Kid Rock

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Obama Says Romney Has 'Stage Three Romnesia'

Campaigns gear up for home stretch

(Newser) - Now that the debates are over, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are gearing up for a sprint to the finish—and given Obama's schedule, he may need to actually sprint. The president intends to visit six swing states in the next 48 hours, in an "around-the-clock" blitz, his... More »

21 Crazy Celebrity Feuds

The latest: Anderson Cooper and Star Jones

(Newser) - Thought Anderson Cooper's epic takedown of Star Jones was awesome? Well, that wasn't the end of the story: After his rant, Cooper was asked about Jones again, and his response was: "I’ve got nothing more to say, nor do I want to be in a room... More »

Kid Rock's 'Made in Detroit' Shirts ... Not Made in Detroit

Only some of the shirts are even made in the USA: Susan Tompor

(Newser) - Kid Rock loves Detroit, and the story of the rocker saving the Made in Detroit clothing line from bankruptcy is certainly a heartwarming one. With just one small problem: The Made in Detroit shirts aren't actually made in Detroit, Detroit Free Press writer Susan Tompor discovered. The design originated... More »

Romney's Official Campaign Song Is...

...a Kid Rock anthem. Seriously.

(Newser) - Can you picture Mitt Romney rocking out to Kid Rock? No? Well, try again, because Romney has chosen Kid Rock's "Born Free" as the official theme song of his campaign, Politico reports. Kid Rock probably won't be miffed about the move, since he has supported the GOP... More »

Sheryl Crow Flashes Panties at CMT Awards

Sarah Evans: "At least you were wearing underwear"

(Newser) - Ludacris made a surprise appearance—as did Sheryl Crow's underwear (click here for the video )—at the CMT Music Awards last night. Lady Antebellum laid down a funky beat with Charles Kelley doing a Don Henley impression. Fans audibly gasped as Shania Twain slipped and fell on her... More »

Confederate Flag-Loving Kid Rock Wins NAACP Award

Members protest, but rocker accepts and insists, 'I love black people'

(Newser) - Despite his frequent use of Confederate flag imagery onstage, Kid Rock was presented with an award from the NAACP yesterday. The rocker accepted the Detroit NAACP's Great Expectations Award as 50 NAACP members picketed outside the awards dinner, Rolling Stone reports. Angry members urged a boycott and protest in... More »

Kid Rock: Yeah, I Know My Name Is Dumb

Plus, why he doesn't do hookers

(Newser) - Kid Rock has learned a lot over the course of his rock career. Perhaps most importantly, if you're going to beat someone up, at least do it in a Waffle House, as he did . "Could have been worse," he points out. "What if we were in... More »

Kid Rock's Strip Club Tab: $3K

And that was before all the lap dances...

(Newser) - Oh, the life of a rock star: Kid Rock accomplished an impressive feat Tuesday at New York’s Scores Gentlemen’s Club. He and his 20-person entourage racked up a $3,000 tab before splitting up into separate private rooms…where they “ordered lap dances and partied until 2:... More »

Star Power Drives Telethon

Clooney-organized benefit attracts biggest celeb names

(Newser) - Grim-faced celebrities and musicians with mournful tunes set the tone for tonight's all-star, international "Hope for Haiti Now" telethon, which featured two hours of desperate pleas for an even more-desperate nation. "The Haitian people need our help," said George Clooney, who helped organize the two-hour telecast. "... More »

9 Most Infamous Celeb Sex Tapes

Surprisingly, Paris doesn't quite make the top spot

(Newser) - The McSteamy nudie vid is just the latest in a long and illustrious line of celebrity sex tapes. E! lists some of the best-known:
  • Rob Lowe: Two of his videotaped trysts leaked in 1988—including one that involved a 16-year-old.
  • Paris Hilton: Her 2003 romp with Rick Salomon essentially made
... More »

Here Comes Kid Rock Beer

(Newser) - The auto industry may be tanking, but Michigan has a new small-scale savior: Kid Rock Beer. A Michigan brewery has landed a tax credit to produce a line of beer with the rocker's name and image, the Detroit Free Press reports. It's expected to create about 400 new jobs in... More »

Labels Flee iTunes to Push Album Sales

Record execs dislike Apple's singles-friendly policy

(Newser) - Record labels have begun yanking their artists’ work from the iTunes, reports the Wall Street Journal, saying they can make more money selling intact albums than 99-cent singles downloads. Last year Atlantic Records kept Kid Rock's Rock 'n Roll Jesus album off the online shelves; when that album sold a... More »

Kid Rock Endorses Grand Theft Everything

Pro-larceny YouTube video was just a joke, performer insists

(Newser) - Perhaps worried that he provides too wholesome a role model for America's youth, Kid Rock has posted a PSA on YouTube encouraging his fans not to stop at stealing music online. In the video, the rocker-rapper suggests people "level the playing field" by boosting iPods, computers, and cars. He... More »

Pam Anderson Annuls 10-Week Marriage

Cites 'fraud' in dumping Paris' infamous ex, Rick Salomon

(Newser) - Uber babe Pamela Anderson's latest marriage has been annulled, making it her shortest yet, AP reports. The former Baywatch star married Rick Salomon—best known for co-starring in the Paris Hilton sex tape—in Vegas in October. The pair separated 10 weeks later. Court documents filed last week cited "... More »

Kid Rock Jailed in Short Order After Waffle House Dustup

Customer goofs by chatting up woman

(Newser) - Singer Kid Rock raised the rafters at a sold-out concert to promote his latest CD in Atlanta and then was busted when he and his posse beat up a customer in a waffle house who was chatting up a woman in Rock's party, according to  police. He and his five... More »

Pam Anderson Marries Sex Tape 'Co-Star'

Actress and Hilton hook-up Rick Salomon 'so grateful'

(Newser) - Actress and pin-up eye-popper Pamela Anderson has tied the knot with Rick Salomon, whose major claim to fame is his appearance in a widely distributed amateur sex video with Paris Hilton. The two were married in a Las Vegas ceremony attended by 60 pals. Anderson sported a white Valentino mini-skirt... More »

Kid Rock: Pam's Lying Busted Up Marriage

Invented miscarriage to make singer gave up Lakers tickets

(Newser) - Singer Kid Rock can't resist mixing it up with his ex. Now he claims Pam Anderson guilted him into visiting her on a movie set by lying that she had just suffered a miscarriage. Rock gave up floor-seat Lakers tickets to rush to Canada to be with his then-wife to... More »

Kid Rock, Tommy Lee Tussle

Pamela's exes brawl at the Video Music Awards

(Newser) - The audience at the MTV Video Movie Awards experienced some unscheduled excitement last night, in the form of a brawl between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee—both rockers who've been wed to Pamela Anderson. The cause of the scuffle was unclear, but witnesses say Kid walked over to Tommy's table... More »

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