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Latest Threat to Hit Macs: 'Sabpab' Trojan

Malware spreading through dodgy Word document

(Newser) - With popularity comes some nasty bugs for the unwary: A Trojan known as "Sabpab" is the latest piece of malware infesting Macs, according to security firm Sophos. The malware is spreading through a weakness in Java and through an infected Word document purporting to be a statement from the...

Trojan Virus Has Infected 600K Macs, Firm Claims

Virus may allow hackers to create 'botnet' from infected machines

(Newser) - Are you a smug Mac user who assumes you can't possibly get a virus? Well, think again. A Russian anti-virus firm believes that about 600,000 Macs around the world have been infected with the Flashback Trojan virus—and about half of those are expected to be in the...

New Virus Hacks Your Bank Account, Covers Tracks

'SpyEye Trojan' helps thieves go undetected

(Newser) - For years, checking your bank account balance regularly online has been a pretty good way to guard against fraud—until now. An Israeli security firm has identified a new virus that not only steals the info fraudsters need to drain your bank account, it ensures you don't see those...

Hacker Duo Raided Pop Stars' Computers

Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake among German pair's victims

(Newser) - A pair of German hackers raided the computers of more than 50 pop stars, including Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, looking for material to sell, prosecutors say. The pair's haul allegedly includes unreleased songs by several artists and a photo of singer Ke$ha having sex, which they tried to blackmail...

60 Arrested in Scheme to Hack Bank Accounts

Group allegedly used virus to steal passwords

(Newser) - More than 60 people have been arrested in connection with an alleged global scheme to steal US bank accounts with computer viruses. Court documents allege that Eastern European hackers used a virus called the Zeus Trojan to access bank data for several US small to mid-size businesses and municipalities, the...

Smartphone Scammers Recycle Dial-Up Tricks

 Smartphone Scammers 
 Recycle Dial-Up Tricks 
bogus phone calls

Smartphone Scammers Recycle Dial-Up Tricks

Trojan diallers call premium lines, racking up huge charges

(Newser) - Criminals have revived an old trick dating from the days of dial-up Internet access to target smartphone users. Trojans known as "diallers" that hijack a line to dial dozens of premium-rate numbers or send premium SMS messages are on the rise again, according to security experts. The diallers—generally...

Experts: Apple's First Worm Nothing to Fret About

'Groundbreaking' Mac virus only affects a few thousand users

(Newser) - Malware that hijacks Macs has shown up for the first time, but it shouldn't be cause for panic, an expert tells the Globe & Mail. The malware, nicknamed iBotNet, only affects a few thousand users who downloaded a pirated copy of iWork and it's not spreading from computer to computer,...

Malware Hijacks Obama Emails
 Malware Hijacks Obama Emails 

Malware Hijacks Obama Emails

Spammers launch massive 'Obama Trojan' malware campaign to capitalize on victory

(Newser) - Malicious hijackers have hitched a ride on the Barack Obama bandwagon, ChannelWeb reports. "Obama Trojan" emails offer a link to an amazing Obama speech or election results, but when the link is opened, it infects computers with malware that sends the user's personal data to a command center and...

Virus Helps Violate 500K Bank, Credit Accounts

Infects computers through 'drive-by downloads"

(Newser) - A computer virus has stolen log-in information for over 500,000 bank accounts and credit and debit cards. The Sinowal Trojan virus has infected computers around the world through “drive-by downloads” that install it without users' knowledge when they visit Web sites running the virus code. Individuals can best...

YouTube Becomes SpamYou
YouTube Becomes SpamYou

YouTube Becomes SpamYou

Invitation to view videos could contain malicious 'Storm worm'

(Newser) - Spammers are spreading their mischief via YouTube using a "Storm" worm virus, security experts warn. The virus exploits the site’s “invite your friends” email function, CNET reports, targeting Xbox owners and video-game fans by luring them with the promise of a popular prize: a free copy of...

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