American Muslims

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After Murder of 4 Muslims, Albuquerque Cops Make an Ask

Police ask public for help in finding 'vehicle of interest'

(Newser) - Cops in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are asking the public to keep a lookout for a car they think may be tied to the murder of four Muslim men in the city over the past nine months. Per CBS News , police asked anyone in the area who's seen a dark...

'It's Us Who Will Be Attacked': Beauty Pageant Has Rare Agenda

Miss Muslimah USA is breaking boundaries in Michigan

(Newser) - "I am a Muslim feminist. Many people think those two words are incompatible, but I am here to prove you wrong." So said 22-year-old Zeytuna Mohamed after taking the stage last July at the Miss Muslimah USA pageant in Dearborn, Michigan—a little-known event that casts a fresh...

Battle Over Muslim TikTok Video Goes Full Media
Teen Posts About 'Another
Holocaust,' Gets Banned
the rundown

Teen Posts About 'Another Holocaust,' Gets Banned

Feroza Aziz talked about more than beauty in TikTok video

(Newser) - TikTok's decision to ban a US teenager and suddenly reverse course didn't pass unnoticed on Thanksgiving Day. "TikTok is trying to cover up this whole mess," Feroza Aziz, 17, tells the Washington Post . "I won't let them get away with this." It all...

Muslim Transit Worker Shoved Down Stairs at Grand Central

NYPD says hate crimes on the rise

(Newser) - A Muslim transit worker was called a "terrorist" and pushed down a flight of stairs in New York City on Monday, two days after police say a man threatened to slit the throat of a Muslim NYPD officer. Soha Salama, 45, suffered a twisted knee and swollen ankle. She...

Gingrich Calls for Testing, Expulsion of US Muslims

He wants them to be checked for 'belief in Sharia'

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich managed to out-Trump Donald Trump in the wake of Thursday night's horrific attack in Nice , calling for nothing less than the ideological testing of all Muslims in the US and the expulsion of those who don't pass muster. "Let me be as blunt and direct...

Muslims Demand That Ben Carson Quit the Race

Critics stunned by his comment against Muslim presidents

(Newser) - Ben Carson's camp is playing defense today after his remark that a Muslim shouldn't be US president sparked some criticism, NBC News reports. "He did not say that a Muslim should be prevented from running, or barred from running in any way," says campaign spokesman Doug...

New Jersey Home's Islamic Flag Riles Up Twitter

Muslim Mark Dunaway takes it down after critics equate it with terrrorism

(Newser) - "Jihadists are now in Garwood." Well, not exactly. New Jersey resident Mark Dunaway has removed an Islamic flag he's flown outside his home for 10 years after a photo of it was posted to Twitter and garnered comments like that one, AP reports. The black flag—which...

Informant: NYPD Paid Me to 'Bait' Muslims

He tells AP of his undercover tactics

(Newser) - Shamiur Rahman was behind bars in Queens on drug charges when he says he was approached by a plainclothes NYPD officer who offered him a chance to "turn his life around." The 19-year-old said the next month he began to infiltrate a wide variety of Muslim gatherings, including...

Arkansas GOPer: Give Unruly Kids the Death Penalty

Charlie Fuqua wants all Muslims deported

(Newser) - A Republican candidate for Arkansas state legislature says it's time to crack down on rebellious kids—by threatening them with the death penalty. Instituting the punishment "would be a tremendous incentive for children to give proper respect to their parents," writes Charlie Fuqua, a former lawmaker, in...

US Home to 74% More Mosques Since 2000

New census also finds mosque leaders feel comfortable in US

(Newser) - Even as protests against new mosques got quite a bit of attention, their numbers in the US grew from 1,209 in 2000 to 2,106 in 2010, USA Today reports. And most of the leaders of those Islamic places of worship believe America is not hostile to Islam, according...

NYPD's Muslim Surveillance Used White House Funds

Anti-drug grant pays for cars, computers: AP report

(Newser) - The NYPD's controversial Muslim surveillance programs were funded in part by millions of dollars directly from the Bush and Obama administrations, the AP reports. Since the 9/11 attacks, $135 million has been provided through the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program (HIDTA), which hands out grants, under the watch...

NYPD Tracked Muslim Students Far Beyond City

Undercover work 'a violation of civil rights': chaplain

(Newser) - The New York Police Department monitored Muslim college students far more broadly than previously known, at schools far beyond the city limits, including the elite Ivy League colleges of Yale and the University of Pennsylvania. Police talked with local authorities about professors 300 miles away in Buffalo and even sent...

4 Firebombs Hit Muslim Targets in NYC

Attacks probed as anti-Muslim crimes: police

(Newser) - Four homemade firebombs went off in New York last night in what police believe to be anti-Muslim hate crimes. No one was hurt. Three of the Queens attacks used molotov cocktails made using Starbucks bottles; targets included a bodega, two houses, and a major Islamic center, the New York Times...

Hertz Fires 26 Muslims Over Prayer Breaks

Employees refused to clock out, says company

(Newser) - A Hertz branch in Seattle has fired 26 Muslim employees because they didn’t clock out during prayers. The car rental firm says it’s trying to be fair to other workers, but one fired employee tells KOMO News , “We feel like we're being punished for what we...

FBI Training Manuals: Muslims Are Dangerous
FBI Training Materials:
Muslims Are Dangerous

FBI Training Materials: Muslims Are Dangerous

Training materials are playing into terrorists' hands, say former agents

(Newser) - A shocking Wired exposé reveals that FBI counterterrorism agents are taught that "mainstream" American Muslims are likely to sympathize with terrorists, and that more "devout" Muslims are more likely to be "violent." The magazine acquired FBI training materials, some from as recently as March, which also...

Americans Big on Religious Freedom ... But Not Muslims

Fox News viewers especially see clash of civilizations

(Newser) - Americans are big on the concept of freedom of religion—but they aren’t so keen on Muslims. According to data from a larger study last week, spotted by Dino Grandoni of the Atlantic , 88% of Americans say the country was founded on the principle of religious freedom, yet a...

NYPD Spied on 250 Mosques, Student Groups

Undercover agents monitored groups' activities

(Newser) - New York’s police department kept tabs on some 250 mosques and Muslim student groups in the metropolitan area, turning to undercover officers and informants to help monitor the organizations, an AP investigation finds. Confidential documents obtained by the news organization show a blend of anti-terror measures and monitoring of...

Muslim Americans Happier With US Than Everyone Else

Much more so than everyone else

(Newser) - If you thought things like Peter King’s hearings or the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy would leave Muslim Americans feeling disgruntled, think again. Muslims are actually much happier with the country than everyone else, according to Pew poll released today, with 56% saying they’re satisfied with the way...

King to Hold 2nd Hearing on Radicalized US Muslims

The focus: 'the threat of Muslim-American radicalization in US prisons'

(Newser) - A single bloody pig's foot isn't enough to stop Peter King: He announced last night that Congress will hold a second hearing on the "radicalization of the Muslim-American community" on Wednesday. This time around, the hearing will examine "the threat of Muslim-American radicalization in US prisons,...

Mosque's Neighbor Puts Up This Sign

Man says he wants 'answers' about Islamic center

(Newser) - Michael Heick isn’t feeling particularly neighborly about the Jaffarya Islamic Center that sits next door to his house in the suburbs of Buffalo. He’s posted a sign in his lawn reading, “Bomb Making, Next Driveway.” Needless to say, Muslims are not pleased. “I would think...

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