Steve Fossett

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Turbulence Blamed for Fossett Crash

Plane didn't malfunction, NTSB investigators conclude

(Newser) - Investigators have determined that the crash that killed Steve Fossett was most likely caused by sudden turbulence, the BBC reports. An NTSB probe concluded that there was no malfunction with the adventurer's plane, and that an "inadvertent encounter with downdrafts" caused him to lose control of his aircraft in... More »

Air France Flight May Join Aviation Mysteries

Crash likely to remain a puzzle as ocean currents shift debris over a vast area

(Newser) - As shifting ocean currents spread debris from Air France Flight 447 over a wider area, the chances rise that it will become one of aviation's unsolved mysteries. CNN rounds up some other biggies:
  • Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific in 1937 while on a round-the-world flight.
  • Numerous aircraft have crashed
... More »

Those We Lost in 2008

(Newser) - This year saw the passing of many notable people, from Paul Newman and Michael Crichton to William F. Buckley and designer Yves St. Laurent. Here are a few that made the lists of the NY Times and LA Times:
  • Tim Russert (b. 1950)—TV journalist and 16-year host of Meet
... More »

Fossett Died in Crash: Calif. DNA Report

Widow hopes this 'puts a definitive end' to speculation

(Newser) - California officials today identified two large bones found near a Sierra Nevada crash site as Steve Fossett's, the Fresno Bee reports. The Madera County Sheriff refused to say which of the adventurer's bones were found, to avoid hurting the family further, reports the AP. "I am hopeful that the... More »

Bones Found at Fossett Crash Site

Skeletal remains found with Fossett's ID

(Newser) - Searchers have found what are believed to be the skeletal remains of Steve Fossett close to where his plane crashed in California, People reports. The bones were found near a pair of tennis shoes, credit cards, and Fossett's driver’s license. Pending DNA tests, the county sheriff said he believed... More »

Fossett Search Likely Off Til Spring

Snow obscures crash site, could pose danger to investigators

(Newser) - The snowstorm that stopped investigators' search for aviator Steve Fossett this week will likely keep such efforts suspended until spring, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. A 2-foot buildup of snow has covered any evidence on the ground, and could pose hazards for search teams. Federal officials had removed the wreckage... More »

Fossett Had 'Subconscious Death Wish'

(Newser) - Steve Fossett took his last, fatal flight into the Sierra Nevada mountains last year because he unconsciously wanted to die, a friend of his said yesterday. Will Hasley, who helped Fossett write a memoir 2 years ago, believes the aviation pioneer was guilt-ridden over marital and financial problems before the... More »

Hiker Brings 'Closure' for Fossett Widow

Calif. man fields thanks from Branson before fleeing spotlight

(Newser) - The widow of adventurer Steve Fossett, whose wrecked plane was found this week in the Sierra Nevada mountains, reached out personally yesterday to the hiker who played the key role in the discovery, the LA Times reports. Peggy Fossett thanked outdoorsman and sporting-goods salesman Preston Morrow for the chance to... More »

Searchers Find Human Remains in Fossett Plane

Authorities hope to identify missing millionaire adventurer

(Newser) - Searchers have found human remains in the wreckage of missing adventurer Steve Fossett's plane, Reuters reports. No official confirmation has come yet, but the find is all but sure to end the mystery of Fossett's disappearance more than a year ago on a solo flight from Nevada. His plane, along... More »

Wreckage Is Fossett's; No Body Found

But adventurer's body still nowhere to be seen

(Newser) - Search teams have confirmed that the wreckage helicopters spotted earlier in California’s Inyo National Forest is indeed the plane that Steve Fossett was piloting when he disappeared last year. One searcher said the crash, which looked to have been a head-on crash into a mountain, was "so severe... More »

Wreckage Spotted Near Fossett Papers

Ground team searching for site spotted from aircraft

(Newser) - An aerial spotter has located what appears to be plane wreckage close to the place where a hiker found ID cards belonging to missing billionaire Steve Fossett, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. A team has been dispatched to do a ground search of the mountainous area in eastern California close... More »

Hiker May Have Found Fossett's Belongings

ID card of long-missing aviator turns up in Calif. mountains

(Newser) - The search for aviator Steve Fossett is on again after a hiker found his ID card near an eastern California lake yesterday, KNBC-TV reports. The identification and other items seemed to have been dropped there, possibly by an animal, the hiker says, adding that he was "way, way, off... More »

Did Air Ace Fossett Fake His Death?

Questions surround disappearance

(Newser) - Air adventurer Steve Fossett may have faked his own death, reports the tabloid News of the World. No wreckage was ever found after Fossett disappeared last year in a light plane over the Nevada desert. Fossett didn't bother to wear his GPS watch—and he may have had strong motives... More »

Fossett Search Is on Again

Missing adventurer declared dead in February

(Newser) - Ten months after Steve Fossett disappeared, a new search for the adventurer's body began yesterday under the guidance of a Canadian geologist and adventure racer who is scouring the Sweetwater Mountains on the Nevada-California border with a team of 10, reports the Reno Gazette-Journal. A competing search party has narrowed... More »

RIP, Steve Fossett

Daredevil declared dead five months after disappearance

(Newser) - He vanished on a routine flight five months ago, and now daredevil Steve Fossett has been declared dead at the age of 63, the AP reports. The famous world record breaker was last seen flying a small plane over western Nevada where 15-20 private planes have disappeared since 1950. The... More »

Declare Fossett Dead, Wife Asks Court

Move would help settle vast estate of missing aviator

(Newser) - The wife of Steve Fossett, who went missing in September while flying his plane over the rugged terrain of northwest Nevada, asked an Illinois court yesterday to declare him legally dead, the AP reports. If granted, the request would allow the vast estate of the millionaire adventurer to be settled,... More »

Search for Fossett Will Resume

New analysis reveals what could be missing aviator's track

(Newser) - Air Force experts analyzing satellite images say they've found what may be signs of adventurer Steve Fossett's track in the rugged terrain near Death Valley in Nevada. This weekend planes and ground crews will comb an area stretching 100 miles southeast of the airstrip Fossett  took off from Sept. 3,... More »

Search for Fossett Grounded

'Nobody is giving up' on adventurer; rescuers remain on standby

(Newser) - Nevada authorities said today they're calling off the active air search for missing adventurer Steve Fossett, who disappeared Sept. 3 after taking off from an airstrip near Reno. "Nobody is giving up on this man," said one official, adding that crews will be kept ready to investigate new... More »

Fossett Search Drastically Reduced

More than 2 weeks after aviator vanished, tips are drying up

(Newser) - Searchers are dramatically scaling back efforts to find missing adventurer Steve Fossett as the rescue mission enters its third week and tips dry up. At one point, 45 aircraft plied the skies looking for wreckage, but the Nevada Civil Air Patrol is suspending its efforts, limiting searchers to five National... More »

No Signals Mean Fossett Likely Dead: Experts

Millionaire aviator missing 10 days in Nevada desert

(Newser) - As the search for Steve Fossett entered its 10th day, experts told the Telegraph the millionaire adventurer’s chances of survival were slim. Fossett hasn’t been seen or heard from since he left a Nevada airstrip Sept. 3, and authorities haven’t received signals from his plane or watch.... More »

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