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Nonprofit CFO Accused of 'Simply Astonishing' Fraud

William Smith allegedly embezzled almost $40M from Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

(Newser) - The former chief financial officer of a nonprofit tasked with improving Detroit's waterfront has been charged with a fraud that prosecutors say is "simply astonishing in scale." William Smith, who was fired as CFO of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy last week, is accused of stealing around $40...

After Embezzlement, Indie Paper Has to Lay Off Everyone

Oregon's 'Eugene Weekly' has to cease printing after finding out ex-worker embezzled $90K

(Newser) - "Where's the Damn Paper?" reads the bold headline from a Thursday editorial in the Eugene Weekly, a local alternative newspaper that's served Oregon's second-largest city for more than four decades. The question was posed after the free publication ceased its print edition, following the discovery of...

She Worked Her Way Up the Men's Wearhouse Ladder. Now, Jail

Gina Lonestar created phony invoices from a fake vendor to the tune of $1.7M, prosecutors say

(Newser) - A former Men's Wearhouse executive is going to prison for nearly two years after pleading guilty to embezzling $1.7 million from the clothing giant and its parent, Tailored Brands. CBS News reports that 52-year-old Gina Suzanne Lonestar was sentenced to 22 months behind bars on a wire fraud...

Feds Say Software CEO Stole Millions While Workers Went Unpaid

Slync's Chris Kirchner charged in $67M fraud

(Newser) - The co-founder and former CEO of logistics software company Slync is accused of scamming investors for tens of millions of dollars to live a lavish lifestyle while employees went unpaid. Chris Kirchner, 35, is accused of misappropriating $28 million between March 2020 and August 2022, when he was ousted by...

Cops: Woman Scammed Own Mom in $140M Psychic Ruse

Sabine Boghici, 48, and accomplices are accused of conning her 82-year-old mother for years

(Newser) - A Brazilian woman was arrested this week and accused of recruiting a group of fake psychics to scam her own 82-year-old mother out of about $140 million in cash, artwork, and jewelry, reports the Washington Post . The alleged scheme began in January 2020, when Genevieve Boghici, the wealthy widow of...

Embezzled $854K Helped Pay for Remodeled Backyard

Ryan Kent faces 20 years in prison and an order to repay his former employer

(Newser) - Ryan Kent has spent some money in the past few years. The Missourian had his backyard remodeled, paid off old bills, went to Las Vegas to gamble, and bought a couple of vehicles, including a Cadillac Escalade. But federal prosecutors said the money wasn't his to spend. After being...

Bannon's Co-Founder Pleads Guilty in 'Build the Wall' Scam

Brian Kolfage admits to taking hundreds of thousands in donors' money

(Newser) - Update: The co-founder of the project to raise money for a border wall pleaded guilty Thursday in a case that once included Steve Bannon, who was an adviser to former President Donald Trump. Brian Kolfage admitted to pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the AP reports, while promising that all...

Search for Ex-Police Chief's Body Takes a Turn

William Anthony Spivey, 36, was found very much alive in South Carolina

(Newser) - An abandoned boat, a .22 caliber rifle holding a discharged round, and handwritten letters. If that sounds like the scene of a possible suicide, well, police claim that's what William Anthony Spivey wanted you to think. They allege the former police chief of North Carolina's Chadbourn Police Department...

Gambling Nun to Serve Year Behind Bars: 'I Have Sinned'

'I have no excuses,' says Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper, who stole $835K from Catholic school

(Newser) - Update: A California nun and retired principal who embezzled $835,000 in donations, tuition, and fees from a Catholic elementary school will now have to pay it all back and serve a year behind bars. "I have sinned, I've broken the law, and I have no excuses,"...

'Who Steals From a Deaf Kid?' Allegedly, Alex Murdaugh

Fox News unravels his alleged embezzlement crimes

(Newser) - We're learning more details about the alleged financial fraud of Alex Murdaugh, including claims that the South Carolina lawyer stole from a deaf quadriplegic he represented following a car accident, and a former highway patrolman he represented following an injury in the line of duty. Murdaugh, already accused of...

Mistrial Declared in Michael Avenatti Case

He's accused of cheating clients out of millions

(Newser) - A California judge declared a mistrial Tuesday in the embezzlement trial of attorney Michael Avenatti, who is charged with stealing millions in settlement money from his clients. US District Judge James V. Selna ruled on technical grounds that federal prosecutors failed to turn over relevant financial evidence to Avenatti, the...

Florida Man Embezzles $12.8M, Spends Most of It at Adult Website
Florida Man 
Embezzles $12.8M,
Spends Most of It
at Adult Website
in case you missed it

Florida Man Embezzles $12.8M, Spends Most of It at Adult Website

He and his stepson's fiancee were allegedly in on scheme together

(Newser) - A Florida man pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $12.8 million from the nonprofit where he worked—and spending most of it at an adult website. Ralph Puglisi signed the plea agreement in June and it was filed last week, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The 59-year-old was the...

Indicted Cardinal: Pope 'Wanted Me to Be on Trial'

Charges include embezzlement and abuse of office

(Newser) - A fraud and embezzlement trial involving charges of mismanagement of the Holy See's investments began Tuesday in Vatican City, with a once-powerful cardinal among the 10 defendants saying he remains obedient to Pope Francis, who stripped his privileges to bring him before the tribunal. "He wanted me to...

Vatican Indicts Cardinal in Financial Crimes

Charity money was lost in high-risk schemes, charges say

(Newser) - The Vatican announced Saturday that 10 people, one of them an Italian cardinal, will be put on trial this month on financial charges including extortion, corruption, and fraud. Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu was indicted on charges of abuse of office, bribery, and embezzlement, CNN reports. Becciu, 73, issued a statement...

Nun Embezzled $835K to Fund Gambling Habit

Mary Margaret Kreuper could get 40 years

(Newser) - A Los Angeles nun who took a vow of poverty has agreed to plea guilty to federal charges for stealing more than $800,000 to pay for a gambling habit, prosecutors announced Tuesday. Mary Margaret Kreuper, 79, was charged Tuesday with one count of wire fraud and one count of...

South Korea's Biggest Manhunt Ever Is Over

Yoo Hyuk-kee, wanted after 2014 sinking of Sewol ferry, was nabbed at home in New York

(Newser) - He may not have been steering the ferry that sank six years ago in South Korean waters, but Yoo Hyuk-kee was nevertheless a wanted man. Now Yoo—also known as Keith Yoo—is in police custody in New York, accused with other family members of embezzling millions from the company...

Former Union Leader: Yes, I Did It. All of It.

Gary Jones admits to embezzling from the United Auto Workers Union

(Newser) - Gary Jones has confessed to embezzling over $1 million from rank-and-file members of the United Auto Workers Union, the New York Times reports. The former UAW president pleaded guilty Wednesday and admitted to skimming money for various personal expenses including golf outings, pricey meals, vacation rentals, liquor, and clothing. Prosecutors...

The Ballet School Was Missing $1.5M. The Story Gets Stranger

A convicted embezzler is again at the center of a financial mess

(Newser) - They gave her a second chance. Bad idea, perhaps. The New York Times reports on the financial mess the elite Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, DC, finds itself in: As the paper puts it, the school is "recovering from one of the bigger embezzlement scandals in the history...

She Claims a Boating Accident. Cops Claim a Benadryl Murder
'They Had a Great Marriage.'
Now a Murder Charge
in case you missed it

'They Had a Great Marriage.' Now a Murder Charge

Idaho woman charged with killing hubby as embezzlement allegations came to light

(Newser) - She said her husband fell overboard while the couple were taking in the sunrise from the middle of a chilly Idaho lake on Feb. 13, 2018. Two years later, police say Lori Isenberg in fact killed her husband, Larry, on the same day she was accused of embezzling $500,000...

Church Volunteer Allegedly Stole Half a Million Dollars

Taisha Smith-DeJoseph allegedly used embezzled money to pay for her wedding

(Newser) - Weddings aren't cheap—unless someone else is footing the bill. New Jersey authorities allege that very arrangement played out in the case of Taisha Smith-DeJoseph, who they say embezzled $561,777 from the church whose finances she oversaw as a volunteer, per a press release . The 43-year-old has been...

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