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9 Celebrities Behaving Badly on Social Media

Lil' Kim would like you to buy her a pricey baby gift...

(Newser) - Rihanna got into hot water this week after she mocked a young fan on Twitter . Alexis Carter, 16, wore a Rihanna-inspired outfit to her recent prom; her picture went viral, and Twitter users started comparing her to a bat thanks to the outfit's "wing-like attachments." Carter was...

Dog's Death Behind Miley's Hospitalization?

She's been 'off the rails' since he died, sources say

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus was hospitalized yesterday after having a bad allergic reaction to antibiotics—but TMZ reports that it's actually the death of her dog earlier this month that's behind it all. Since Floyd's death, Cyrus has been "an emotional mess," and the only way she'...

Miley Cyrus Hospitalized, Cancels Show

She has 'severe allergic reaction to antibiotics'

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus is hospitalized after having a "severe allergic reaction to antibiotics," a spokesperson tells CNN . The 21-year-old had to cancel tonight's show in Kansas City, though she was able to tweet from her hospital bed: "Kansas I promise Im as (heartbroken) as you are. I...

12 Celebs Who Are Terrible Tippers

Allegedly, at least

(Newser) - Most celebrities are fairly rich, but that apparently being wealthy doesn't guarantee you're also generous. Radar rounds up 40 celebrity cheapskates, who've done everything from skip out on bills to renege on charity donations. Here are the 12 bad tippers from the list:
  • Tiger Woods: He's

This Exists: College Course on Miley Cyrus

Professor insists it will be serious, no twerking will be taught

(Newser) - OK, this makes the Bruce Springsteen college course seem like a quantum mechanics class in comparison: New York's Skidmore College is offering a summer course on ... Miley Cyrus. Students at the Saratoga Springs campus will be subjected to discussions of the pop star for two-and-a-half hours per day, three...

Make-a-Wish Girl Meets Miley, It Does Not Go Well

Family friends say Cyrus wasn't interested in talking to Miley Hodge

(Newser) - A 7-year-old girl with just months to live got to meet Miley Cyrus—and friends of the girl's family say the experience was memorable for little Miley Hodge, but not really in a positive way. "It was not a very good experience for them," one tells Radar...

13 Big Celebrity Feuds
 13 Big Celebrity Feuds 

13 Big Celebrity Feuds

Let's just say these stars don't get along

(Newser) - Admit it: Celebrity feuds are kinda fun. Radar rounds up 26 of the juiciest. A sampling:
  • Chelsea Handler is friends with Jennifer Aniston and thus no fan of Angelina Jolie, although she once insisted, "It has nothing to do with Jennifer." She just thinks Jolie "seems like

8 Best Parts of Miley&#39;s W Interview
 8 Best Parts of 
 Miley's W Interview 
hates kids, loves weed

8 Best Parts of Miley's W Interview

Ronan Farrow interviews Cyrus for magazine

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus was interviewed by another boldface name, Ronan Farrow, for W magazine . Our favorite parts:
  • "I don't love kids," Cyrus tells Farrow at one point while, as he puts it, "ashing a cigarette" in her living room. "They’re so f---ing mean. Sometimes I

7 Stars Who Ditched Twitter
 7 Stars Who Ditched Twitter 

7 Stars Who Ditched Twitter

Some of them only briefly, of course...

(Newser) - Celebrities have a very love-hate relationship with Twitter, evidenced by these stars rounded up by Perez Hilton . All of them have quit the social networking site—at least for a while. A sampling:
  • Miley Cyrus quit Twitter in 2009, at the urging of her then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. She's back

France: Miley, Britney Videos Can't Air Before Dark

'Wrecking Ball,' 'Work B**ch' deemed too racy for daytime

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears are too racy for daytime French TV. France's broadcast watchdog, CSA, says TV channels should only show Cyrus' video for "Wrecking Ball" and Spears' video for "Work B**ch" after 10pm, when French broadcasters show a range of programming more suited to adults....

16 Celeb Couples Who Split Up This Year

2013 was unlucky for these stars

(Newser) - This year wasn't great for these 16 celebrity couples, all of whom split up. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or see the full lists at ETOnline , PopSugar , and the Huffington Post .

Taylor Swift Wins Big at AMAs
 Taylor Swift 
 Wins Big at AMAs 

Taylor Swift Wins Big at AMAs

She takes top prize for 3rd time

(Newser) - Taylor Swift's fans have done it again, voting her the American Music Awards artist of the year for a third time. The 23-year-old pop star also won country album of the year for Red and favorite female country and pop/rock artist, giving her a leading four trophies as fans...

Least Influential Person of the Year? Rodman
 Least Influential Person 
 of the Year? Rodman 
'gq' list

Least Influential Person of the Year? Rodman

'GQ' rounds up the 25 people who didn't make a difference

(Newser) - Dennis Rodman certainly thinks he's influential, but GQ disagrees. The basketball star and self-styled North Korea ambassador is the No. 1 entry on the magazine's annual list of the 25 Least Influential People. Rodman "was the first prominent American celebrity invited inside the nation-sized prison that is...

Lily Allen Returns, Rips Twerking, 'Blurred Lines'

New single, 'Hard Out Here,' released

(Newser) - British singer Lily Allen has released her first single in three years, coming out of semi-retirement to cheekily take a swing at the music industry and its treatment of women. The video for "Hard Out Here" features Allen's scantily-clad dancers "twerking" and Allen herself pretending to get...

Texas Court: Dirty Talk With Minors Is Legal

Ruling rejects 2005 law that outlawed sexual explicit language online with minors

(Newser) - A Texas court has ruled that it's legal for adults to talk dirty to minors—as long as they don't solicit sex, reports the Austin American-Statesman . The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals struck down part of a 2005 law that made it illegal to engage in sexually explicit...

Hef, Crystal Dress Up as Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke

And do some twerking at Halloween party

(Newser) - Here's an image you won't be able to get out of your head for the foreseeable future: Crystal Harris twerking all over her hubby, Hugh Hefner. Hef recently tweeted two pictures of himself and Harris at the Playboy Mansion Halloween party, dressed as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke...

Miley Hasn't Actually Been Single for Months

She's been dating Theo Wenner since the summer: source

(Newser) - If, for some reason, you've been feeling bad for Miley Cyrus ever since she and Liam Hemsworth broke up ... well, you can stop now. Turns out she's been dating Theo Wenner, son of Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner, since the summer, a source tells the Huffington Post . They...

What Is Up With Miley's White Tongue?

Does she have ... oral thrush?

(Newser) - You may have noticed that, of late, Miley Cyrus cannot seem to keep her tongue in her mouth. Well, Slate noticed something else, and it's even more disturbing: Her tongue often appears to be white. (Sadly, we cannot offer you any photographic evidence of this, but Google certainly can...

Rocker Gives Miley a Grammar Lesson

Sufjan Stevens writes open letter to Cyrus

(Newser) - Indie rocker Sufjan Stevens has a serious issue with Miley Cyrus. No, not with her twerking, her insistence on wearing as little clothing as possible, or her inability to keep her tongue inside her mouth. Stevens has a problem ... with Miley's grammar. In an open letter to Cyrus on...

Miley Cyrus Wins $10K Toilet Over 'Wrecking Ball'

Dr. Luke didn't think song would go to No. 1

(Newser) - Tucked into a New Yorker profile of producer Dr. Luke is this fun tidbit picked up by Complex Music . Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, knows hits. (He's worked with Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and more.) But he apparently doesn't know them that well,...

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