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This Is a Hotel. If You're Brave Enough

The Finnish travel company Luxury Action offers heated domes in the Arctic

(Newser) - Want a unique vacation? Try going to sleep with the northern lights and waking up to polar bears. Yep, a Finnish travel company has devised a way for people to vacation in the Arctic, the Washington Post reports. Called North Pole Igloos , it will allow travelers to sleep in one... More »

The Posh Airport Lounge Has Turned So, So Sad

Say people who remember the glory days of lots of seats and entrees

(Newser) - If you view an airport lounge restroom as a place to shield yourself from unkempt public bathrooms strewn with toilet paper on the floor, steel yourself for the horror: There is toilet paper on the floor of posh airport lounge restrooms. So reports the Wall Street Journal in a dive... More »

Airline to Offer 3-Room Suites, With Butler

Just $21K from Abu Dhabi to London ... one way

(Newser) - If you typically eye first-class longingly as you make your way to your cramped coach seat with its total absence of unfilled overhead space, you may want to stop reading. A Mideast carrier plans to offer a much, much tonier experience than first-class for those who can afford it: airline... More »

Virgin Atlantic's New Hire: 'Whispering Coach'

To safeguard its first-class passengers' ears, of course!

(Newser) - Add this to the list of things elite Virgin Atlantic passengers will soon enjoy: ear comfort. The British airline has retained the services of a "whispering coach" whose job is to make sure that those who book a seat in its forthcoming Upper Class Dream Suite aren't submitted... More »

For Your Next Trip, a $123 Towel

Or you could just buy a microfiber one for $10...

(Newser) - No suitcase is completely packed without TravelTeq 's Travel Towel, an apparent wonder that promises to absorb more and dry faster … all for the low, low price of $123. That's more than your actual plane ticket might cost, Wired points out. The Travel Towel is also highly... More »

Not Claustrophobic, With $60K? See the Titanic

Trip of a lifetime takes you to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

(Newser) - If your favorite line from all of cinema is "I'm the king of the world," this opportunity to be king of the deep will probably delight: a two-week cruise, whose highlight is a dive to see the Titanic. Yep, the Titanic that sits at the bottom of... More »

$150M Über Yacht Boasts Sub, Helicopter

PJ World yacht like a floating mansion

(Newser) - Mansions are cool and all, but wouldn’t they be better if they floated and came with submarines? That seems to be the idea behind the PJ World yacht, an upcoming 269-foot, $150 million super-yacht designed by Rolls Royce and Palmer Johnson. Its coolest feature: A six-man submarine that can... More »

5 Posh Culinary Vacations to Book This Fall

Learn to appreciate food, wine, and bread in style

(Newser) - There's no better time than autumn or winter, the harvest seasons, for foodies to embark on a luxurious gastronomic adventure. Consider these premier gourmet trips, rounded up by the Wall Street Journal :
  • Wine: Spend 3 days refining your palate as you learn to taste, select, and pair top wines
... More »

Resort Offers Couples 20-Hand Massages for $2K

So far no one's taken them up on the offer, though

(Newser) - How many people do you want touching you at once? The Grand Wailea Resort in Maui is betting the answer is “a lot.” For its 20th anniversary, the posh Waldorf Astoria vacation spot is offering a “20-Hands Duo Massage.” For a mere $2,000—$20 per... More »

Trump's Crazy Tour of His Sick Jet

Everything that can be gold-plated has been gold-plated

(Newser) - If you've never wanted to hear the phrase, "And here we are in Mr. Trump's bedroom," then turn back now. Dropping $100 million to retrofit a 757 jet that used to belong to that pauper Paul Allen apparently wasn't enough for the Donald. He also... More »

Resorts Push 'Digital Detox'

Guests offered discounts for surrendering gadgets

(Newser) - Travelers who have trouble reaching for the "off" switch on their devices when they go on vacation are getting a helping hand from a growing number of resorts offering "digital detox" packages. Guests who surrender their smartphones and other devices upon checking in are rewarded with discounts and... More »

Trump Shows Off New $100M Plane

Refurbished 757 is a luxury suite in the sky

(Newser) - No more slumming it in the air for Donald Trump: The real estate mogul gave the New York Post a tour of his modest little $100 million private plane before taking it on its inaugural flight from New York to DC. The overhauled Boeing 757 seats 43 very comfortably and... More »

Slumber Like Louis XIV— in a Versailles Hotel Room

Dilapidated mansion to be reborn as 23-room luxury hotel

(Newser) - Wish you could live as grandly as Louis XIV—or at least as grandly as one of his right-hand men? You'll soon be able to. Versailles' Hotel du Grand Controle, built in the 1680s to house the offices and residence of the king's treasurer, will open its doors as a... More »

What It's Like to Stay in NYC's Priciest Hotel Room

Champagne, butlers, and Maybachs, oh my!

(Newser) - To stay at the top of NYC's Four Seasons Hotel, you have to fork over $35,000 a night (no matter who you are—no discounts given). The four-room 4,300 square-foot Ty Warner Penthouse (named for the hotel's owner/Beanie Baby mogul) took 7 years to design and $50 million... More »

Luxury Vacation of Future: Aircruises

Inventive company unveils design for a 21st-century airship

(Newser) - Cruise passengers of the near future could be floating above the Earth in colossal kite-shaped craft if design firm Seymourpowell's plans take off from the drawing board. The firm, whose work was sponsored by Samsung, says its Aircruise concept could someday be a leisurely, environmentally friendly alternative to flying for... More »

Latest Celebrity Getaways

Dubai is out of favor, but these destinations are heating up

(Newser) - With Dubai in dire straits, where will jet-setters go now? The Frisky knows. See full details here .
  • Morocco: Big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were in Marrakesh recently for the opening of a Chopard jewelry boutique.
  • Croatia: With the war over, celebs such as Steven Spielberg and Robert
... More »

The Best Hotel Minibars

(Newser) - If your big summer vacation isn’t complete without raiding the hotel minibar, has a list of the best the industry has to offer. A sampling:
  • The Delano, Miami: If you get lucky on South Beach, you’ll be glad for the condoms and other sex accessories alongside
... More »

World's Most Luxe Pools

From ten stories up to inside a crater, these pools are sure to excite

(Newser) - On the lookout for a unique summer vacation experience? Woman’s Day recommends eight stunning pools in some of the world’s most beautiful locations:
  • The hanging pool atop the Joule hotel in Dallas projects 8 feet over the edge of the building.
  • The Homestead Crater at Homestead Resort in
... More »

From Cargo to First Class: Pet-Only Airline Nears Takeoff

Seat-free plane offers a different way to travel with pets

(Newser) - With Pet Airways’ summer launch, cats and dogs will get a first-class alternative to flying cargo. Passengers at major US airports will be able to drop their pets off for travel on a seat-free plane staffed with attendants, Zootoo reports. Spots on the first pets-only flight—scheduled for July 14... More »

Stanford Had a Castle, Fleet of Planes

Paternity-suit docs reveal lifestyle of the rich and fraudulent

(Newser) - Say this for Sir Allen Stanford: He knew how to live large. The alleged fraudster once lived in his own Florida castle, complete with moat, and owned, among other baubles, $100 million worth of airplanes, Bloomberg reports. Those assets and others are detailed in court documents from a paternity case... More »

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