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'It Is My Intention to Become Catalonia's Next President'

Socialist Party of ex-Health Minister Salvador Illa makes gains in election, separatists lose majority

(Newser) - Six years after plunging Spain into its worst political crisis in decades, Catalonia's separatist parties are in danger of losing their hold on power in the northeastern region after the pro-union Socialist Party scored a historic result in Sunday's election. The four pro-independence parties, led by the Together...

Catalan Separatist Leader Arrested on Arrival in Italy

Carlos Puigdemont could be extradited to Spain

(Newser) - A former Catalan leader sought by Spain for a failed 2017 secession bid is expected to appear at an extradition hearing Friday after being detained in Sardinia, an Italian island with strong Catalan cultural roots and its own independence movement. Italian police on Thursday night transferred Carles Puigdemont to a...

Ousted Catalan President Busted in Germany

Carles Puigdemont is again wanted in Spain after arrest warrant reactivated

(Newser) - Carles Puigdemont, the former president of Catalonia, has been detained by German police after crossing the border from Denmark, reports the BBC . German police were acting on a European arrest warrant; Puigdemont is wanted in Spain on charges of sedition and rebellion that could see him imprisoned for 30 years....

Catalan 5 Out of Jail, Must Stay in Belgium

Ousted leader Carles Puigdemont criticizes 'unjust' actions by Spain

(Newser) - Ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and four close allies have been conditionally released by Belgian authorities but cannot leave Belgium without prior consent. The five voluntarily turned themselves in to authorities on Sunday, days after Spain had issued a European arrest warrant. A statement from the prosecutor's office says...

Catalonia's Ousted Prez Turns Self In

Carles Puigdemont, 4 other former officials surrender to Belgian authorities

(Newser) - Carles Puigdemont, the former leader of Catalonia wanted on an arrest warrant issued by Spain, has turned himself in to Belgian authorities, reports the BBC . He was accompanied by four other former high-ranking officials who were also ousted after Spain imposed direct rule on the region; all were wanted on...

Ousted Catalan Leader Fled Spain, Now Faces Arrest Abroad

Spain issues international arrest warrant for Carles Puigdemont, aides

(Newser) - A Spanish judge issued an international arrest warrant on Friday for former members of the Catalan Cabinet who were last seen in Brussels, including the ousted separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, who said he was prepared to run for his old job even while battling extradition in Belgium. The AP reports...

Catalan Leaders in Crosshairs After Independence Push

Spain is looking to bring Carles Puigdemont, others up on rebellion, sedition, embezzlement charges

(Newser) - Spain's state prosecutor says it's seeking charges of rebellion, sedition, and embezzlement for members of the ousted Catalan Cabinet and the governing body of the regional parliament that allowed a vote to declare independence last week. The crimes can be punished, respectively, with up to 30, 15, and...

Catalans Plan Wave of Civil Disobedience

Civil servants expected to defy rule from Madrid

(Newser) - After lawmakers in Catalonia voted in favor of independence Friday, the Spanish government was aghast, quickly triggering unprecedented constitutional measures to fire the regional government and take direct control of many of Catalonia's affairs in order to thwart secession. But some separatist-minded Catalans have vowed to carry out a...

In Spain, a Wave of Pro-Unionists Rally

As Madrid moves to impose order after declaration of Catalan independence

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of demonstrators, many carrying Spanish and official "senyera" Catalan flags, have gathered on a central Barcelona boulevard in a call for Spain's unity. The atmosphere was festive, reports the AP , as many cheered politicians and central government officials who joined the march. Some chanted "...

Big Decision for Spain: Rebellion Charges Next?

Catalonia's Carles Puigdemont urges peaceful opposition to Madrid's rule

(Newser) - Catalonia's separatist leader called on Catalans to peacefully oppose Spain's takeover, in an appearance Saturday that seemed to convey he refuses to accept his firing by central authorities, per the AP . Carles Puigdemont said in a brief statement that appeared to be pre-recorded that "we will continue...

Catalonia Votes to Secede From Spain, Spain Retaliates

Spanish government quickly given authorization to take control of Catalonia's government

(Newser) - Catalonia's regional parliament passed a motion Friday to establish an independent Catalan Republic, voting to secede from Spain after an acrimonious debate that saw opposition lawmakers walk out in protest before the vote, the AP reports. The vote in Barcelona was approved with 70 in favor of independence, 10...

Spain Takes Unprecedented Step to Rein In Catalonia

Madrid plans to invoke a never-before-used constitutional clause to suspend autonomy

(Newser) - Spain is dusting off a never-before-used emergency clause in its constitution in a bid to end the push for independence in Catalonia. How things will turn out remains very much up in the air. Specifically, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he is beginning the process to invoke Article 155...

Spain Wanted a Yes or No From Catalonia, Got a Letter

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont does provide the answer Spain sought

(Newser) - A Monday morning deadline came and went without the president of the Catalonia region clarifying whether he had declared independence from Spain. The Spanish government says he now has until Thursday to either say he didn't declare independence or to show he's taking action to cancel the declaration...

Spain Rejects Catalonia's Declaration of Independence

Regional leader says implementation will be delayed

(Newser) - Catalan separatists on Tuesday signed what they called a declaration of independence from Spain to cheers and applause in the regional parliament—but Catalonia's president said he would delay implementing it for several weeks to give dialogue a chance. Spain, however, called an emergency Cabinet meeting for Wednesday morning...

Thousands Rally in Barcelona— Against Secession

As Spanish PM says he'll stop separatists by any legal means necessary

(Newser) - Thousands of people are rallying Sunday in downtown Barcelona to protest the Catalan government's push for secession from the rest of Spain. Many in the crowd gathered in a central square carried Spanish and Catalan flags. Some chanted "Don't be fooled, Catalonia is Spain" and called for...

Spain's Worst Political Crisis in Decades Just Got More Heated

Top court orders Catalonia's parliament to suspend a planned session

(Newser) - Spain's Constitutional Court has ordered Catalonia's parliament to suspend a planned session next week during which separatist lawmakers wanted to declare independence —further fueling Spain's worst political crisis in decades. Catalan regional authorities have ignored previous Constitutional Court orders, so it wasn't immediately clear if...

Spanish King Slams 'Irresponsible' Catalan Authorities

700K protested in Barcelona

(Newser) - Striking workers, students, and hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Barcelona and other Catalan towns Tuesday to protest police violence, adding pressure to Spain's unprecedented political crisis as central authorities mull how to respond to separatists' plans to push ahead with secession . Separatist leaders in...

What Could Happen If Catalonia Declares Independence

Madrid might declare a state of siege

(Newser) - Catalonia, one of Spain's autonomous regions, is threatening to declare its independence from Madrid following a disputed referendum that, it says, gave it a mandate to break away. Spain, which declared the referendum illegal and invalid, says it will do all it can to maintain the country's unity...

Officials: 90% Chose Independence in Catalonia Vote
90% of Catalonia Voted
to Dump Spain: Officials

90% of Catalonia Voted to Dump Spain: Officials

He says region has won the right to statehood

(Newser) - Catalonia is ready to declare independence after hundreds of people were injured voting in a disputed referendum on Sunday, the Spanish region's leader says. "With this day of hope and suffering, the citizens of Catalonia have won the right to an independent state in the form of a...

Chaos Erupts, Rubber Bullets Fly in Spain Amid Catalan Vote

Hundreds reported injured as government tries to shut down independence referendum

(Newser) - Spain erupted into chaos on Sunday as Catalonia held a referendum on independence, with police firing rubber bullets at protesters and smashing into polling stations in an effort to halt the vote, reports the AP . The officers fired the rubber bullets while trying to clear protesters who were trying to...

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