Seung-Hui Cho

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Court Voids Wrongful Death Verdict in Va. Tech Case

Justices say state couldn't have predicted mass shooting

(Newser) - Virginia's Supreme Court today reversed a jury's wrongful death verdict against the state stemming from the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting massacre, saying that the state had no duty to warn students of the potential acts of the case's lone gunman, who initially shot two in a dormitory....

To Fix Gun Crisis, All We Need Is Data

Setting up tracking system would be simple: Marc Parrish

(Newser) - How can we battle our mass-shooting epidemic? "Simple math" could help, "even without new restrictions on the guns anyone can buy," writes Marc Parrish at the Atlantic . We track all kinds of behavior in the US: Purchases of cold medicine, last-minute airline tickets bought with cash, and...

Virginia Tech Found Negligent in 2007 Rampage

School waited too long to send out warnings, says jury

(Newser) - Virginia Tech was found legally negligent by a jury today in a lawsuit stemming from the 2007 school shooting that killed 33 people. The issue at stake was whether the university improperly delayed sending out warnings after the first two murders were discovered in a dorm, reports AP . Campus police...

Booming 'Murderabilia' Sales Spur Outrage

Victims' rights advocates slam 'insidious and despicable industry'

(Newser) - Sales of the personal effects, letters, and even fingernail clippings of mass murderers and serial killers are stronger than ever thanks to the Internet, but victims' rights advocates say it's time to end the trade in "murderabilia," the Washington Post reports. Only eight states have laws banning...

Virginia Tech Appeals $55K Shooting Rampage Fine

AG Cuccinelli calls Dept. of Education's findings 'absolutely appalling'

(Newser) - Just shy of one month after it was slapped with $55,000 in federal fines for waiting too long to notify that campus during the 2007 shooting rampage, Virginia Tech has filed an appeal. State AG Kenneth Cuccinelli yesterday called the Department of Education's findings "absolutely appalling,"...

Virginia Tech Fined $55K Over Shooting Rampage

Feds say officials did a poor job alerting campus to 2007 shooter

(Newser) - The Education Department has fined Virginia Tech the maximum allowable amount—$55,000—over how it handled the 2007 shooting rampage that left 33 people dead, reports the Richmond Times Dispatch . Federal officials say the university didn't warn the campus quickly enough: The school learned that two students had been...

Va. Tech Could Lose Millions Over Shooting Response

Feds say school failed to issue 'timely' warning

(Newser) - The feds delivered a harsh rebuke to Virginia Tech yesterday, saying the school failed to issue a "timely" warning about a campus gunman in 2007 who eventually killed 32 people and himself, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . As a result, the school could lose nearly $100 million in student financial...

Va. Tech Shooter Denied Homicidal Thoughts

(Newser) - Recently discovered records show the Virginia Tech gunman denied homicidal thoughts to a school counselor nearly a year and half before the worst mass shootings in modern US history. Seung-Hui Cho denied the thoughts in a session with counselor Sherry Lynch Conrad on Dec. 14, 2005. On April 16, 2007,...

Pa. Gym, Va. Tech Shooters Shopped on Same Website

Site rep: This proves people need to protect themselves

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania health club shooter and the Virginia Tech killer purchased gun equipment from the same website, WPXI Pittsburgh reports. George Sodini bought accessories from TGSCOM, which sold a gun to Seung-Hui Cho. “We deal with police and government agencies as customers,” said a rep for the firm,...

Found: Missing Mental Health Records of Va. Tech Shooter

Files had been removed from university clinic illegally

(Newser) - The mental health records of the gunman behind the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre have been found in the home of a former director of the university’s clinic, reports the AP. Seung-Hui Cho’s records were illegally taken from the clinic more than a year before the attack, says a...

Judge OKs $11M Settlement for Va. Tech Families

Quicker action could've saved lives, suit said

(Newser) - A Virginia judge yesterday approved an $11 million settlement with 42 families of those killed or injured in last year's Virginia Tech shootings, the Washington Post reports. The families sued after a panel concluded that lives might have been saved if the university contacted students immediately after the first shootings....

Virginia Tech Families, State Reach $11M Deal

Lawyers quiet on details

(Newser) - Victims’ families in the Virginia Tech shootings have settled with the state for $11 million in a deal to prevent future lawsuits, lawyers said today. The lawyers, who represented 21 families, are mum on details pending finalization, reports the Roanoke Times. At least 20 families had earlier warned they might...

$100K Virginia Tech Offer Slammed as 'Insult' to Victims

Proposed settlement aims to head off lawsuits over university massacre

(Newser) - The state of Virginia is offering $100,000 to each family of the 32 students and teachers killed by a lone gunman in the Virginia Tech massacre, the Virginian-Pilot reports. If accepted, the settlement would prevent families from suing the state for negligence. One attorney called the offer "for...

Va. Tech, NIU Gun Dealer: Arm Students

Looser rules will deter school shooters, says man who sold to 2

(Newser) - Eric Thompson sold guns to both the Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech shooters, but he’s not apologizing for it. “I’m a businessman,” he tells the Los Angeles Times. “It’s a product.” But Thompson thinks he knows how to stop such violence: allow...

New Fed Gun Law Inspired by Virginia Tech Massacre

Congress makes it harder for mentally ill to buy guns

(Newser) - New gun control legislation designed to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill was passed by the Senate yesterday. The rare event of congressional action on gun control—and even rarer bipartisan agreement—was triggered by the Virginia Tech massacre last April. The bill, which strengthens background...

Virginia Tech Massacre 'Could Have Been Stopped'

Official report says college should have warned students of shootings

(Newser) - A state investigation into the Virginia Tech massacre, in which 33 students and teachers were killed, concluded that college authorities could have saved lives by acting more quickly to warn students after the first shootings. The report, released last night after the New York Times obtained a copy,  also...

Va. Tech Never Knew of Shooter's Disorder

Cho was exposed to ridicule for condition

(Newser) - Fairfax County school officials knew that the outcast student who shot dead 32 people at Virginia Tech had selective mutism, a serious social anxiety disorder that prevented him from speaking in many situations. But federal privacy laws blocked disclosure of that information to Virginia Tech, reports the Washington Post

Shooting Report Levels No Blame at Virginia Tech

School's response deemed okay, some upgrades recommended

(Newser) - Virginia Tech's response to the April shootings that left 33 dead got a free pass in an internal review today, CNN reports. Although the university should improve its communications systems and means of monitoring troubled students, the report says, it found no fault with how school officials and police handled...

Va. Tech Shooter May Have Practiced
Va. Tech Shooter May Have Practiced

Va. Tech Shooter May Have Practiced

Investigators reveal new details of deadly April rampage

(Newser) - The Virginia Tech killer may have rehearsed his rampage 2 days before the massacre of 32 people on April 16, police investigators said today. One witness reported spotted a suspicious-looking hooded male near doors inside the academic building where the shootings took place on April 14, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports;...

Va. Tech Probe Points to Privacy Laws
Va. Tech Probe Points to Privacy Laws

Va. Tech Probe Points to Privacy Laws

Muddled regs impede information flow; House OKs gun-control bill

(Newser) - A tangle of privacy laws helps prevent officials from sharing vital info about mentally ill individuals who may be dangerous, making it possible for them to buy handguns—and setting the stage for incidents like the Virginia Tech massacre. Greater awareness of the leeway officials have when safety is a...

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