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'Base' Michael Moore Ad Riles Conservatives

Feisty seniors use some salty language

(Newser) - Michael Moore and put together a pro-Obama ad, and it’s predictably controversial. It features a message from the Greatest Generation to the GOP and Mitt Romney: “If your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama, we will burn this motherf***er down,... More »

Now Jay-Z Does Pro-Obama Ad

Plus: ScarJo, Eva, Kerry are quite unhappy with Romney's politics

(Newser) - President Obama brought in the big guns for his latest video: Jay-Z. The rapper appears in a new, nearly 2-minute video for the Obama campaign that's basically a mutual lovefest. "When the president got into office initially, what he represented to a nation of kids was hope,"... More »

Obama Back in Fighting Form

President gets his mojo back: 'LA Times'

(Newser) - Barack Obama's staunchest supporters have always wished he'd show a little more passion, a little more chutzpah, a little more swagger. They're getting their wish, the LA Times observes. Lately Obama has been all-swagger, delivering a frank and confrontational State of the Union , mixing it up with... More »

Want to Ask Paul Ryan a Question? Please Pay $15

Congressmen find questions easier at paid-for events

(Newser) - Tired of being harassed and embarrassed by angry constituents—and, of course, always in need of cash—congressmen such as Paul Ryan, Ben Quayle, and Chip Cravaack are eschewing open town halls and instead are charging for access over this August recess, reports Politico . Questioning Ryan at an upcoming luncheon... More »

Rand Paul Stomper Wants an Apology

...from the girl he stepped on

(Newser) - Tim Profitt, the man who currently has the most famous foot in America, would like an apology ... from the woman he stepped on. The now-former Rand Paul campaign volunteer opened up to WKYT about his ordeal—which includes possible charges, and, apparently, a bad back. "I put my foot... More »

Meet the Man Who Took Down Rand Protester

Mike Pezzano wrestles Laura Valle wearing 'don't tread on me' pin

(Newser) - The tackler who wrestled down the Rand Paul protester for a head stompin' was not part of a campaign security detail. He was just an American voter who believes in open carry gun laws and, it seems, using force when ... necessary? Tea Partier Mike Pezzano , sporting a "Don't Tread... More »

Roughed-Up Protester Calls Attack 'Premeditated'

Rand Paul backer apologizes, says it looked worse than it was

(Newser) - It's still not clear whether the Rand Paul supporter who stepped on the head of member Lauren Vale will face charges, but Vale tells the Washington Post she was "certainly injured" and promised more legal action. The man, Tim Profitt, apologized. "I'm sorry that it came... More »

Rand Paul Backer Stomps on Woman's Head

Lauren Valle has 'bit of a headache'

(Newser) - Things are getting ugly out there. A woman protesting against Rand Paul at last night's Senate candidate debate was shoved to the ground where a sneaker-wearing backer of the Kentucky Senate candidate stomped on her head. Lauren Valle, a volunteer for the liberal group MoveOn, is fine, though she did... More »

Liberals Crank Up Heat on GOP Donors

They ask Justice Department, IRS to investigate

(Newser) - Democrats and liberal activist groups are launching a full-scale assault on the conservative groups that have been making it rain this election cycle. and nonprofits like Public Citizen and Public Campaign are asking the Justice Department and the IRS to investigate these groups and their sources of funding,... More »

Washington University Joins MoveOn.Org's Target Boycott

Backs out of deal for student shopping event

(Newser) - Might’s Target boycott be gaining steam? Washington University has jumped aboard, backing out of a deal to funnel students to an event at the retail giant, the school’s student newspaper reports. The school was one of several set to participate in the “Target After Hours... More »

MoveOn.Org Wants Boycott of Target

Group says retailer trying to 'buy elections'

(Newser) - has stepped up its efforts to start a national boycott of Target by running a TV ad against the retailer. It urges consumers to punish Target for its $150,000 donation to a conservative candidate for governor in Minnesota, reports the Huffington Post . "Target's refusal to acknowledge... More » Boycott Target

Retailer's donation to anti-gay marriage candidate sparks controversy

(Newser) - has asked its members to boycott Target, in response to a $150,000 donation the retail giant gave to a PAC supporting ultra-conservative Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. The group tells Reuters it’s already gotten 200,000 members to sign up for the boycott. “Most Americans... More »

Glenn Beck Launches New Attack on...You

Progressive groups mock Beck's attacks on progressives

(Newser) - Glenn Beck is famous for his rants against progressives, and his latest is directed at none other than you…or any of your friends. A new interactive video put together by three progressive groups including shows the Fox News host crying as he rails against America’s new... More »

MoveOn Raises $1M to Fight Lieberman

And mocks the public-option-killer with puppets

(Newser) - In case you wondered how much Dems dislike Joe Lieberman right now, It took MoveOn just two days to rake in $1 million to oppose his 2012 reelection. The fundraising drive launched Tuesday, after Lieberman’s threatened filibuster killed any semblance of a public option, sailed past its initial $400,... More »

Dems Who Dissed Health Bill Feel Their Party's Wrath

39 House Democrats voted against it

(Newser) - They can't win. The 39 House Democrats who voted against the health care bill may have thought the move would win them the favor of their often Republican-heavy districts; instead they're fending off attacks from constituents and interest groups from the left, Politico reports. In Florida, about 60 people protested... More »

Dems Gird for Battle Over Veterans Day Recess

This time, they have something to crow about (and be criticized for)

(Newser) - Given what happened last time they took a vacation, Democratic lawmakers are steeling themselves for the Veterans Day recess, anticipating a fresh round of battles on health care reform. Members of Congress from both sides have been armed with fact sheets and talking points on what Republicans dub "The... More »

Will Ferrell and Pals: 'Save Our Health Execs'

'What's so American about competition?' asks snarky video pushing for public option

(Newser) - Will Ferrell thinks we need to remember the people who really matter in the health care debate: insurance executives. The comedian has produced a star-studded parody ad for in which he and his fellow actors decry the evils of the reform movement. “Why is Obama trying to... More »

Limbaugh, O'Reilly Fury Boosts 'Latino MoveOn'

(Newser) - An advocacy group styling itself as the Latino MoveOn has infuriated both Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, Joe Garofoli writes in the San Francisco Chronicle. The Berkeley online hub Presente is running a Spanish-language radio ad in Florida this week, urging GOP Rep. John Mica to rebuke Limbaugh's labeling of... More »

Obama Tactics Straight Out of Arm-Twist Chicago: Rove

President's push for budget support not looking much like 'new politics'

(Newser) - President Obama's consolidation of power is looking more like old-fashioned Chicago politics than the "new politics" promised, Karl Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal. The president has mobilized outside groups and the remnants of the campaign machine to target lawmakers skeptical about his spending plans, initially going... More »

Liberal Groups' Attack Ads on Moderate Dems Not Helpful: Reid

MoveOn should back off, majority leader says

(Newser) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says left-wing groups shouldn’t run ads pressuring moderate Democrats into backing President Obama’s budget, Politico reports. “I think it’s very unwise and not helpful,” Reid said today of the efforts by and Americans United for Change to convert... More »

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