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Dogs Poisoning Veterinarians
 Dogs Poisoning Veterinarians 

Dogs Poisoning Veterinarians

Fido vomiting up phosphine gas

(Newser) - Some best friend. A few veterinarians and their workers are discovering dogs have made them very sick. Experts at the Centers for Disease Controls are warning of a bizarre poisoning that's occurring when dogs vomit in vet offices after ingesting pest-fighting chemicals aimed at rats, moles, and gophers. The...

Pygmy Elephant Fatally Gores Borneo Tourist

Aussie veterinarian may have startled animal, rangers say

(Newser) - An Australian veterinarian with a passion for conservation has been killed by a pygmy elephant while trekking in a remote wildlife park in Borneo. Jenna O'Grady Donley, 25, was fatally gored by the animal as she, a friend, and their guide were trekking near a mud volcano, AP reports....

Deadly Horse Virus Spreads Quickly in West

Seven animals euthanized; competitions canceled

(Newser) - A mutant strain of a common horse virus has resulted in the deaths of seven animals and appears to be spreading quickly in Western states, the Wall Street Journal reports. The USDA reports suspected or confirmed cases of Equine Herpes Virus-1 at 42 stables or farms across 18 states. (The...

State Fights to Use Animal Death Drug on Humans

Because Oklahoma is short on the anesthetic used in lethal injections

(Newser) - Oklahoma is short on the anesthetic it uses to execute prisoners—so it’s asking a court if it can substitute a drug used to euthanize animals. Several states are dealing with a shortage of sodium thiopental, the only anesthetic yet used in lethal injections; its only manufacturer has shut...

Mariah Sued for $30K in Vet Bills
 Mariah Sued for 
 $30K in Vet Bills 
doggie divas

Mariah Sued for $30K in Vet Bills

Carey apparently needed a doctor to feed, groom

(Newser) - Go ahead and make a joke about Mariah Carey being in the doghouse: The diva is being sued by her veterinarian for $30,000 in unpaid bills for her three dogs. Dr. Cindy Bressler claims in her lawsuit she provided “extraordinary services” for Jack Russell terriers Cha-Cha, Dolomite, and...

Newborn Kitten Has Two Faces

Birth defect reduces chance tiny feline will survive

(Newser) - A newborn kitten is turning heads because she has an unusual birth defect—two faces. The funky feline, inventively named Two Face by her startled owner, has a condition called diprosopus , her veterinarian tells WCHS , the ABC affiliate in Charleston, WV. "I gave her about a 50-50 prognosis, and...

NM Calf Frolics With Fake Legs

Family pays for prosthetics after adopting frostbitten calf

(Newser) - The first calf ever fitted with prosthetic legs now spends her days frolicking at a New Mexico farm just months after losing her back hooves and part of her hind legs to frostbite. Rancher Nancy Dickenson's step-daughter found the frostbitten black Angus, named Meadow, on a neighboring property and the...

Pharmacy Bungled Drug for Dead Horses

(Newser) - The Florida pharmacy that prepared vitamin supplements for the 21 polo horses that died last weekend has admitted that the mixture was faulty, the Palm Beach Post reports. Franck’s Pharmacy in Tallahassee said today that the level of one ingredient in the supplement—which the polo team says was...

Polo Owner Wept as Horses Died in His Arms

Tests not likely to reveal cause of deaths for weeks

(Newser) - Devastated polo team owner Victor Vargas cradled the heads of his fallen horses and sobbed as they died in his arms, colleagues said yesterday. The wealthy Venezuelan banker—whose business has thrived despite Hugo Chavez's socialist regime—rushed from animal to animal as 21 suddenly collapsed and died shortly before...

Vet Bills Force Families to Euthanize Pets

Tough times make care harder to justify; few have animal insurance

(Newser) - The recession is having some tragic consequences for family pets. Experts say owners are delaying care, opting out of pricey treatments, and putting down pets they’d otherwise save, MSNBC reports. One shelter has seen a 20% jump in admittances. “They come straight from the vet and say, ‘...

For Fido, Fetch Can Be Fatal
For Fido, Fetch Can Be Fatal

For Fido, Fetch Can Be Fatal

Tossing sharp sticks at canines not so smart after all, UK vet says

(Newser) - Chasing sticks leads to as many doggy injuries as running around on roads, a leading British vet tells the Times of London. With their pointy ends, erratic trajectories, and tendency to break apart, nature's fetch toys can cause all sorts of canine injuries, from stab wounds to paralysis to slow...

Military Opens $15M Dog Hospital

'Canine Walter Reed' will treat pooches wounded in combat

(Newser) - If GI Rover gets injured in Iraq, chances are he'll end up at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, where the "Walter Reed of the veterinary world" has just opened. The base has long been training pups for service in all branches of the military, but its old animal...

'Dog Years' Just Don't Add Up
 'Dog Years' Just Don't Add Up 

'Dog Years' Just Don't Add Up

The '7-year' rule is too simplistic, veterinarians say

(Newser) - A human year is 7 dog years, right? That ubiquitous formula has been driving veterinarians and dog enthusiasts nuts for decades. If it were accurate, some pooches would live to the equivalent of age 150 or so, Carl Bialik writes in the Wall Street Journal. For those who must convert,...

Saudi Cops Target Flirty Dog Walkers

Riyadh officials confiscating pets in public

(Newser) - Officials in a Saudi province have banned the sale of cats and dogs after complaints that flirtatious men are “using cats and dogs to make passes at women and pester families,” the Christian Science Monitor reports. Although owning a pet isn’t illegal, the religious police say they’...

My Beagle Ate My Paycheck
My Beagle
Ate My

My Beagle Ate My Paycheck

Dog ownership turned out a lot pricier than writer bargained for

(Newser) - At first, $150 for a beagle puppy and $20 a week for food sounded like a good deal, but it didn't take long to realize dogs are "deceptively expensive," Neal Templin writes in the Wall Street Journal. Vet bills soon added up to thousands after a mystery illness...

America: Land of Doggy Doping
 America: Land of  Doggy Doping 

America: Land of Doggy Doping

The business of pet pharmacology is booming

(Newser) - Americans spent $49 billion on their pets last year, with an ever-growing percentage paying for treatment of  behavioral issues with tailor-made psychotropics, reports James Vlahos in the New York Times Magazine. Frustrated owners are feeding dogs drugs like Reconcile—beef-flavored Prozac—-for "mental illnesses that eerily resemble human ones,...

Doggy Wants a Bone...Transplant
 Doggy Wants
 a Bone...Transplant 

Doggy Wants a Bone...Transplant

Bone marrow procedure to cost $15K-$20K

(Newser) - Doggy wants a bone, and he deserves it too. Canines will soon be lining up at Washington State University for bone marrow transplants, enjoying a little payback after pooches made the procedure possible in people, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. But the cancer treatment won't come cheap: WSU will treat man’...

Firefighting Is US' Sexiest Job
Firefighting Is US' Sexiest Job

Firefighting Is US' Sexiest Job

Personal trainer, CEO and cowboy also turn-ons, site finds

(Newser) - Americans may ogle the celebrities gracing the covers of gossip mags, but firefighter remains the sexiest job title on the books, the Boston Globe reports. Personal trainer comes in a close second, according to's Valentine's Day survey. It's the site's first such survey in three years, and though...

Vets Pioneer New Techniques for Limbs

Fusing metal with bone is helping cats and dogs walk again

(Newser) - Cutting-edge vets have developed new prosthetics for disabled animals that could bode well for human amputees, Time reports. The most exciting technique is called osseointegration—a procedure in which a porous prosthesis is inset into the bone, which then grows into the metallic holes, making a strong anchor onto which...

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