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Lawsuit: CVS Blinded Me

Texas 65-year-old says chain gave him ear drops instead of eye drops

(Newser) - And now a story sure to fill you with confidence in your local pharmacist. A Houston-area man is suing CVS, claiming that a pharmacy screw-up blinded him in one eye. Claudis Alston, 65, went to the doctor in 2012 with a case of pink eye and got a prescription for... More »

Retailers Get Official Letter: 'Don't Sell Cigarettes'

Attorneys general urge major retailers to stop selling smokes

(Newser) - Five of America's major retailers received a letter yesterday urging them to do one thing: stop selling cigarettes. Written by a group of attorneys general, the letter asked Walmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Safeway, and Walgreen to follow CVS's lead and pull tobacco products from the shelves entirely, NPR... More »

Experts: CVS Move Could Dent Smoking Rates

Inconvenience helps deter smokers, studies have shown

(Newser) - With hundreds of thousands of retailers in the US selling cigarettes, will CVS' landmark decision to end tobacco sales have any effect on smoking rates? Experts say it could have a major impact, both by putting more pressure on the tobacco industry and making it a little harder for people... More »

CVS Will Stop All Tobacco Sales by October

First retailer to drop cigarettes, other tobacco products

(Newser) - A sea change in CVS policy: By October 1, America's biggest pharmacy chain will no longer sell any tobacco products, parent company CVS Caremark announced today in what CEO Larry Merlo calls the "right thing for us to do." "We’ve got 26,000 pharmacists and... More »

McDonald's Is Most Visited Business in America

Nearly half of US consumers visited at least once last month, says study

(Newser) - Just how popular are the golden arches? So popular that nearly half of US consumers visited them last month, according to a new study spotted by the Consumerist . The study, from the new Placed Insights service, sought to determine which businesses Americans visit most. Fast food dominates the list, but... More »

CVS to Workers: Disclose Weight or Pay $600 Fine

Privacy group cries foul

(Newser) - CVS has touched a nerve with a new policy requiring workers to disclose a host of health data—including their weight, body fat and glucose levels, and blood pressure—or else pay an extra $50 a month for their health insurance. The move has drawn outrage from at least one... More »

CVS Gave Kids Cancer Drugs by Mistake

50 families were supposed to get fluoride tablets

(Newser) - Children from 50 families in New Jersey were accidentally given a breast cancer drug instead of chewable fluoride tablets, reports Gawker . Instead of a fluoride pill to prevent tooth decay, the children got Tamoxifen, a drug that prevents the production of estrogen. Fortunately, doctors say it should not have any... More »

CVS Fined $75M for Selling Meth Ingredient

Pharmacy chain punished for role in California drug 'spike'

(Newser) - The nation's largest retail pharmacy chain, CVS , is in trouble with the law for allowing customers to buy large amounts of cold medicine containing a key ingredient used in the manufacture of methamphetamine How much trouble? About $75 million worth. Federal authorities ruled that the chain didn't do enough to... More »

Suit Wants Pharmacies to Bust Drug Abusers

Lawsuit blames stores for zonked driver's accident

(Newser) - When a driver, high on painkillers, ran her car into two guys fixing a flat tire on the side of the highway, killing one of them, the victims' families filed a lawsuit—against the pharmacies that sold the painkillers. That case, pending before the Nevada Supreme Court, will be the... More »

Target Will Pay Shoppers to Bring Their Own Bags

Large retailers join smaller niche stores to offer rebates for reusing

(Newser) - Target and CVS will reward customers for using reusable shopping bags, and the efforts could take a billion plastic bags out of circulation. Though some retailers—notably Wal-Mart—have been slow to hop on the eco bandwagon, initiatives at smaller chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have met... More »

Petitioners to CVS: Free the Condoms!

Cites particular concern in poor and minority areas

(Newser) - A labor coalition is sponsoring a petition calling on CVS to stop locking up condoms, the Kansas City Star reports. More than 200 groups across the country have signed the appeal to stop the practice, which the mega-chain says is an anti-shoplifting measure but critics say scares off would-be shoppers.... More »

Belt-Tightening Spares Older Workers

Increasingly, companies value maturity, experience of older employees

(Newser) - As companies nationwide cut tens of thousands of jobs, younger workers appear to be taking a hit as companies try to retain older, more experienced employees, reports BusinessWeek. Boomers increasingly have become corporate America’s gold standard: “When you’re in your 50s and 60s, you’re in your... More »

Dow Ends Bleak Week Off 143

Index down 4.8% since Monday

(Newser) - Stocks posted losses today as news that US unemployment hit 7.2% moved the markets to the finish of a dismal week, MarketWatch reports. The Dow lost 143.28 to close at 8,599.18, with losses perhaps limited because investors were expecting the bad jobs news. The Nasdaq fell... More »

Longs Picks CVS Despite Walgreen's Higher Bid

Investor calls move 'unfair' to shareholders

(Newser) - Longs Drugs today declined Walgreen’s premium buyout offer, opting for CVS’ in the pharmacy-market tussle, the AP reports. Longs’ largest shareholder calls the choice "totally unfair," but the board maintains that a Walgreen deal could get bogged down in antitrust review. Longs' stock dipped on the news,... More »

SF Votes Today on Tobacco Sales Ban

May be nation's first city to shut down drugstore sales

(Newser) - San Francisco's Board of Supervisors votes today on whether to ban the sale of cigarettes at the city's pharmacies. City and state legislatures across America—as well as giant pharmacy chains like CVS and Wal-Mart—are carefully watching the outcome of what could be a harbinger of things to come,... More »

Sex Aids' Shelf Space, Sales Grow

Wal-Mart, other major chains aren't hiding lubricants and the like

(Newser) - Be careful letting your kids wander in Wal-Mart—the retail giant and other mainstream stores are devoting more shelf space to sex aids, Newsweek reports, and they aren’t hiding it. Lubricants, oils and even vibrators are increasingly appearing next to contraceptives and pregnancy tests. “Even the more conservative... More »

Overdose Fears Prompt Recall of Infant Drugs

Danger found in cough and cold medicines for kids under 2

(Newser) - Several drugmakers have recalled over-the-counter cough and cold products for infants over concerns about fatal overdoses, Reuters reports. Johnson & Johnson Wyeth and Novartis are among those recalling medicines; CVS said it will remove the products and generic equivalents. One professor took the criticism one step further: “There are... More »

It's as Plain as the Glasses on Your Face

Company puts a phone number—and a reward —on your lost specs

(Newser) - Americans spent $445 million replacing lost eyeglasses last year; one small company aims to come to the rescue by selling tiny tubes of plastic that shrink unobtrusively onto the eyepiece of spectacles, carrying a code and a phone number. Finders of registered glasses get a small reward, while their owners... More »

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