Norman Hsu

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Clinton Donors Caught Up in Criminal Cases

Four cases, six defendants, $1.1M in contributions

(Newser) - A number of Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers are now caught up in criminal cases, including Galen Capital Group Chairman William P. Danielczyk Jr., who was indicted last week. There are now four major federal cases involving six defendants who raised a total of more than $1.1 million for...

Dem Donor, Ponzi Schemer Hsu Gets 24 Years

(Newser) - Norman Hsu is a man of many hats, but the Hillary Clinton fundraiser extraordinaire, Ponzi schemer, and onetime fugitive has been sentenced to wear them in prison for the next 24 years. While significantly less than the 30 years prosecutors had asked for, Hsu’s lawyer tells the Wall Street ...

Hsu Guilty of Squeezing Donors for Campaign Cash

Big Hillary fundraiser faces up to 20 years

(Newser) - Ponzi schemer and Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu has been convicted of campaign finance fraud after two days of jury deliberations, the Wall Street Journal reports. Prosecutors said Hsu had pushed his investors to donate tens of thousands to his chosen political candidates, including Hillary Clinton, between 2004 and 2007. Hsu...

Dem Donor Hsu Pleads Guilty to $20M Fraud

Ponzi scheme garnered illegal political donations: feds

(Newser) - Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu pleaded guilty today to 10 counts of wire and mail fraud related to an alleged $20 million Ponzi scheme. Prosecutors say Hsu, now 58, bullied victims into contributing to political causes and made illegal donations to politicians like Hillary Clinton, who eventually returned $850,000. His...

Dem Donor Gets 3 Years for Grand Theft

Former fugitive will face Ponzi scheme charges in NY

(Newser) - More than 15 years after pleading no-contest to grand theft charges, Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu was sentenced in California to 3 years in prison today, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A judge dismissed Hsu's argument that he was denied the right to speedy justice because authorities made little effort to...

Trail of Hsu's Ambition Leads to Prison

Business washout satisfied thirst for power in political fundraising

(Newser) - After several failed business schemes in the 1980s and 1990s, Norman Hsu went home to Hong Kong to recoup and plan an ego-boosting second try at the American fast lane. The Journal fills in the gaps in Hsu’s story, revealing the busted bundler as a capable manipulator obsessed with...

41% Can't Name a GOP Hopeful
41% Can't Name a GOP Hopeful

41% Can't Name a GOP Hopeful

But 81% remember a Democratic name

(Newser) - At least the GOP presidential candidates can rest assured some voters haven’t heard about abortion rights flip-flops or serial divorces: A new Pew poll found only 59% of Americans can even name a Republican hopeful. But unfortunately for Norman Hsu and expensive haircuts, fully 81% of Americans could remember...

Bundling Hits Its Stride
Bundling Hits
Its Stride

Bundling Hits Its Stride

Donation gathering accounts for ¼ of money, is ‘chief source’ of campaign abuse

(Newser) - Bundlers have become the stars of 2008 campaign fundraising, the accounting for one-quarter of all money raised in the presidential race—up from 8% in 2000. Donors sought new inroads when soft money was restricted, and the gathering of donations has become “the chief source of abuse,” says...

Disgraced Fundraiser 'a True Bon Vivant'

Clinton sax, pricey wines highlight feds' haul from Hsu digs

(Newser) - Erstwhile fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu had a taste for the finer things, including a 180-bottle wine collection valued at $100,000 and a saxophone seemingly signed by President Bill Clinton. Those items were in the outlaw bundler’s New York apartment, according to newly unsealed documents. One expert tells the...

Hsu Hit With Another Fraud Suit
Hsu Hit With Another Fraud Suit

Hsu Hit With Another Fraud Suit

California investors say he swindled them and coerced contributions

(Newser) - In the latest legal woes to befall disgraced fundraiser Norman Hsu, a California investment company filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming he defrauded investors out of $23 million and demanded political contributions as a prerequisite for doing business. The allegations come a day after the feds filed criminal complaints against Hsu,...

Hsu Swindled Investors of $60M: Feds

'Ponzi scheme' bizman sought to be part of celeb campaign circuit

(Newser) - Businessman Norman Hsu swindled $60 million from investors across the country and made illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton and others, federal prosecutors say. In a criminal complaint unsealed in Manhattan yesterday, the feds say Hsu broke US election law by reimbursing some of the political donors who participated in...

‘Bundlers’ Rake In Cash, Harbor Ethics Gaps

Candidates’ biggest spenders launder money and break laws

(Newser) - "Bundlers"—political fundraisers who solicit other donors to give—are a standard feature of the presidential race, and many remain favored by major campaigns despite unethical and even illegal conduct. The Post spotlights questionable rainmakers in the Norman Hsu scandal aftermath, including one Hillary donor who gave $160,...

Feds to Charge Hsu on Pyramid Scheme, Dem Fundraising

Some of missing money said to be donated

(Newser) - Rogue Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu’s troubles are deepening today, as federal officials are expected to charge the twice-on-the-lam financier with running a $60 million pyramid scheme and breaking campaign-finance laws. Hsu faces accusations that he falsely told investors their money was going into a clothing operation; some of was...

Hsu Sent Suicide Note Before Skipping Town

Dem fundraiser was found disoriented, locked in train cabin

(Newser) - Fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu sent out a suicide note to acquaintances and charities he had supported before he hopped a train to Colorado last week, skipping out on a Bay Area court appearance. On the train, Hsu locked himself in a tiny cabin. When he  failed to come out the...

Hillary to Repay $850K From Hsu
Hillary to Repay $850K From Hsu

Hillary to Repay $850K From Hsu

FBI probes contributions from 'straw donors'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign will return $850,000 raised by Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, a fugitive from a 1991 fraud conviction who turned himself in and then skipped out on a Bay Area court hearing last week. Clinton had planned to give $23,000 from Hsu to charity, but has since...

Hsu's Life Spent on the Run
Hsu's Life Spent on the Run

Hsu's Life Spent on the Run

Fallen Dem fundraiser's past checkered with bankruptcies, fraud, a kidnapping, and more

(Newser) - Fallen and fugitive, Norman Hsu was disowned last week by the very Democrats who thrived on his mysterious largess when details of a 1992 grand theft charge emerged. But the Journal reports that charge wasn't unique to a man whose past is filled with bankruptcies, sketchy investments, a string of...

Feds Arrest Fugitive Fundraiser in Colorado

Hsu didn't show for Cali court appearance

(Newser) - Renegade Democratic donor Norman Hsu was tracked down by the FBI in Colorado last night after skipping town again—he failed to show up in Bay Area court Wednesday for a bail-reduction hearing in connection with his 15-year-old felony theft case. The FBI  charged him with unlawful flight to avoid...

Dem Moneyman May Be on the Lam Again

New warrant issued for Hsu after California court no-show

(Newser) - A top Democratic fundraiser is in more trouble after failing to appear in a California court today for a bail hearing, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A judge revoked Norman Hsu's $2 million bail and issued a new warrant for his arrest. “It could be a mistake, somehow, on...

Feds Probe Hsu for Using Mail Carrier's Family

Fundraiser may have funneled donations through others

(Newser) - The Feds are probing claims that top fundraiser Norman Hsu used a mail carrier and his family to donate to the Dems, the Wall Street Journal reports. Officials suspect that Hsu reimbursed the family for their donations, which were similar in amount and timing to Hsu’s. Hsu denies the...

Hsu Surrenders; Campaigns Lick Wounds and Revisit Vetting

So many donors, so little time?

(Newser) - Fugitive financier Norman Hsu surrendered to a San Mateo, CA, court yesterday, and was released on $2 million bail, leaving political types to wonder how someone with an outstanding grand theft charge could slip under the radar of so many campaigns, especially the experienced hands who let him donate and...

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