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Classy ATM Spits Gold, Not Cash, in Florida

Machine installed in a shopping mall

(Newser) - An ATM at a posh Florida mall cuts out the paper and goes straight for gold. Slide in credit card or cash and get out a pile of gold bars and coins in a tidy black box, the AP reports. The German machine is primarily a novelty item, says its...

California Bans Collecting Welfare at Strip Club ATMs

State debit cards no longer work ithere

(Newser) - Californian authorities learning that thousands of taxpayer dollars meant for needy families may have ended up being stuffed into thongs have banned collecting welfare at strip clubs. The establishments have been scratched from the official list of places where welfare recipients can use state-issued ATM cards to withdraw cash, the...

Senator Nelson: 'I've Never Used an ATM'

Which makes it hard to be mad at fees

(Newser) - Ben Nelson is taking some razzing today for comments he made to the Omaha World-Herald about ATM fees: “I've never used an ATM, so I don't know what the fees are,” said the 69-year-old Nebraska senator. "It's true, I don't know how to use one. But I...

Thieves Wheel ATM Out of Hotel Lobby

Suspects pose as repairmen to make $15K withdrawal

(Newser) - Two thieves posing as ATM repairmen making a pre-dawn call withdrew a bank machine stuffed with $15,000 in cash from a California hotel. The men, one of whom wore attire resembling a security guard's uniform, strolled into the Crowne Plaza hotel in Garden Grove, loaded the machine onto a...

Banks Blitz Customers to Keep Overdraft Fees Coming

$20B in penalty fees threatened by Fed's new opt-in rule

(Newser) - Expect your mailbox to be stuffed in the coming weeks with entreaties from your bank, which desperately wants you to sign up for pricey overdraft fees it used to be able to slip into the small print. Under new Fed rules going into effect July 1, bank customers must opt-in...

Fed Restricts Overdraft Fees

 Fed Restricts Overdraft Fees 

Fed Restricts Overdraft Fees

Customers must opt in for coverage of ATM, debit transactions

(Newser) - Starting in July, banks will have to get consumers' explicit consent before authorizing an overdraft—and the accompanying fee—on debit and ATM card transactions. Since the advent of the financial crisis, overdraft fees have become the biggest source of consumer fee income for banks. Congress is also considering making...

Troubled Banks Have a New Benefactor: You

Industry hikes fees on checking accounts, overdraft transactions

(Newser) - Your children aren’t the only ones who think you’re an ATM: Your bank does, too. Facing declining revenues and smacked with tough, new credit card legislation from Congress, banks are hiking overdraft, ATM, and checking account fees, the Washington Post reports. The average bounced check fee rose 2....

Prosecutors Detail 244-Stab Attack on French Students

'Unmitigated evil' ended grad students' lives in London, says prosecutor

(Newser) - Prosecutors yesterday detailed an "unimaginably" horrific attack on two French students in their London apartment by home invaders seeking the men's ATM pin numbers, reports the Times of London. The gifted biochemistry grad students, who had been in London just two months to attend school there, were bound in...

New ID System Scans Finger's Veins, Not Prints

Hitachi system is faster, more secure than fingerprinting, retinal scans

(Newser) - A new technology that scans finger veins to authenticate identity claims to be quicker and more reliable than fingerprinting, retinal scans, or facial recognition, the Times of London reports. Japanese company Hitachi's system shines infrared light through the network of capillaries in the index finger, capturing a unique 3D “...

Woman Admits Making Up Tale of Carved 'B'

McCain volunteer told police that mugger cut one onto her face

(Newser) - The blogosphere smelled a rat, and they were apparently right. The woman who claimed that an Obama-supporting mugger carved a "B" into her cheek has confessed to making up the tale, KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh) reports. The 20-year-old told police that her black mugger got ticked when he saw her McCain...

ATM Thefts On the Rise
 ATM Thefts On the Rise 

ATM Thefts On the Rise

Non-bank teller machines make easy targets, police say

(Newser) - ATM theft is a labor-intensive crime: You have to steal a pickup, slam it through a gas station storefront, and haul the ATM out. But that’s exactly what an increasing number of criminals are doing, MSNBC reports. From 2000 to 2006, thieves nabbed about 120 ATMs a year across...

Construction Oglers Get an Eyeful

Workers' whistles drive woman to bare all

(Newser) - Some wolfish construction workers got an eyeful of a sheep without clothing, the New Zealand Herald reports, when a female Israeli tourist apparently fed up with their whistling got naked as she used an ATM in downtown Kerikeri. "She gave the explanation that she had been pestered by New...

Police Issue Pics in UNC Probe
Police Issue Pics in UNC Probe

Police Issue Pics in UNC Probe

ATM surveillance photos show man who used Eve Carson's bank card

(Newser) - Police issued photos today of a "person of interest" in the killing of UNC-Chapel Hill student president Eve Carson, the News and Observer reports. The ATM camera shots show a black man, about 20, who used Carson's bank card and may have been driving her Toyota Highlander. "This...

United Tech Makes $3B Bid for Diebold

Deal would expand UTC's footprint in electronic security business

(Newser) - United Technologies is bidding $3 billion for Diebold, one of the largest manufacturers of ATMs and voting machines. The unsolicited bid is $40 per share, a 66% premium over Diebold’s closing stock price Friday of $24.12, reports the New York Times. The deal would provide an opportunity for...

China ATM Glitch Nets Man Life
China ATM Glitch Nets Man Life

China ATM Glitch Nets Man Life

After withdrawing free money, man found guilty of bank robbery

(Newser) - It seemed like a miracle to Xu Ting of Guangzhou: a misplaced decimal point somewhere in the bowels of an ATM meant that his $140 withdrawal debited his account only 14 cents. Over several hours he made another 170 transactions, pocketing more than $24,000. But after getting robbed and...

Bank of America Ups ATM Charges
Bank of America Ups ATM Charges

Bank of America Ups ATM Charges

Non-customers will have to pay $3; other banks are likely to follow

(Newser) - Bank of America has raised its ATM surcharge to $3 for non-customers—and other banks' are likely to follow. That's the highest surcharge in America, and it affects millions, because BoA has the largest ATM network in the country, USA Today reports. Expect the hike to be contageous: "Banks...

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