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USDA Is Testing Ground Beef for Bird Flu

Officials say they're confident meat supply is safe

(Newser) - The US Department of Agriculture will test ground beef for bird flu particles, though officials said Tuesday they're confident the nation's meat supply is safe. Bird flu has been found in nearly three dozen dairy herds across nine states, though analysts say tests on milk suggest the outbreak...

Taco Bell Announces Big Recall After Customer Finds Metal

2.3M pounds of seasoned ground beef has been yanked from restaurants, distribution centers

(Newser) - Yo quiero Taco Bell, but that side of metal slivers—not so much. CNN and USA Today report the fast-food chain recalled about 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef Friday from distribution centers and restaurants in nearly two dozen states after a customer says they found a metal shaving...

6.5 Million Pounds of Beef Recalled After Salmonella Outbreak

At least 57 have been sickened

(Newser) - More than 6.5 million pounds of ground beef and beef patties have been recalled due to a salmonella outbreak that has so far sickened at least 57 people from 16 states, the USDA announced Thursday. The affected beef comes from Arizona-based meat producer JBS Tolleson, Inc., and was packaged...

132K Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled After E. Coli Death

17 others have been sickened

(Newser) - A Colorado meatpacker is recalling more than 132,000 pounds of ground beef after a suspected E. coli outbreak killed one person and sickened 17, officials said. The US Department of Agriculture said Wednesday the beef was produced and packaged at Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan on June 21...

17.7 Tons of Ground Beef May Be Contaminated With Plastic

Recall notice affects Kroger products

(Newser) - The USDA's food inspection unit wants people to check their freezers for ground beef that may have been contaminated by pieces of hard, blue plastic. A recall notice has been issued for 17.7 tons of ground beef from a batch that ended up at Kroger stores, among other...

Your Ground Beef May Now Include Heart
Your Ground Beef
May Now Include Heart
in case you missed it

Your Ground Beef May Now Include Heart

Feds change guidelines

(Newser) - Ground beef heart might sound a little less appetizing than ground beef—but it might also be what you're actually eating, reports Consumerist . A 1981 policy under the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (page 24 here ) decrees that meat from a cow's heart,...

Almost All Ground Beef Has Fecal Contamination

Steer clear of undercooked burgers, experts say

(Newser) - A close look at ground beef reveals some pretty disturbing stuff, a Consumer Reports investigation found. Some 300 packages containing 458 pounds of ground beef were bought at stores of all kinds in 26 cities, and every single one "contained bacteria that signified fecal contamination," per Consumer Reports....

'Pink Slime' Recovers as Beef Prices Surge

'Wall Street Journal' says 2 biggest producers back on track

(Newser) - "Pink slime" may have become the scourge of the meat industry a few years back, but time and rising beef prices can work wonders. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two biggest producers of the product they prefer to call "finely textured beef" have mostly bounced...

'Pink Slime' Lawsuit Gets Green Light

State supreme court allows suit against ABC to proceed

(Newser) - ABC's news anchor Diane Sawyer, two of the network's correspondents, and other defendants in a $1.2 billion defamation lawsuit against the company related to its coverage of a meat product known by critics as "pink slime" could be deposed following a ruling by the South Dakota...

Grocery Chain: Our Shoppers Want Pink Slime

 Grocery Chain: 
 Our Shoppers 
 Want Pink Slime 

Grocery Chain: Our Shoppers Want Pink Slime

Hy-Vee will offer beef with and without the stuff at its 235 stores

(Newser) - Apparently everyone isn't grossed out by the much-discussed pink slime: Indeed, some customers are demanding it. Thus the 235-store Hy-Vee grocery chain has decided to sell ground beef with and without the product, also called lean, finely textured beef, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports. Residents of cities that produce...

Governors Defend Pink Slime by Eating It

In attempt to combat 'unwarranted food scare'

(Newser) - Pink slime is perfectly safe to eat, but it has a bit of a PR problem, according to federal authorities and a coalition of at least four governors. Department of Agriculture officials say the "slime"—leftover beef trimmings sometimes treated with ammonium hydroxide—is actually a low-cost way...

Agriculture Dept. OKs 'Pink Slime' for Schools

Critics say filler not safe, not real meat, but beef biz fights back

(Newser) - "Pink slime" may be too dubious for McDonald's , but apparently the ammonia-treated beef filler is good enough for America's schoolchildren. The US Department of Agriculture is set to give the go-ahead today, allowing schools to use ground beef containing the so-called pink slime, reports ABC News . "...

Who Cares If It's Beef? Taco Bell Is Delicious

Maybe that 'oat product' and 'soy lecithin' make it tastier

(Newser) - Taco Bell has been really , really , really adamant in denying accusations that its taco meat is only 36% beef , insisting that it's actually 88% beef. But they don’t have to defend themselves, as far as Sandra Fish is concerned. “I’d be OK with even less than 88%...

Taco Bell Proclaims: Our Meat Is ... 88% Meat!

And we make it just like you make meatballs

(Newser) - The drama over Taco Bell's meat-or-not just keeps getting better and better. After issuing a statement arguing that its meat was, in fact, meat, it has released another statement that attaches a number to that proclamation: "Our seasoned beef recipe contains 88% quality USDA-inspected beef." And that approach...

Taco Bell's 'Beef': Just 36% Actual Beef

Which makes us wonder ... what's the other 64%?

(Newser) - Its menus say “beef,” but its packaging cites “meat filling:" Taco Bell has been hit with a class-action suit over “false advertising,” WTOL-11 reports. Chock full of “extenders” and other non-meat items, the chain’s filling has no right to call itself beef,...

Danger Lurks in Ammonia-Treated School Lunch Beef
Danger Lurks in Ammonia-Treated School Lunch Beef
it's in fast food burgers, too

Danger Lurks in Ammonia-Treated School Lunch Beef

E. coli, salmonella found in product exempted from testing

(Newser) - Most school lunches and fast-food burgers contain processed beef, a product considered so safe from contamination that the USDA exempted it from meat testing—but that has in fact been found to include E. coli and salmonella, according to a lengthy expose in the New York Times . The product, made...

E. Coli Outbreak in Northeast Ground Beef Kills 2

NY company recalls more than 500K pounds

(Newser) - A person each from Maine and New York has died in what authorities believe may be an outbreak of E. coli in ground beef that is suspected of sickening dozens of consumers. The suspect beef was produced by New York company Fairbank Farms, which has recalled more than half a...

Ground Beef Rife With E. Coli Risk
 Ground Beef Rife 
 With E. Coli Risk 

Ground Beef Rife With E. Coli Risk

NYT investigation shows industry practices that leave lots to be desired

(Newser) - A nausea-inducing feature in the New York Times tells you more than you wanted to know about what's actually in commercially produced hamburger, and why it's especially vulnerable, despite FDA regulation and several fatal outbreaks in recent years, to E. coli contamination. The Times follows the case of a 22-year-old...

Calif. Plant Recalls Ground Beef on Salmonella Fears

Colorado department of health

(Newser) - A California meatpacking plant has issued a recall for 800,000 pounds of ground beef it fears may be tainted with salmonella, the Los Angeles Times reports. The ground beef from Beef Packers, Inc. is sold under various retail names in California, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. The recall came after...

Recession: Tastes Like Chicken
 Recession: Tastes Like Chicken 

Recession: Tastes Like Chicken

(Newser) - The recession has consumers foregoing pricey beef and pork for cheaper chicken, the chairman of grocery chain Safeway tells Bloomberg. “We’re seeing more shifts in the meat category to cheaper meats—ground beef and chicken—than we saw earlier in the year,” Steven Burd says, part of...

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