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McCain on View Exchange: 'Felt Like I'd Been Slapped'

Former co-host writes about on-air barb from Joy Behar that rattled her

(Newser) - In an excerpt of her memoir Bad Republican, Meghan McCain writes that a nasty back-and-forth on the air with co-host Joy Behar was the beginning of the end for her on The View. It took place in January, just after McCain returned to the show after giving birth to her...

Kid Rock Helped Off Stage After Tirade

The singer-songwriter insults Oprah Winfrey, Joy Behar, and Kathie Lee Gifford

(Newser) - Warning: This story includes words uttered by Kid Rock. The singer-songwriter has yet again spewed vitriol at female celebrities, this time onstage at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N' Roll Steakhouse in Nashville. "F--k Oprah!" he shouted earlier this week while "clearly intoxicated,"...

Ann Curry on Megyn Kelly: 'This Is Not Journalism'

She was referencing the Monday segment on Jane Fonda

(Newser) - A former Today show anchor had some tough words for a current Today host. In a Tuesday appearance on the View, Ann Curry addressed Megyn Kelly's Monday segment blasting Jane Fonda . By way of background, Fonda shut down a question Kelly asked about plastic surgery in September, then when...

View Hosts Make Ill-Advised Eating Disorder Jokes

What's funnier, anorexia or bulimia?

(Newser) - Eating disorders: not really a laughing matter, unless, apparently, you're a View panelist. During Thursday's show, the co-hosts discussed Donald Trump's recent weight loss (he says he lost 15 pounds because running for president is just too exciting and he never wants to eat ) and the...

The View's Nurse Diss Ends Up Costing It Money

Johnson & Johnson, Eggland's Best didn't appreciate co-hosts' comments

(Newser) - One advertiser on The View has "paused" its ads and another has yanked them entirely after controversial remarks about a Miss America contestant made by co-hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, CNNMoney reports. Johnson & Johnson and Eggland's Best reacted to Monday's segment about Miss Colorado Kelley...

Hasselbeck Swaps The View for Fox
Hasselbeck Swaps
The View for Fox 

Hasselbeck Swaps The View for Fox

She's joining Fox and Friends this fall

(Newser) - Another empty seat is coming up at The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving the ABC talk show for a new gig on Fox and Friends, the network has confirmed. The departure comes as part of a shake-up that includes the exit of Joy Behar and the retirement of Barbara Walters...

Coming to The View: Brooke Shields?

She's one rumored replacement for Behar, Hasselbeck

(Newser) - If Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaves The View as rumored , a big name may be taking her seat: Radar reports that Brooke Shields is close to a deal to join the remaining ladies. She's guest hosted before, and sources tell Showbiz411 that Barbara Walters wants her to become a permanent addition...

Report: Hasselbeck Also Leaving The View

'US Weekly' says she's getting fired after 9 years

(Newser) - The View might have one more open seat: US Weekly reports that co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is getting fired after nine years because viewers are put off by her conservative views. The report follows Joy Behar's decision to leave after nearly 17 years. Neither ABC nor Hasselbeck has confirmed the...

After Almost 17 Years, Joy Behar Leaving View

Won't return after contract ends in August

(Newser) - Joy Behar, one of the only remaining original members of The View, is leaving after 16.5 years on the show. Her contract is up in August, when the show's 16th season wraps, according to the Hollywood Reporter . She'll leave Barbara Walters as the only member of the...

Everyone Got Married This Weekend

Four celebrities tied the knot ... and one got engaged, too

(Newser) - Apparently love was in the air this weekend as at least four celebrities got married and another got engaged:
  • Tara Reid had a whirlwind wedding weekend in Greece, People reports. She breathlessly tweeted her engagement Saturday, then just hours later tweeted that she got married. (Click to see her massive

Helen Thomas: I Won't Take It Back

Thomas refuses to temper comments about Israel

(Newser) - Helen Thomas doesn’t care who she offended when she said Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine." In an interview with Joy Behar last night, Thomas stood by her remarks, and even reiterated the sentiment. "They didn't have to go anywhere" after World War II,...

Showdown? Bill O'Reilly Heads Back to The View

One co-host is ready for him; another plans to skip the drama

(Newser) - Today's pass through the Inevitability Dept. reveals Bill O'Reilly will be returning to The View, an insider tells PopEater . And why not? When Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off on him , it "was a huge moment for the show," the source says. "Of course the producers...

Thanks, Joy!: Angle Rakes in Another $136K

And should she win, she'll start talking to the press

(Newser) - Joy Behar hasn't been very nice to Sharron Angle—or has she? Though the View host clearly wasn't championing Angle when she called her a bitch two shows in a row, she seems to be doing wonders for Angle's coffers: Angle raked in $150,000 following Tuesday's show, sent flowers...

Angle Needles Behar With Flowers; Hears 'Bitch' Again

Candidate says insult helped fundraising

(Newser) - Joy Behar called Sharron Angle a "bitch" today on the air. Again. After Behar dropped the b-word yesterday on The View, Angle mockingly sent her flowers with a note reading, “Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help!" Behar showed off the flowers and note this...

Behar to Angle: She's 'Going to Hell!'
 Behar on Angle: 
 'She's Going to Hell!' 

Behar on Angle: 'She's Going to Hell!'

'View' co-host gets heated over ad, calls Tea Partier a 'bitch'

(Newser) - Joy Behar flipped out on The View yesterday, frothing over a Sharron Angle immigration ad that played during the break. Behar called the ad a “Hitler Youth commercial,” and things went downhill from there, according to Politics Daily . “I’d like to see her do this ad...

Rod Stewart on Daughter He Gave Away: 'I'm Trying'

Child was put up for adoption in Stewart's late teens

(Newser) - Rod Stewart got personal on last night’s episode of the Joy Behar Show, discussing the daughter put up for adoption when he was a teenager. “She was put up for adoption when I was 17 or 18, I think. I was absolutely stone broke,” the singer said....

Everyone High-Fived Me After The View: O'Reilly

'There is a Muslim problem in the world,' he says

(Newser) - Bill O’Reilly may not have a lot of fans on The View panel, but out on the street, “people were high-fiving me” after his controversial appearance on the show. “People yelling out windows, ‘O’Reilly, keep going!’” he related last night , all the while...

Rosie Stands Up for View Gals After O'Reilly Walkout
Rosie Stands Up for View Gals After O'Reilly Walkout
except babs...

Rosie Stands Up for View Gals After O'Reilly Walkout

At least they still see eye-to-eye on some things

(Newser) - Rosie O'Donnell may have some problems with her former View co-hosts, but she's on their side when it comes to the recent Bill O'Reilly blow-up. O'Donnell doesn't seem to fault Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg for walking off on O'Reilly : She said on her radio show, "Why would you...

Bill O'Reilly Defends Explosive View Comments

When he says 'Muslims attacked,' you should assume 'extremists'

(Newser) - Bill O’Reilly defended the statements he made on The View that caused Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk out on yesterday's interview , explaining that he shouldn’t have to specify that Muslim extremists attacked us on 9/11. After all, he asked, "were we attacked by ‘Japanese...

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar Blew It on O'Reilly Faceoff

Joan Walsh: They should have out-argued, not stormed off

(Newser) - Joan Walsh really, really doesn't like Bill O'Reilly, so she couldn't wait to catch up with the much-ballyhooed confrontation between him and Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar today on the View . What a disappointment, she writes at Salon . Instead of refuting O'Reilly's arrogant all-Muslims-are-terrorists insinuation with the facts (he later...

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