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eHarmony Looks to Match Bosses, Workers

Dating website to use approach to romance to connect people with jobs

(Newser) - EHarmony is moving from the business of love to the business of, well, business. The dating website is developing a job service that aims to cut through what one eHarmony exec calls the "artificial and weird interaction" of the job interview in much the same way it does the... More »

Less Than Half of Grads Have Jobs Requiring a Degree

41% are overqualified for their jobs, 11% unemployed

(Newser) - The latest man-are- young - people - screwed statistic: More than half of those who graduated from college in 2011 and 2012 haven't been able to put their education to work in the job market, according to a study released this week. Researchers found that 41% were working jobs... More »

ObamaCare to Cost Part-Time Workers Hours

Even as they benefit from premium support, Medicaid expansion

(Newser) - Employers across America are dialing back hours for their part-time employees, as a presumably unintended side effect of the Affordable Care Act. The new health care law requires large and medium-sized employers (any with more than 50 full-time employees) to provide health insurance for part-timers who put in more than... More »

Plight of the New MBA: Fewer Jobs, Lesser Pay

Having degree no longer gets you into 'exclusive club'

(Newser) - If you ditched your law school dreams and took the MBA route instead in the hope of actually finding a well-paying job upon graduation, the Wall Street Journal has some really depressing news for you. The paper today takes a look at the plight of recent MBAs, who are emerging... More »

On Eve of Big Jobs Report, a Solid Number

Initial jobless claims drop to 363K

(Newser) - US companies added a better-than-expected 158,000 jobs last month, finds a private report released today. The ADP survey, which has been pinged in the past for its swings-and-misses, was created using a methodology that was overhauled for the first time since 2001, reports Bloomberg . It was based on payroll... More »

Mitt Romney: Jobs Report Is Post-Party 'Hangover'

Will it affect the election? Analysts offer mixed reactions

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is pouncing on today's jobs report , which found lowered unemployment but fewer jobs created than were expected. "If last night was the party, this morning is the hangover. For every net new job created, nearly four Americans gave up looking for work entirely," Romney says... More »

New US Jobs Pay Less Than Those Lost

We're suffering 'good jobs' deficit: analyst

(Newser) - Yes, the economy's been adding jobs—but they don't match the pay of jobs that disappeared starting in 2008, a study by a liberal activist group finds. Some 60% of jobs lost between 2008 and 2010 were in the middle third of wages; these included jobs like manufacturing,... More »

Firm Posts Job Opening for Lawyer—Salary $10K a Year

And plenty of people apply...

(Newser) - Just how bad is the job market for young people? So bad that a Boston law firm recently posted a job for a new, full-time associate that's expected to pay just $10,000 a year, WBZ reports. That might be less than minimum wage, but the firm, Gilbert &... More »

The 13 Most Worthless Majors

Want a job? Avoid fine art, according to 'Daily Beast' list

(Newser) - Hey, college students: If your life plans include getting an actual job, you may want to avoid the stars of the Daily Beast 's "most useless" majors list. Majors are ranked in terms of employment, taking into account unemployment rates among recent and experienced grads, earnings, and likely... More »

Young Adults Put Life on Hold Over Economy

But most remain upbeat about their future: Pew survey

(Newser) - The economy is doing a number on those aged 18 to 34, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center :
  • Half say they have taken a job they didn't want.
  • More than a third have gone back to school because of the job market.
  • Nearly a quarter
... More »

Obama's Jobs Bill Goes to Congress Tonight

But it's missing one crucial element, 'Los Angeles Times' notes

(Newser) - "Pass this bill," President Obama said more than two dozen times during his two speeches last week touting his jobs bill —and he’ll say it again tonight when he officially sends the American Jobs Act to Congress. “He will call on Congress to pass the... More »

Meet 'Generation Limbo'

Increasingly, 20somethings wait for their 'real' career

(Newser) - Stephanie Kelly graduated in 2009 with a degree in advertising; instead she works as a part-time secretary and writes freelance for an online “Secret Santa Organizer.” Amy Klein has a degree in English lit from Harvard, but the 2007 grad has been touring the country in a minivan... More »

Law School Duped Us About Job Prospects: Alumni Suit

Post-grad job numbers, salaries not as high as claimed, say students

(Newser) - Apparently suing your law school is a new trend: Another lawsuit has been filed, this time by a group of graduates unhappy with their alma mater. New York Law School dupes students into enrolling by claiming that "the overwhelming majority of its students—90% to 95%— secure employment within... More »

Unemployment Falls to 9%

But that's partially because many have stopped looking

(Newser) - The unemployment rate dropped sharply last month to 9%, the lowest level in nearly two years. But the economy added only 36,000 new jobs, the fewest in four months. The unemployment rate has fallen by eight-tenths of a percentage point in the past two months; that's the steepest two-month... More »

Recruiters: Columbia, MIT Are So 'Second-Tier'

If you didn't graduate from Harvard, good luck getting a top job

(Newser) - If you’re determined to get a great job, you might want to quit your course of study at Cornell or Dartmouth and transfer to one of the "top 5" schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Wharton. A new study shows that recruiters for the best law firms, investment... More »

Hordes of Chinese Grads Battle for Scant Jobs

Long hours, tight quarters for members of 'ant tribe'

(Newser) - The number of Chinese college graduates has soared in the past decade—but there aren’t enough white-collar jobs to sustain the highly-educated young population, reports the New York Times . Traveling en masse to big cities, working six-day weeks, and living packed into cramped quarters, young graduates have earned themselves... More »

Law Student Asks School to Refund Tuition

Boston College third-year cites bleak job market, offers to drop out

(Newser) - A law student at Boston College has taken a look at the job market (and student loans) that await him—and would like a full tuition refund, please. In an open letter to the dean that ran in the EagleiOnline school paper, the anonymous third-year student offers to drop out... More »

Employers Like State School Grads, Not Ivy Leaguers

Survey says big companies prefer those from non-elite schools

(Newser) - Move over Harvard; when it comes to hiring entry-level employees, most businesses prefer to recruit from state schools, according to a new survey. The Wall Street Journal polled 479 of the country’s largest companies and asked where they did their recruiting. Of the top 25 schools they named, 19... More »

More Americans Becoming Day Laborers

Women, white-collar types hustling manual work

(Newser) - The high unemployment rate is making day labor in America the "occupation" of a far broader, more diverse population. While the informal nature of the sector makes it tough to compile accurate statistics, the number of people seeking casual work is rising across America, as is the number of... More »

Germany Bans Bosses From Checking Your Facebook

Some 45% of employers vet applicants on social-networking sites

(Newser) - You look great in your interview duds and make a smashing first impression, so what could torpedo your chances of getting the job? Those Facebook photos of you doing a kegstand. Move to Germany, reports der Spiegel, where Berlin has recently banned bosses from checking would-be employees' social-networking profiles. The... More »

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