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Miley Issued an Apology in 2008. Now She's Taking It Back

Cyrus tweets defiant message on Twitter regarding controversial 'Vanity Fair' pic

(Newser) - It started out as what Billboard deems a "trip down memory lane" on Sunday, as Miley Cyrus posted pictures of herself as a kid on Twitter. But by late afternoon, a more defiant tweet had emerged, referencing something from a decade earlier. Cyrus posted a picture of a 2008...

Internet Reacts to Chelsea Manning's Vogue Photo

Annie Leibovitz photographed Manning for the September issue

(Newser) - If you've ever wanted to know the effect that liberation has on a person, Chelsea Manning is glad to show you. ABC News reports that the transgender soldier released from prison earlier this year posted a photo Thursday to her social media accounts that shows her smiling at the...

Annie Leibovitz Snaps 68 Years of Royal Wedded Bliss

Pic taken by celebrity photographer of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip released

(Newser) - Friday is Prince Philip's 95th birthday—a fitting day to see the release of the final Annie Leibovitz photo of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, with him smiling sweetly by her side. The fourth photo of the queen in the Leibovitz four-photo series, commissioned to celebrate Elizabeth's 90th...

Bruce Jenner No More: 'Call Me Caitlyn'

Former Olympian debuts as woman in 'Vanity Fair' interview, cover shoot

(Newser) - Bruce Jenner is no more, and the 65-year-old former Olympian debuts as a woman on Vanity Fair's July cover in an Annie Leibovitz photo with the headline "Call me Caitlyn." VF sent Leibovitz and Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger to Jenner's place in Malibu, where...

Kanye West Goes on Rant About Wedding Photo

Has something to do with Annie Leibovitz, Instagram

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's official wedding photo, which features the couple kissing in front of a wall of roses , apparently only came about after a lot of drama. Speaking on a Cannes panel today, West complained that after Annie Leibovitz pulled out of photographing the wedding—"she...

Annie Leibovitz Is Broke Because No One Is Collecting Her Photography

 The Real Reason 
 Annie Leibovitz 
 Is Broke 

The Real Reason Annie Leibovitz Is Broke

Turns out no one really wants to buy her stuff

(Newser) - Despite earning $2 million a year from Vanity Fair, celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is in dire financial straits —how can this be? John Gapper explains in the Financial Times : No one is collecting her work. Despite shooting such iconic pictures as a naked and pregnant Demi Moore, or the...

Loan-Finder Firm Sues Leibovitz for $800K

Photog owes fee for $40M loan: company

(Newser) - An investment firm that claims it saved celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz from financial ruin is now suing her for failure to pay the company $800,000 in service and finder fees. Brunswick Capital Partners wasn't paid after finding a private equity group to advance a $40 million loan to bail...

What Broke Celebs Can Teach Us

 What Broke 
 Celebs Can 
 Teach Us 

What Broke Celebs Can Teach Us

Don't make the same mistakes as Nicolas Cage and Annie Leibovitz

(Newser) - Celebrities really are just like us: During these financially stressful times, they’re suffering, too. On Huffington Post, Manisha Thakor points out the takeaway from four high-profile meltdowns.
  • NBA Player Antoine Walker: Squandered away his $110 million fortune by age 33. The lesson? If you have a variable income, don’

Leibovitz Shoots First Family
 Leibovitz Shoots First Family 

Leibovitz Shoots First Family

Sasha, Malia throw arms around parents in White House portrait

(Newser) - New screen saver, anyone? The White House released a new Obama family portrait taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. The First Family sat in the White House’s Green Room for the picture, at left.

Leibovitz Staves Off Foreclosure
Staves Off

Leibovitz Staves Off Foreclosure

Photog gets reprieve, but property, rights to work still at risk

(Newser) - Annie Leibovitz has won an extension of her outstanding $24 million debt to Arts Capital Group, the New York Times reports. The celebrity photographer bought back the rights to her homes and intellectual property—both collateral in the loan—for an undisclosed sum as part of the restructured deal. But...

Leibovitz's $24M Deadline Looms Tuesday

Photographer may be forced to file for bankruptcy

(Newser) - Annie Leibovitz's $24 million question looms Tuesday, the AP reports: Will the photographer of the stars be able to repay a $24 million loan or lose the rights to her catalog of iconic photographs. With such a staggering amount due in only a few days, Leibovitz’s best option...

Italian Photog Says Leibovitz Stole His Pics

He sues for $300,000, adding to her troubles

(Newser) - An Italian photographer is suing famed celebrity shutterbug Annie Leibovitz for $300,000, claiming she stole two of his photos, the New York Daily News reports. Paolo Pizzetti says Leibovitz’s associates hired him to scout locations in Italy for a limited-edition calendar Leibovitz was putting together for Lavazza coffee....

How Annie Leibovitz Got Underwater
 How Annie Leibovitz 
 Got Underwater 

How Annie Leibovitz Got Underwater

(Newser) - Photographer to the stars Annie Leibovitz is in a widely reported financial pickle, but it really comes as no surprise to those close to her, New York reports. Leibovitz is now engaged in baroque legal wrangling over her catalog, but her troubles started earlier. Insiders say a suspected “contract...

Leibovitz Sued Over $24M Loan

(Newser) - A financial firm is suing Vanity Fair photographer Annie Leibovitz for failing to cooperate to repay a $24 million loan, reports the Telegraph. Leibovitz last year put up her photographs and two homes as collateral for the money to pay off debts. But now Art Capital Group said the 59-year-old...

Bankruptcy Looms in Leibovitz's Viewfinder

Lighting supplier claims photog has unpaid bills

(Newser) - Annie Leibovitz pulls down $2 million a year from Vanity Fair to shoot Hollywood A-listers, but a lighting company that claims the shutterbug owes it about $200,000 may force her to file for involuntary bankruptcy. Leibovitz is already underwater—with other lawsuits over real estate and unpaid bills, she...

Portfolio Misses Another Historic Cover
 Portfolio Misses 
 Another Historic Cover 

Portfolio Misses Another Historic Cover

Magazine editor becoming known for bad decisions

(Newser) - The bad cover decisions at Portfolio just keep on coming, writes Ryan Tate in his continuing persecution of the mag on Gawker. Sure, “diva editor” Joanne Lipman has made some poor choices of what to feature instead of the current economic crisis—a clothier, Sarah Palin. But her worst...

Cash-Poor Collectors Turn to Haute Pawnshops

'Private art banks' exchange paintings for cash

(Newser) - With loans hard to come by, some rich Americans are turning to their art collections for quick cash. Rather than sell in a depressed market, collectors turn to a lightly regulated corner of the marketplace that provides capital in exchange for temporary ownership of artwork. While they may look like...

Michelle Obama Will Be on Vogue Cover

(Newser) - Michelle Obama will appear on the cover of Vogue’s March issue, only the second first lady (after Hillary Clinton) to have the fashion honor, the Washington Post reports. While most first ladies in the modern age have had spreads inside, editor Anna Wintour says Michelle's "serene and secure...

Pop: Miley Pic 'Stinks,' Move On
 Pop: Miley Pic 'Stinks,' Move On 

Pop: Miley Pic 'Stinks,' Move On

Billy Ray regrets allowing publicist to chaperone photoshoot

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus' father wishes he had stuck around to chaperone his daughter's Vanity Fair photo shoot, he tells the Today show. Billy Ray Cyrus, who posed with his daughter for the mag spread, says he wasn't around when the racy photos of Miley wrapped in a blanket were taken. The...

Miley Scandal a Matter of Brand Name

Simple break with Disney image caused uproar

(Newser) - The brouhaha over Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair photo shoot is a “simple misunderstanding” stemming from a clash of brand names, writes Mark Feeney in the Boston Globe. Cyrus’ Hannah Montana is an established Disney brand--and when Hannah met Vanity Fair, a sudden change in that image was the result....

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