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Employers Like State School Grads, Not Ivy Leaguers

Survey says big companies prefer those from non-elite schools

(Newser) - Move over Harvard; when it comes to hiring entry-level employees, most businesses prefer to recruit from state schools, according to a new survey. The Wall Street Journal polled 479 of the country’s largest companies and asked where they did their recruiting. Of the top 25 schools they named, 19...

More Americans Becoming Day Laborers

Women, white-collar types hustling manual work

(Newser) - The high unemployment rate is making day labor in America the "occupation" of a far broader, more diverse population. While the informal nature of the sector makes it tough to compile accurate statistics, the number of people seeking casual work is rising across America, as is the number of...

Germany Bans Bosses From Checking Your Facebook

Some 45% of employers vet applicants on social-networking sites

(Newser) - You look great in your interview duds and make a smashing first impression, so what could torpedo your chances of getting the job? Those Facebook photos of you doing a kegstand. Move to Germany, reports der Spiegel, where Berlin has recently banned bosses from checking would-be employees' social-networking profiles. The...

Jobs Returning to Wall St. (if Not Main St.)

Banks and brokerages make with the hiring

(Newser) - Who says the job market’s in trouble? Not Wall Street, which after nearly two years of layoffs is in the middle of a bona fide hiring boom. Though the number of financial employees in New York fell by 2,800 in February, that loss comes after two straight months...

Critics Warn Jobless Benefits Becoming Welfare

Extensions up to 99 weeks too much, they say

(Newser) - The unemployment benefit program designed to help workers in the short term is turning into an expensive form of welfare as extensions continue, complain critics in Congress and elsewhere. Workers in the hardest-hit states can now claim benefits for 99 weeks, the longest period since the program began in the...

1 in 5 US Men Unemployed
 1 in 5 US Men Unemployed 

1 in 5 US Men Unemployed

Recession has been especially hard on traditionally male jobs

(Newser) - Male unemployment has hit an all-time high, with a whopping 1 of every 5 working-age American men jobless, according to the latest government figures. The economic downturn has been especially brutal on traditionally male-dominated fields like construction and manufacturing, the Huffington Post explains, leading some to label it a “...

Is Palin Seeking Job on LinkedIn?
 Is Palin Seeking 
 Job on LinkedIn? 


Is Palin Seeking Job on LinkedIn?

Poster's also open to 'business deals'

(Newser) - Guess who's joined LinkedIn and is eager for gainful employment? A poster identified as always-surprising GOP rogue Sarah Palin is actively seeking "job inquiries" on the Internet network for professionals. Anyone interested can peruse the posted resume, which touts "Governor, State of Alaska" as the most recent gig....

America's Most Promising Jobs
 America's Most Promising Jobs 

America's Most Promising Jobs

Systems engineer rated best job, based on pay, growth, quality of life

(Newser) - Jobs like beer taster and video game tester are nowhere to be seen on CNNMoney's list of the 50 best jobs in America, ranked by pay, job growth, and quality of life. Systems engineer was rated the best overall job, while anesthesiologist—with a median pay of $292,000—topped...

Job Market Splitting Up Couples
 Job Market Splitting Up Couples 

Job Market Splitting Up Couples

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans relocates for new position

(Newser) - With the job market failing to recover along with the larger economy, two-career couples are facing tough choices and increasingly being forced into long-distance relationships. A recent survey has found that 18.2% of Americans who took new jobs in the second quarter also relocated, up from 11.4% a...

With Job Openings, Employers All a-Twitter

Social-networking site gives companies a cheap medium to find the techno-savvy

(Newser) - For some firms, Twitter is playing the role of headhunter: companies like Verizon and Microsoft are posting openings on the social-networking site, the Wall Street Journal reports. Job boards have “become saturated,” says a Newell Rubbermaid VP. “With Twitter, we don't have to go through that huge...

Survey Finds Unemployed 'Traumatized'

Two thirds of Americans who have lost jobs experience depression

(Newser) - The recession has left many jobless workers struggling to cope with the psychological stress, a new study finds. Researchers at Rutgers University said the financial strain that comes with being out of work, combined with the daunting task of seeking new employment in a difficult job market, has left many...

Unemployment Will Probably Miss 10%: Silver
Unemployment Will Probably Miss 10%: Silver

Unemployment Will Probably Miss 10%: Silver

(Newser) - Lots of economists are predicting that unemployment, which at last count hung at 9.4%, will hit 10% before the calendar changes, but Nate Silver of disagrees. For that to happen, the economy would need to lose another million jobs or so, and "the jobs picture is...

Jobs Lift Stocks; Dow Up 114
 Jobs Lift Stocks; Dow Up 114 

Jobs Lift Stocks; Dow Up 114

Unemployment report fuels rally

(Newser) - Good news about the labor market fueled a rally in stocks today, the Wall Street Journal reports. Slowing declines in payrolls and a 0.1% drop in unemployment—both figures beat expectations—elevated investor sentiment. AIG jumped 22.2% after reporting a $1.8 billion quarterly profit. The Dow gained...

Credit Checks Trap Jobless in Financial Spiral

(Newser) - For many unemployed Americans, a new trend is keeping the prospect of a new job out of reach: detailed credit checks of prospective employees. Once used mostly for government positions, cheap credit checks are now routine at private employers seeking to cull huge applicant pools. Businesses say they're just...

1.5M Jobless Will Lose Benefits by Dec.

(Newser) - As many as 1.5 million Americans will lose unemployment benefits by the end of the year, reports the New York Times. Some 9 million Americans currently receive an average of $300 a week in unemployment, and many in the current recession have failed to find work for a year...

5 Jobs in Social Networking
 5 Jobs in Social Networking 

5 Jobs in Social Networking

(Newser) - Facebook addiction interfering with your work? Perhaps you should get a job where an intimate understanding of social networking is a prerequisite. Rachel Zupek runs down five possibilities for CNN.
  • Recruiter: The social networks are swarming with qualified candidates, "and it's about time recruiters joined them." They can

44 States Shed Jobs in April
 44 States Shed Jobs in April 

44 States Shed Jobs in April

Job shedding continued last month

(Newser) - Instead of May flowers, April showers brought a flood of job losses, with 44 states notching declines, the Wall Street Journal reports. California led the pack with 63,700 positions cut, but its 11% unemployment rate trailed those of Michigan (12.9%), Oregon (12%), South Carolina (11.5%), and Rhode...

This Mother's Day, She's Likely at Work

Women take on role of breadwinner as 4 of 5 lost jobs hit men

(Newser) - She's chef, cheerleader, and Florence Nightengale to scraped knees, but with the economy stinking like a previously enjoyed diaper, Mom is more and more often also a family's breadwinner, reports NPR. As male-dominated industries hemorrhage jobs, 14% of working moms are taking second jobs, a survey suggests. The recession has...

College Grads Face Years of Lower Wages

Economists pile on the bad news for the struggling class of '09

(Newser) - The recession will mean paltry pay for the Class of '09 for many years to come, economists tell the Wall Street Journal. College grads are entering the toughest labor market in 25 years and competition is driving down starting wages for those lucky enough to land jobs, an effect research...

3 Million US Job Openings Isn't a Good Thing
3 Million US Job Openings Isn't
a Good Thing

3 Million US Job Openings Isn't a Good Thing

Figure shows troubling disconnect between employers, workers

(Newser) - Even with the unemployment rate shattering records, 3 million jobs nationwide remain unfilled. But the growing mismatch between employers and workers tarnishes that silver lining, Peter Coy argues in BusinessWeek. Untrained job-seekers often don’t have necessary skills to work in growing sectors like health care and accounting, and employers...

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