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Mideast Nation Shifts Its Workweek by a Day

United Arab Emirates moves to a Monday-Friday schedule, aligned with the West

(Newser) - The United Arab Emirates said Tuesday its official workweek will move to Monday to Friday, a significant change that brings the Islamic nation home to major financial institutions in line with Western schedules, per the AP . The decision, which is to take effect next month, makes the Gulf Arab federation...

Let's Leave 5-Day Workweek Behind After the Pandemic

Many already are reconsidering how and where they work, Anna North writes, and the schedule isn't inevitable

(Newser) - With the pandemic inspiring many Americans to reconsider how, where, and how much they want to work, this might be a opportunity to retire the five-day workweek. Employees' connection to the eight-hour, five-day week already is disrupted, and Anna North suggests in Vox that we don't have to return...

In Iceland, Shorter Workweek an 'Overwhelming Success'

Workers who put in 35-36 hours instead of 40 were happier, more productive, per 4-year experiment

(Newser) - Iceland always seems to fall near the top of most "happiest nations" lists, and this experimentation with a shorter workweek may have just cemented its spot. For four years, between 2015 and 2019, more than 1% of the nation's workforce (2,500 workers or so) from all types...

Swedish Town Testing Full Pay for 30-Hour Week

Gothenburg is apparently the place to be

(Newser) - If you could be anywhere in the world right now, Gothenburg, Sweden, may be the perfect place. That's because the town's government is initiating a pretty appealing sounding experiment: testing a 30-hour workweek, in which workers will be paid as if they're working full-time. The hope is...

Eurozone Wants Greeks to Work 6 Days a Week

Demand likely to draw yet more resistance to austerity measures

(Newser) - If Greece's eurozone creditors have their way, a lot of people may be coming in to work on Sundays. In a leaked letter sent to Athens last week, the European Commission, European Central Bank, and IMF demanded that Greece "increase flexibility of work schedules" by allowing employers in...

It's Time to End the 60-Hour Workweek

 It's Time to End 
 the 60-Hour 
in case you missed it

It's Time to End the 60-Hour Workweek

40 hours provides maximum productivity: Geoffrey James

(Newser) - Putting in a 60-hour workweek may look impressive—but it's probably not helping the company, or you. Plenty of studies back this up, writes Geoffrey James at Time , who points to a turn-of-the-20th-century analysis by Ford Motor Company that concluded the most productive number of weekly hours for workers...

It's Official: The 4-Day Week Works

Utah shows economic, environmental, and health benefits from new scheme

(Newser) - A year ago, Utah’s governor instituted a 4-day, 10-hour-a-day workweek for some 17,000 state employees—and the results so far show big benefits, GOOD reports:
  • Closed offices on Fridays have cut energy use by 13% and reduced the state’s carbon footprint by some 6,000 metric tons—

Dems Join GOP in Wishing for Long Weekends

Five-day slate leaves little time to spend in district, on campaign

(Newser) - After Republicans were mocked for complaining about the five-day workweek instituted in the House, some Democrats now say they wouldn't mind a long weekend, either. New members in particular find it tough to stay in touch with constituents with little time at home, Politico reports. "Next year, members will...

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