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The Super-Tall Tend to Die Young—but Why?

Phenomenon may be linked to how excess growth hormone affects the heart

(Newser) - Andre the Giant may be the most well-known; Neil Fingleton, who played Mag the Mighty on Game of Thrones, is the most recent . Both actors were seriously tall men who died young (Andre was 46, Fingleton 36), and Gizmodo wants to know why. The site looks into the common fate...

Manning Slams 'Garbage' Report He Used HGH
 Manning Slams 
 'Garbage' Report 
 He Used HGH 

Manning Slams 'Garbage' Report He Used HGH

QB is the biggest name in extensive, damning investigation

(Newser) - Peyton Manning is hitting back in no uncertain terms after his name surfaced in a report being labeled "explosive" that claims the star quarterback took human growth hormone from an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic as he recovered from neck surgery in 2011, and that he did so under his wife'...

How PayPal's Founder Plans to Live to 120

Peter Thiel is taking human growth hormone daily, follows paleo diet

(Newser) - PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel hopes to stick around to enjoy a fortune estimated by Forbes at $2.2 billion into the 2080s at least. The venture capitalist and Facebook investor, 47, says he "certainly hopes to" live to 120 and is already taking steps to help him get there....

A-Rod's People Threatened to Kill Me: Tony Bosch

Biogenesis founder says he sought MLB's protection

(Newser) - Refusing to accept bribes from Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is dangerous business, according to Tony Bosch. The man who allegedly supplied Rodriguez with PEDs and cooperated with a Major League Baseball investigation into the matter tells 60 Minutes that he received death threats after Rodriguez associates failed to bribe him,...

Former NFL Players to Juice With HGH, for Science

League wants better handle on doping

(Newser) - In this case, the NFL will not only condone doping but actually supply the dope. A new plan calls for about 70 former players to take human growth hormone in a controlled study, reports USA Today . Another 30 or so will get a placebo, and researchers will keep a close...

Baseball Expands Testing for HGH in Players

Tests will be done in-season for first time

(Newser) - Barry Bonds and others in the juicing club may never make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but now they've got a different kind of legacy: The league will start testing players' blood for human growth hormone during the season, reports Bloomberg . Current HGH testing takes place only...

Did Armstrong Drug Use Give Him Cancer?
Did Armstrong Drug Use
Give Him Cancer?

Did Armstrong Drug Use Give Him Cancer?

Say it ain't so, Lance

(Newser) - So Lance Armstrong probably cheated to battle back from his cancer diagnosis in 1996—that only leveled the playing field with other cyclists. But what if steroid use gave him that cancer in the first place? "I don’t think any part of his public reputation would survive if...

Pettitte: I Could Have Misheard Clemens

Pettitte takes the stand again in HGH trial

(Newser) - Under cross-examination today, Andy Pettitte agreed it was "fair" to say that there's a 50-50 chance he misunderstood Roger Clemens regarding his alleged use of human growth hormone. Pettitte had already made moves toward such an acknowledgement yesterday, after first testifying that Clemens "had mentioned to me...

Pettitte in Court: Clemens Told Me He Used HGH

He testifies that his friend told him about doping

(Newser) - It took a few years and one blown trial , but federal prosecutors going after Roger Clemens finally got Andy Pettitte on the stand today to issue these sentences:
  • "Roger had mentioned to me that he had taken HGH. And that it could help with recovery, and that's really

New MLB Labor Deal Would Test for HGH

Will make baseball first pro sport to blood test for growth hormones

(Newser) - Major League Baseball, now finishing off negotiations with players for a new labor agreement, is poised to become the first North American sport to test players at the highest level for human growth hormone, reports the New York Times . Testing will begin in February, and testing positive will result in...

Growth Hormone Test Added to NFL Deal

HGH can give the perception of improved speed, vision

(Newser) - The NFL officially is back in business, collective bargaining agreement and all. That 4 1/2-month lockout? A thing of the past in every way. All those players with new contracts who had to sit out practice for a few days? They hit the field with all of their teammates yesterday...

Tiger 'Blood-Spin' Doc Treated MLB Players

Galea probed over banned substances

(Newser) - The sports injury doctor dubbed "Miracle Man" facing drug charges in Canada has treated several Major League Baseball players. Anthony Galea—who used his pioneering "blood-spinning" technique on Tiger Woods and other celebrity athletes—treated Mets shortstop Jose Reyes and at least two other players, insiders tell the...

Tejada Charged With Lying in Steroid Probe

(Newser) - Houston Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada has been charged with lying to congressional staffers involved in the inquiry into steroids use in baseball, the Washington Post reports. Federal prosecutors say Tejada’s accounts of conversations with teammate Adam Piatt in 2003, while both played for the Oakland Athletics, are contradicted by...

Dealer Says He Sent Clemens HGH
Dealer Says
He Sent Clemens HGH

Dealer Says He Sent Clemens HGH

Ex-Mets staffer said to turn over shipping receipts to feds

(Newser) - Admitted drug dealer Kirk Radomski has turned over to federal authorities proof that he mailed human growth hormone to Roger Clemens, the New York Daily News reports. Sources claim Radomski has shipping receipts for HGH kits mailed to Clemens’ Texas mansion. The former Yankees and Houston Astros pitcher is under...

Olympians Adjust to Tougher Drug Tests

Athletes must keep agency up to speed on their whereabouts

(Newser) - Many US professional athletes aren't accustomed to giving blood and urine samples during their off seasons, but with the Olympics approaching, that's all been changing, writes USA Today. The US Anti-Doping Agency requires all potential competitors to comply with a "whereabouts program" and submit to random screenings for HGH...

McNamee Selling Clemens Mementos on eBay

'Break-up' memorabilia profits go to juvenile diabetes group

(Newser) - If Roger Clemens wants to get any of his stuff back from ex-trainer Brian McNamee, all he has to do is log on to eBay. McNamee, who split with Clemens in the great steroids war, is putting up everything from autographed baseballs to hats to photographs of "all the...

HGH Builds Muscles, Not Strength: Study

Docs see athletes using bigger doses, drug cocktails

(Newser) - Human growth hormone certainly builds muscles, but it may not make athletes faster or stronger. "What we found suggested that it didn't help—and at some point, it might hurt," said the lead investigator on the Stanford research study. So why, the San Jose Mercury News wonders, do...

FBI Begins Clemens Probe
FBI Begins Clemens Probe

FBI Begins Clemens Probe

Agency looking into allegations pitcher lied to Congress about steroids

(Newser) - The FBI today began investigating whether Roger Clemens committed perjury when he told Congress that he never used performance-enhancing drugs, Bloomberg reports. The agency opened a preliminary review one day after a House panel told the Justice Department it suspected Clemens of lying. The pitcher insists he never took steroids...

Congress Asks Justice Dept. for Clemens Probe

Bipartisan letter wants to look at star's steroids denials for perjury

(Newser) - A congressional committee today asked the Justice Department to examine Roger Clemens’ denials under oath that he used performance-enhancing drugs and determine if they constitute perjury, the AP reports. In the letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Reps. Henry Waxman and Tom Davis cite the pitcher's statements contradicting those of...

House Panel May Go After Clemens on Perjury

Panel drafts letter asking Justice Dept. to investigate

(Newser) - The congressional panel that questioned Roger Clemens about steroids has drafted a letter asking the Justice Department to investigate whether he committed perjury, the New York Times reports. The letter doesn't name his former trainer, Brian McNamee, who testified the same day and insisted Clemens is lying, but that could...

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