to Helsinki, Finland, briefly entered NATO airspace without clearance on Monday, according to Estonia. Roland Murof, a spokesman for the Estonian military, says Putin's Ilyushin-96 airplane crossed 1.7 miles into Estonian territory near the island of Vaindloo over...

US Ambassador Quits Over 'Factually Wrong' Trump

James Melville, top diplomat in NATO-reliant Estonia, says he's done

(Newser) - The United States embassy in Estonia has a brand new opening at the top, and the now-former ambassador, James Melville, went out swinging at President Trump, reports the Washington Post . "The honorable course is to resign," Melville wrote Friday on Facebook. "For the President to say the...

Estonia Is About to Get a Little Taller

It's switching to new system that will add 8 inches to highest point

(Newser) - Over the next three months, the Baltic country of Estonia will become a little bit taller. That's because it has decided to change how it measures heights above sea level, converting from an old Russian system to something called the European Vertical Reference System, reports the Postimees newspaper. The...

Around the World, Pro-Russia Candidates Are Winning
Around the World, Pro-Russia
Candidates Are Winning
the rundown

Around the World, Pro-Russia Candidates Are Winning

Add Moldova and Bulgaria to the list

(Newser) - Some think Vladimir Putin actively sought to get Donald Trump elected. If so, the Kremlin remains on a roll. Pro-Russia candidates won presidential elections in Eastern Europe over the weekend in Moldova (Igor Dodon) and Bulgaria (Rumen Radev), reports the AP. The resulting coverage sees some clear trends emerging:
  • "

It's Unprecedented: Triplets Going to Olympics

Luik sisters of Estonia are about to make history

(Newser) - Two hundreds sets of twins have competed at the Olympics, but an Olympic historian says he's "99.9% sure" that triplets never have—in the same Olympic Games, or even separate ones. That will change next month when Estonian sisters Leila, Liina, and Lily Luik—the Trio to...

Introducing the World's First E-Resident

Estonia is now issuing electronic IDs to people who wish to do business there

(Newser) - Estonia is known as one of the world's most tech-savvy countries. Not only is it the birthplace of Skype, but its national ID system allows its citizens to file taxes and even elect politicians online. Now, the tiny Baltic republic of 1.3 million is issuing smart cards to...

European Student Opens Fire in Classroom

Estonian teen kills 56-year-old teacher

(Newser) - A 15-year-old student shot and killed his teacher during class today in a town in southern Estonia—the first known school shooting in the European nation. Four other students were in the classroom at Paalalinna School in the town of Viljandi, a police spokeswoman says. She adds that the shooter...

Man Returns Book 69 Years Late, Blames WWII

Book was checked out on March 7, 1944

(Newser) - An Estonian man has returned a library book 69 years late, partly blaming a World War II aerial bombing that damaged the library for the late return. Ivika Turkson of the Tallinn Central Library says that last week the man in his mid-80s returned the overdue book—which was checked...

Web Service May Die for Hundreds of Thousands

FBI advises Windows users to visit security website

(Newser) - The FBI says it's time for Windows users to make sure their computers aren't infected by an unusual virus. As it stands, hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide are infected and will be unable to surf the Web after July 9, the AP reports. It all started when...

Estonia, Qatar Among Nations Most Safe From Natural Disasters
 Looking for 
 a Safe Land? 
 Hello, Estonia 

Looking for a Safe Land? Hello, Estonia

Natural disasters are a rarity there, as well as in Qatar

(Newser) - With a devastating earthquake in Burma following on the heels of the one in Japan , which itself followed one in New Zealand , Slate's Explainer blog digs into the question of just which nations are safest from natural disaster. Your winners, based on data from a Belgium center that analyzes such...

US Uses Aid Dollars to Keep Allies in Afghanistan

Counterterror funds serve as tacit incentive to continue unpopular fight

(Newser) - The Pentagon is pouring millions of dollars into equipment and training for its smaller partner nations in the Afghanistan war, a new effort aimed at encouraging them not to abandon the increasingly unpopular conflict. While the funding cannot be openly used as an incentive for NATO nations to send troops...

FTC Shuts Down ISP Linked to Child Porn

(Newser) - The FTC has taken the rare step of shutting down an Internet Service Provider that it says was a haven for child pornography and malware run by Eastern European criminals, MSNBC reports. The case gives "a rare glimpse into the seediest parts of the web," writes Bob Sullivan....

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