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BYU-Hawaii Student Says He Was Ordered to Lose His Locs

Black student says he keeps his hair neatly trimmed in line with Mormon college's Honor Code

(Newser) - "I shouldn't have to cut my hair to get an education here," says Kanaan Barton, a student at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. The 22-year-old computer science major says he is fighting to keep his shoulder-length dreadlocks, aka locs. Barton tells the Salt Lake Tribune that he is an...

Duke Volleyball Player Called N-Word During Match

She says she and other Black players were threatened

(Newser) - The n-word was hurled at a Duke University volleyball player during a Friday match at Brigham Young University, and on Sunday, she said officials didn't do a satisfactory job of dealing with the situation—either during the match or immediately afterward. "Both the officials and BYU coaching staff...

BYU Student's Dorm Activity 'Was Definitely Reckless'

Brigham Young University Police say 22-year-old tried to make rocket fuel

(Newser) - "I mean, this was definitely reckless." That's how a rep for Utah's Brigham Young University Police Department is describing a student's Sunday afternoon activity: attempting to make homemade rocket fuel on the stove in his dorm. The unnamed student—BYU Police are calling him "...

A Leap in the Air, Then an 'Excruciating' TikTok

BYU pole vaulter accidentally impales scrotum in video that's since gone viral

(Newser) - A compelling caption can be the deciding factor on whether someone views your TikTok video, and it looks like Zach McWhorter came up with a good one. "That one time the pole went through my nuts," is how the Brigham Young University student puts it in the clip...

BYU Valedictorian Comes Out During Speech

'I'm proud to be a gay son of God,' he says

(Newser) - There were cheers and whoops from the crowd at Brigham Young University's commencement ceremony Friday as political science valedictorian Matt Easton came out as gay during his speech. After congratulating his classmates at the Mormon university, Easton said: "I stand before my family, friends, and graduating class today...

Brigham Young Students Protest Harsh Punishments

They want a more compassionate honor code

(Newser) - "God forgives me, why can't you?" chanted hundreds of students at a rare protest at the Mormon-owned Brigham Young University on Friday. The protesters were calling for changes to the school's famously strict honor code system, which bans beards, piercings, drinking coffee, and premarital sex, among other...

Mormon-Owned BYU Ends 6-Decade Ban
Mormon-Owned BYU
Ends 6-Decade Ban

Mormon-Owned BYU Ends 6-Decade Ban

Caffeinated soft drinks are now being sold on Brigham Young University campus

(Newser) - Mormon church-owned Brigham Young University ended a six-decade ban Thursday on the sale of caffeinated soft drinks on campus, surprising students by posting a picture of a can of Coca-Cola on Twitter and just two words: "It's happening." The move sparked social media celebrations from current and...

She Expressed Support for LGBT People—and Was Fired

Former BYU instructor Ruthie Robertson doesn't regret a thing

(Newser) - When Ruthie Robertson declared on Facebook that "homosexuality and transgenderism are not sins," the 22-year-old political science instructor at Brigham Young University-Idaho expected the feedback would be harsh. "But it never crossed my mind that I would lose my job," she tells the Idaho State Journal ...

BYU to Stop Investigating Rape Victims for Rule-Breaking

Students complained it stifled reports of sexual abuse

(Newser) - Students claimed earlier this year that Brigham Young University silenced victims of sexual assault by focusing investigations on whether a victim had broken school rules prior to the assault. No more. The Mormon college in Utah says it will adopt 23 recommendations from an internal advisory committee regarding sexual assault,...

'Dead' BYU Student Possibly Abducted by N. Korea 12 Years Ago

And may actually be alive and teaching English in Pyongyang, per report

(Newser) - How did a Brigham Young student who vanished more than a decade ago suddenly (and allegedly) pop up as a teacher in North Korea? The family of David Sneddon—who was 24 when he disappeared in China in 2004—tells KSL that a Yahoo Japan report reveals Sneddon has emerged...

Egypt Cemetery Holds 1M Mummies

Blonds, redheads buried together; one body is 7 ft. tall

(Newser) - For the past 30 years, scientists have been exploring a cemetery in Egypt whose origins are mysterious. One thing they have determined, however: "We are fairly certain we have over a million burials within this cemetery. It's large, and it's dense," says the project's director,...

BYU Compares Masturbation to ...Combat

Satellite campus releases bizarre video

(Newser) - Well, this is weird. Brigham Young University's satellite campus in Idaho recently released a video urging students to report friends who are ... masturbating too much. And if that wasn't quite bizarre enough, the video also compares the self-love problem to warfare, the Daily Beast reports. The video centers...

The Nation's Top Party School Is...

University of Iowa chiefs not toasting victory

(Newser) - Despite the best efforts of city and university officials, the University of Iowa has taken first place in the Princeton Review's list of top party schools after finishing second last year. The rankings—based on a nationwide survey of 126,000 students—take into account drug and alcohol use,...

The Nation's Biggest Party School Is...

West Virginia University, says the Princeton Review

(Newser) - If you're more interested in quantity of beer than quality of instruction, you may want to check out the Princeton Review's latest ranking of the best and worst party schools. Per the Los Angeles Times , the top party school this year is West Virginia University, which also claimed...

At Mormon University, a Battle Over Skinny Jeans

Do the pants violate BYU-Idaho honor code?

(Newser) - Sorry, hipsters, your style may be too risqué for Brigham Young University's Idaho affiliate. That location of the Mormon school is tussling over skinny jeans, after the school's Student Review reported Monday that the university's testing center had begun a campaign against them, complete with a flier...

NCAA Star Bounced for Having Sex

 NCAA Star 
 Bounced for 
 Having Sex 
Brigham Young cracks down

NCAA Star Bounced for Having Sex

6-foot-9 center Brandon Davies 'heartbroken'

(Newser) - A star cager at Brigham Young University has been bounced from the NCAA basketball team after he admitted having sex with his girlfriend, according to several reports. Center Brandon Davies, a 6-foot-9 sophomore who's the third highest scorer and leading rebounder on the powerhouse team, is "extremely remorseful and...

Biggest Party Animals Attend Georgia
 Party Animals 
 Attend Georgia 
princeton review rankings

Biggest Party Animals Attend Georgia

In student survey, Ohio U. finishes second

(Newser) - Good news for parents paying for their kids to study at the University of Georgia: The school is finally No. 1. The bad news: The Princeton Review list ranks the nation's top party schools. "UGA has been on the party school list for a while, but it’s one...

Women's Soccer Player Gets Down and Very Dirty

New Mexico's Elizabeth Lambert is a YouTube sensation—the bad kind

(Newser) - Today's red-hot viral video star is more of an antihero: University of New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert. Lambert has been suspended indefinitely after capping off a physical—on both sides—game by grabbing a Brigham Young player by the hair and slinging her to the ground. "I let...

Penn State Dethrones Florida as Top Party School

(Newser) - Penn State has knocked the University of Florida from its No. 1 spot … atop the Princeton Review’s “Best Party School” list. Each year, the Review ranks schools in a huge number of categories based on surveys of their students. A Penn State spokeswoman called it a “...

Utah's Well-Armed Students
Utah's Well-Armed Students

Utah's Well-Armed Students

In only state where concealed weapons are allowed on campus, many take advantage

(Newser) - While many states have responded to recent college shootings by debating whether firearms should be allowed on campus, Utah is the only one with such a law on the books—and students at its public universities are taking advantage, CNN reports. Predictably, while some students say they feel safer with...

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