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10 Couples Who Should Never Procreate

Some, like Speidi and Paris Hilton, are just so obvious

(Newser) - Some celebrities should probably never be allowed around a child—let alone allowed to have one of their own. “That means you, Heidi and Spencer,” writes Jen Genova on Babble . The 9 other power couples who should really, really not add to their family units:
  1. No matter how

Winehouse Back to Blake
 Winehouse Back to Blake 

Winehouse Back to Blake

Sure, Fielder-Civil divorced Amy, but who thought that would last?

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse may technically be divorced from Blake Fielder-Civil, but the very authoritative Facebook has registered the two as happily ever after once more. The troubled lovebirds are indeed back together, pals tell the Sun. Apparently, they were keeping in touch via a Facebook profile for Amy’s cat—and,...

Amy Winehouse Sues Blake's Mum

Says stolen love letter amounts to copyright infringement

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse is suing her former mother-in-law for copyright infringement, the Sun reports. Nope, Blake Fielder-Civil’s mum didn’t steal one of Winehouse’s songs—she sold a love letter from Amy to Blake, and the singer is “furious the private letter was used to make money,”...

'Embarrassed' Amy Wants Blake Back

She can't help it, still wants druggie ex back

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse will be the first to admit that going back to her jailbird ex-hubby would be embarrassing, but she can’t help it: Blake Fielder-Civil is “my man,” she told the Mirror after a recent performance. “We can make it. We’re so strong together,”...

Winehouse Talks Blake Into Taking Her Back

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse has convinced rehabbing hubby Blake Fielder-Civil to rekindle their relationship, the News of the World reports. "I love her as much as ever. I know she still loves me," says Blake, who agreed to a dinner date when he gets out of rehab. "Maybe...

Amy Gets New Guy, New Studio
 Amy Gets New Guy, New Studio 

Amy Gets New Guy, New Studio

Blake still sleazy, back in rehab

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse is focusing on what really matters: flying her recording gear from St. Lucia back home and, of course, a new guy. Not just any guy: Mischa Barton ex James Regan, who “has a penchant for famous car crashes,” a friend tells the Mirror. Meanwhile, Winehouse’s...

Convict Hubby Divorces Winehouse

(Newser) - Troubled diva Amy Winehouse and her even more troubled husband officially divorced today after months of not speaking, reports the Daily Mail. It's believed that Blake Fielder-Civil cited adultery when filing for divorce, which he began while serving time for assault, and will seek part of her $15 million fortune....

Blake's Alleged Babymama Evicted

House was being used to deal drugs, say locals

(Newser) - Blake Fielder-Civil, estranged hubby of troubled Amy Winehouse, can add one more thing to his growing list of problems: Gilleen Morris, who says she’s carrying his baby, has been evicted, the Sun reports. Neighbors complained her house was being used as a drug den, and police made arrests during...

Booze, Boos: Amy Blows Comeback Gig
Booze, Boos:
Amy Blows
Comeback Gig

Booze, Boos: Amy Blows Comeback Gig

Winehouse gets drunk, yells at band, cries after fans jeer her offstage

(Newser) - Instead of a big comeback performance yesterday, Amy Winehouse forgot lyrics and burst into tears when 3,000 concertgoers booed her offstage, the News of the World reports. At a jazz festival in St. Lucia, Winehouse showed up an hour late after boozing for six hours, yelled at her band...

Hubby's Love Child Inspires Wino Song

Heartbroken Amy pens new tune reminiscent of "Rehab"

(Newser) - News of ex Blake Fielder-Civil’s affair—and alleged love child—left Amy Winehouse “destroyed,” but also inspired, a source tells the Sun. The troubled singer wrote “The Ultimate Betrayal,” which even borrows a line from her biggest hit. “She keeps repeating the line: ‘...

Winehouse Ex a Rehab Dad-to-Be: Tab

(Newser) - They made him go to rehab, but Blake Fielder-Civil didn't say "no, no, no" to a fling with a fellow patient, the now-pregnant mom of two other children dishes to the News of the World. "Blake seduced me and we had a secret fling," she says, adding...

Prince William (Sorta) Linked to Sex Club
 Prince William (Sorta) 
 Linked to Sex Club 

Prince William (Sorta) Linked to Sex Club

Plus, Rihanna moves on—two days in a row, and more

(Newser) - Prince William is—very tangentially—linked to a sex club, the Sun reports. A close friend of his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton runs the top-secret swinger sessions. Elsewhere:
  • Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has just learned he has a 4-year-old son with an ex, Us notes.
  • Rihanna continued her trend

Winehouse Pleads Not Guilty to Assault

Plus, wants to talk with Blake, and more

(Newser) - In a London court today, Amy Winehouse pleaded not guilty to assaulting a fan at a charity ball last year. She was released on bail and will stand trial in July, the AP reports. But that’s not all from her crazy life:
  • Her legal troubles aren’t stopping Winehouse

Brown Rumors Old News: Manager's Dad
 Old News: 
 Manager's Dad 

Brown Rumors Old News: Manager's Dad

Plus, reality acts fight over Jacko, and more

(Newser) - Two British reality talent-show acts nearly came to blows in their competition to open for Michael Jackson’s London shows, the Mirror reports. It may be a moot point, the New York Post adds—so far, no one is willing to insure the July concerts. Elsewhere:
  • The father of Chris

Winehouse Ex Woos Teen Girl
 Winehouse Ex Woos Teen Girl 

Winehouse Ex Woos Teen Girl

Meanwhile, singer tries to win him back

(Newser) - In what might be a new low for Amy Winehouse’s soon-to-be-ex-hubby, recently sprung convict Blake Fielder-Civil has taken up with a 16-year-old girl, the Mirror reports. A friend of the girl—who still lives with her mother—says, “She likes to have a good time but certainly doesn't...

Winehouse Finally Back in UK
 Winehouse Finally Back in UK 

Winehouse Finally Back in UK

Singer moves into new home after epic vacation

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse is back in London after a 71-day holiday in St Lucia, but is she there to reconcile with estranged hubby Blake Fielder-Civil? Yes, reports the Sun, which says the troubled singer—who got in a fight with a passenger on her flight home—plans to see Blake, freshly...

Amy Almost Died Twice: Dad
Amy Almost
Died Twice: Dad

Amy Almost Died Twice: Dad

Documentary 'Saving Amy' details troubled singer's demons

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse has teetered on the edge of death twice, her pop reveals in a new documentary about his talented, troubled daughter. The media "doesn't see her lying in bed for days in the dark," he says. "She was close to death twice. We have been working...

Winehouse Won't Go to Divorce Court, No, No, No!

Star refuses to let hubby go through with plans

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse is standing by her man even though he's planning to divorce her, People reports. “I still love my Blake,” the singer said after reports surfaced that her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, told his lawyer to file for divorce to end the rocky marriage. “I won't let...

Winehouse Hubby Files to Divorce Roving Wife

Amy claims she's drug-free and in love with a new man

(Newser) - Upset over her canoodling in a Caribbean isle, Amy Winehouse’s jailed husband is filing for divorce, the Daily Mail reports. Winehouse appeared unfazed by reports that Blake Fielder-Civil had called a celebrity lawyer and may seek half of her $15 million fortune, saying she had "forgotten I'm even...

Winehouse On Again With Jailed Hubby

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse is giving jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil another chance, the Daily Mirror reports. His revelations about their relationship and drug use upset Winehouse last month, but she called him in his jail cell on Christmas to reconcile. “She says the best Christmas present will be to have her...

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