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Among Highest-Earning Dead Celebs, a Surprise Name
Among Highest-Earning
Dead Celebs, a Surprise Name
in case you missed it

Among Highest-Earning Dead Celebs, a Surprise Name

Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro comes in at No. 9 on new 'Forbes' ranking

(Newser) - Forbes is out with its annual ranking of the highest-earning dead celebrities, and those on the top 10 have plenty of name recognition. No. 1, for example, is JRR Tolkien, whose estate pulled in $500 million thanks to the sale of Middle Earth Enterprises to a video game company....

James Brown's Estate Goes Way of Whitney and Prince's

Primary New Wave buys control for $90M

(Newser) - When James Brown died 15 years ago, his will made clear that he wanted most of his money to go to needy children. A new deal is a huge step in making that happen and ending what the New York Times describes as "one of the longest and most...

It Took Nearly 15 Years to Settle James Brown's Estate

Heirs have reached an agreement

(Newser) - One of showbiz's "most contentious legal cases," as the New York Times puts it, will soon be laid to rest as James Brown's heirs last Friday reached a settlement agreement almost 15 years after the iconic singer's death. Brown's 2000 will largely left out...

Was James Brown's Death Suspicious? DA Will Decide

Woman says she has evidence singer's death was caused by another person

(Newser) - A prosecutor in Atlanta will decide whether to open a formal investigation after meeting with a woman who says she has evidence legendary singer James Brown's death was caused by another person, his spokesman said. Brown, known as the Godfather of Soul, was 73 when he died of heart...

Investigation Raises Questions About James Brown's Death
Investigation Raises Questions
About James Brown's Death
in case you missed it

Investigation Raises Questions About James Brown's Death

CNN story questions whether singer might have been murdered

(Newser) - Natural causes. That's the official explanation for the death of soul icon James Brown in 2006 at the age of 73. Congestive heart failure to be more specific. Now, however, CNN has come out with a three-part investigation— Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3 —raising the bombshell...

'Screaming Eagle' of Soul Dead at 68
'Screaming Eagle'
of Soul Dead at 68

'Screaming Eagle' of Soul Dead at 68

Charles Bradley found success later in life in style of his idol, James Brown

(Newser) - Charles Bradley, known as the "Screaming Eagle of Soul" for a powerful, raspy style that evoked one of his musical heroes, James Brown, died Saturday at age 68. Bradley, who achieved success later in life with his 2011 debut album No Time for Dreaming," was diagnosed with stomach...

'Funky Drummer' Behind Infamous Hip-Hop Sample Dies at 73

Clyde Stubblefield's drum break has been sampled over 1,000 times

(Newser) - Clyde Stubblefield, a James Brown drummer who created one of the most widely sampled drum breaks ever , has died. He was 73. Stubblefield's wife, Jody Hannon, tells the AP he died of kidney failure at a Madison, Wisconsin, hospital Saturday. She says he had been suffering from kidney disease...

James Brown's Body 'Disappeared'
 James Brown's Body 
showbiz mystery dept

James Brown's Body 'Disappeared'

LaRhonda wants autopsy on Godfather of Soul

(Newser) - Today in the “bizarre showbiz mysteries” department: James Brown’s illegitimate daughter claims his body has gone missing. The Godfather of Soul, who died in 2006 of—supposedly—a heart attack, was put in a temporary crypt at daughter Deanna’s home while his final resting place was being...

5 Worst Drunk-Musician Videos
 5 Worst Drunk-Musician Videos 

5 Worst Drunk-Musician Videos

Mariah Carey's acceptance speech is nothing compared to James Brown

(Newser) - Mariah Carey’s rambling, drunken acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Festival provides an excellent excuse to take a trip through the annals of “drunk musicians in public” history. And that’s exactly what Shawn Amos does at Huffington Post . Revisit precious moments with Britney Spears, Kanye West,...

Ditch the Bells, It's Time for a New Jingle
Ditch the Bells, It's Time
for a New Jingle

Ditch the Bells, It's Time for a New Jingle

Chronicle compiles list of reworked holiday faves

(Newser) - Chestnuts may still be roasting on an open fire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t refresh your Christmas playlist. The San Francisco Chronicle compiles a list of new twists on old favorites to help you give the jingle bells a rest:
  • Sufjan Stevens, "That Was the Worst

Greatest Singer Ever: Aretha
 Greatest Singer Ever: Aretha 

Greatest Singer Ever: Aretha

Poll of musicians, industry insiders choose Franklin as most worthy of R-E-S-P-E-C-T

(Newser) - Aretha Franklin isn't just the Queen of Soul, she's the greatest singer of all time, according to a new Rolling Stone poll of critics, musicians, and industry leaders. Her heavenly voice is "a gift from God," says Mary J. Blige. "Aretha has everything—the power, the technique,...

Medical Bracelet With Soul Sells for $32K

James Brown's goods sell for $850K at controversial auction

(Newser) - The personal belongings of James Brown sold for $850,000 at a bittersweet Christie's auction yesterday, E! Online reports. Letterman bandleader Paul Shaffer provided the day's surprise by shelling out $32,500 for the medical bracelet Brown was wearing before he died on Christmas Day in 2006; the estimate had...

Papa’s Got a Brand New … Jumpsuit?

James Brown's estate selling everything in August auction

(Newser) - Estate sales are always a mixed bag, but the James Brown auction at Christie’s in August will be something special, TMZ.com reports. Sure, fans will be able to snag coveted items like a Grammy or keyboard, but the Godfather’s socks, underwear and canceled checks? Say it loud:...

As Cities Burned, James Brown Saved Boston

Documentary recalls unrest that followed King assassination

(Newser) - In the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King, riots raged in many American cities. In Boston, where there had been unrest on the night of April 4, officials worried about the fallout of a James Brown concert scheduled for April 5 at a downtown arena. A new documentary...

Still in Love With Jumpin' Jack Flash

Even GOP candidate fawns over rock stars, Washington Post says

(Newser) - Rock stars snort powders and cremated parents, promote thuggish personas, and do it all for a corporate dollar – yet we only love them all the more, says the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan. Even Mike Huckabee revealed his un-GOP admiration for Keith Richards, pardoning his reckless driving charge and...

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